Shopping Cures All

Loved my class this morning.  It was with an instructor that I have never had before.. since I don’t usually go to this class on Saturday mornings.  I definitely felt so strong afterward.  The one downside to training for a race.. is that I have been taken away from my usual weight training routine.  This was a nice mix-up!  I warmed up by jogging before the class for 10 minutes and cooled down on the elliptical afterward for an easy 20 minutes.  Not a bad workout! 🙂

Dreary Day in CT – thats for sure.  You can’t tell from this picture.. but it is absolutely pouring.  I was a little nervous on our way home from the mall.. I always worry about hydroplaning.. or someone else doing it and then I crash into them!

Before we headed out, I fueled the bod with a monster salad that included romaine, spring mix, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, red kidney beans, and sesame seeds.

I tossed with with Olde Cape Cod Balsamic Vinaigrette. This line is definitely my favorite brand of natural salad dressings!

After a 40 minute haul, I was reading to find some deals!  I am big on saving money.. which is something about me I am sure you will come to learn about me as time goes on.

One Happy Shopper!

First stop… New York and Company. Made out fabulously!

Love Dresses!

Funky Designs!

work pants and a couple of work tops

Wait for it….


Yeah.. that is right.. I saved $130.  They were having sales, I had a coupon.  I think we are in love!

A little TJ Maxx Action (Always great finds there!)

Stocked up on my basic tanks from Forever 21 (Can’t be $2.80 per tank)

And also want to give their new athletics line a shot… (This tank was only $10.80).

I of course needed to get my shoe fix as well…

A cute little pair of wedges.. not too high…so I can wear them all day while I am on my feet all day teaching my cherubs!

Love Shoes!

Original Price – $69.  Paid – $29. Holler.

All in all, I think I made out well.  We browsed for a long time – ended up being at the mall for almost 4 hours.. lots of walking!  So I am famished! Justin and I are off on a “date” to check out an all natural pizza place in town!  Hoping it is excellent.

Question – Are you a bargain hunter? I love saving money! 🙂

Have a lovely evening!


9 responses to “Shopping Cures All

  1. I love love lvoe bargain hunting – and I LOVE your finds 🙂 I always stock up on cheap necessities at F21 too! Enjoy your pizza experience, can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂


  2. I am huge fan of bargain shoppin’ – it’s totally my thing, especially being a broke college student!

  3. I love bargains! Your TJ max shirt is so cute!!!!!

    Just wondering, do you get your period? How long did it take for you to get it back?

  4. LOVE finding deals!!
    I like your picture too LOL 🙂
    I get super nervous in driving in the rain too, glad you were safe!
    Have a great rest of the weekend 🙂 🙂

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