Sun-day, Sun-shine

Goood Morning Bloggies!

Feels like springtime again, thank goodness.  Yesterday & last night was rough with the rain and wind.  We had some puddle problems in our bedroom.  See, I cannot stand to be the slightest bit warm when I am sleeping.  There is nothing worse than waking up with sweat behind the creases of you knees or a soaked tee-shirt.  So, I need to sleep with the window open – and our little mini fan (that sits on the floor!) on high!

Yes, this would probably be a more suitable place for me to sleep!

Anyway, terrential down pours and NO REASON to suffer from a sweaty sleep, so of course I open the window.  Besides the banging of the blinds caused by the wind, it seems as if the wind also blew some lovely wind onto the window ledge.. and then onto the floor.  I awoke last night to find Justin putting towels on the window ledge.. the floor.. wiping down the wall… MY BAD!  I pretended to still be asleep though.. I wanted no part in the clean up (my bad again)… After reading this he will know my secret :X

Despite his troubles, he still left the window open for me! With the rain coming down, and in.. he wanted me to sleep comfortably. (Cue: Awwwww)



Dinner Last Night

HEAVEN!  Justin and I hopped into his his dad’s car (his is on its last legs.. he just put his down payment on a new car he should be getting next week.. but his old car isn’t really safe right now)… and headed 2 miles down the road to Savor Healthy Pizza.  All natural.. all organic ingredients.

The plan was to eat there.. but I had misunderstood what kind of place it was.  It is a typical take out pizza joint… with 3 or 4 tables up front.. and then a beautiful open kitchen.  I immediately decided I would rather eat it at home..but was still excited for the grub!

There are lots of different choices on the menu.. but the couple that owns it are soo sweet and so nice.. and will practically make ANYTHING you ask them to make.. with ANY combination of ingredients.  What is even better.. is you get to watch the owner put your pizza together.. all the sauces, cheeses, fresh veggies, proteins, etc.

We arrived right before 3 other groups..and were the only ones there, so we put in our orders..and about 10 minutes later we were on our way home to test out this delicious pizza.

I opted for something more traditional:

It was the Napolitano Original (Basically a DELICIOUS red sauce with chunks of tomatoes and lots of seasoning and light mozzarella cheese).  I added on grilled zucchini and roasted red peppers.

Justin branched out.. without even realizing it. When I opened up the box at home, he wondered why there was no red sauce:

While Justin got the Azteca.  He saw “steak” and new it was his best option at a health food place.  In the mix was tomato pesto, steak, carmolized onions, fire roasted green peppers, mild chiles, and cilantro.

Both pizzas had a think crust made of corn wheat flour (it is gluten free).  The crust is usually my favorite part.. I am a carb-o-holic.. but this was perfect!

The verdict:  AMAZING.  Justin and I often make our own pizza at home…and I haven’t had pizza from a  pizza place in.. well, I can’t even tell you how long.  The sauce on mine was seasoned so well!  I ate 1/2 of mine and had a bite of Justin’s to give it a shot (no steak on my bite of course).  His was yummy too.. it had quite the kick.  He ate 3/4 of his and a piece of mine.  I think we enjoyed it just a little!  I am positive that I will be back there.. and soon!  I may even be a little bit more adventurous with the menu!


Since, it is such a lovely day, I went for a quick walk around my complex. I’ve been seeing some beautious flowers..and wanted to capture them!  It really is starting to feel like spring (minus the chilly, windy, rainy days that we have been getting every other day!)


Today’s agenda:


9 responses to “Sun-day, Sun-shine

  1. a taste of health with balance

    mmm pizza 🙂 and beautiful flowers! i did a 6 miler this morning, enjoy!

  2. Yum- those pizzas look delicious. I love a simple pizza sometimes & the pizza joints that offer a variety of “different” veggies are usually my fave. There’s only so many times you had a normal veggie pizza.

  3. You really can’t go wrong with pizza – it looks delicious! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. such a sweet story of the cold sleeping! my roommate loves it icy and I love it hot (mini-thermostat battle in our place)

  5. Those flowers are so pretty! We don’t really have real seasons here, but I’ve been noticing a lot more flowers lately. I love it!

    • I always wanted to leave the northeast… but the beautiful changing of the season is something that is keeping me here.. especially the fall foliage. It truly is breathtaking.

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