WOW.  To think… to think.. I was nervous, anxious, skeptical, scared,  pessimistic (almost every negative work in the book) about sharing my story.  I wasn’t sure if I was even ready to let my story be known.  But I took a risk.. and went for it.  I honestly re-wrote the third post in that series.. 4 or 5 times.  I just couldn’t get the words out right.  This time in my life was so emotional.. so full of self-hate and self-doubt… that I found it almost impossible to put into words… I am still not fully satisfied with the way it turned out.

But now.. now I feel free – liberated. The support you have all shown me in my short amount of time in the blog world is overwhelming.  I am proud of myself for sharing.  This is a huge stride in my recovery.. I feel like the bumps on my road will be a little less rocky now – and I have this new and ahhh-may-zing support group to guide me if I ever feel lost.  So THANK YOU for making that possible!


Okay.. I am done being sappy! It is the weekend! HOLLER!  As I have mentioned.. numerous times.. it is the start of April Vacation!  I didn’t get too crazy though.. alright.. I didn’t get crazy at all!  My Friday night consisted of:

The die hard Ranger Fan watching his game

(I had to beg him to cheer because he was actually very upset… down 2-0 at the end of the 2nd period)

While I read a little Marie Claire

Scoped out the deals at the supermarket

Did a little surfing the internet (AKA Blog Stalking 🙂 )

And shuddered in fear every time Justin screamed at the TV!

Riveting.. I know.  We were some exciting people last night.. don’t try to hard to keep up with us! 😉

On training plan, I was scheduled to do a 6.5 mile run today.  But..I’ve already had the discussion about my feelings towards wind, chilliness, and possibilities of rain..and the four of us just do NOT get along.  Since that is the exact forecast for the coming hours.. I am going to switch it up and do my cross training today.. and my run tomorrow!  Off to the gym for a Body Works Plus Abs class.. and some ellipticallizing!

And then we are going SHOPPING!  We are headed to the Palisades Mall. We don’t go often because it is rather far.. but I love it there beacause it is much larger then any of the malls around here.  Special Treat!! 🙂 Retail therapy even helps.. when there is nothing wrong!

  • Any fun plans this weekend?
  • Are there any males in your life who get extremly angry when their team isn’t winning in a clutch situation.. so you sit in silence and pray for your like?!

Hopefully I will be back this evening with some fab purchases!


6 responses to “Liberated

  1. indecisiveathlete

    Hi! I’m new to your blog but I just read your 3 parts of food history and that is very awesome for sharing all that I know it is such a personal thing and I’ve battled with similar issues.
    I took a day trip today so fun! And all the males in my life are like that haha

    • Hi Holly! Thanks so much for reading my story. I feel great after getting it out (as you have read!)
      I think guys are so funny.. how intense they are when it comes to sports!! But scary too.. definitely scary!
      Hope you had a fun day trip!

  2. Girl! Just keep the positive mindset and you will be ok!!!! I love your outlook!

    Mike screams at the tv when the blackhawks play and he wears his jersey too!! love it! So funny he is the same way! Our crazy hockey intense men ; )

    I hope you find some great stuff shopping! Best therapy is retail therapy ; )

    xoxo ❤

  3. haha that’s funny!! I’m soooooo fortunate b/c although my fiance Greg loves being active and whatnot, he hates just WATCHING SPORTS!! : DDDD how fortunate am I?! 😛 I love sports but not watching ’em.

    • Hahaah! Lucky Girl! I don’t mind watching sports.. just not hockey. Seriously.. I can’t even see the puck.. soo I am just watching a bunch of men skate around and punch each other!
      Put on a basketball or football game though.. and I am into it.. but no yelling from me!

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