Supermarket Sunday

Ahh – yes, it is that day of the week again.  Supermarket Sunday.  You don’t know this yet – since it is my first Sunday in the blog world.. but Sundays are reserved for food shopping (among many other tedious tasks).

I always like seeing what other bloggers buy at the grocery store, so I am going to summarize my trip in pictures!

Dates, Oats, Almond Breeze, Whole Wheat Crackers, PB

Bananas, Spinach, Gala Apples, Carrots, Red Pepper, Asparagus, Sweet Potatos

Frozen Mixed Berries x2, Lean Ground Turkey

Canned Pumpkin, Dark Chocolate Chips, BBQ sauce, Pretzel Chips

And now.. onto Justin’s goodies.  There are a number of things that I buy that he won’t eat (although he is good at eating healthy meals with me).  There are also a great deal of things that Justin eats that I will not be touching:

"Man Food"

I think we spend way too much money on groceries.. but that is just me.  We work it out so Justin pays for 2 weeks in a row, and then I pay.  He eats more then I do.. so that is what we figured would be fair. (Don’t think this picture is all that he will eat for the week.. he eats all the dinners I eat and a lot of the stuff in the pictures above! 🙂 )


In other news:

Finding my running mojo was tough today.  It was still cold and windy when I woke up.  I like to get my runs/work outs done first thing in the morning on weekends – so then I have the rest of the day to do whatever it is I need to or want to do.

My first plan was to run before grocery shopping.  That plan was aborted.  When I looked at the hourly forecast, it said the sun would be shining and the wind would die down bye 11. Sweet deal. I’ll push the run forward a couple of hours.

10:30 rolls around.  Still cloudy.  Seems windier then ever.  Justin and I are actually closing the windows to the condo. I check the hourly forecast again.  Sun has been pushed to 2:00.  Wind will die down then too.  I really want to run in the sun.  I decide I will eat lunch before my run.  Instead, I bake.  And I fail. 😦

Okay.. so it wasn’t that bad

11:30 – check the forecast again.  Sun has been pushed back to 4:00.  Eff this.  I get my stuff together and I head out before lunch.  I realize that I am being ridiculous with this postponing stuff.. and I need to just get on my way.

I created my loop at MapMyRun

And I set off.  I never ran this loop before – and actually saw some horrible flooding.  I honestly did not even know there was a river in this part of town.  But let me tell you, it looked like freakin’ white water rapids.  Many homes had lakes in their backyards now.  It was kind of depressing.  So many people are having such horrible troubles with all of the havoc Mother Nature is so kindly shoving in our face.

I felt great on my run.  Was actually singing out loud to the songs on my iPod.  I hope that no one was driving with their windows open!  I finished 6.53 miles in 56:15… average pace of 8:36/mi.  I was a little disappointed with that time. But it only gives me more to improve on.  I don’t have a goal for my first 10K.. I get really caught up in numbers.. and think this race will be an accomplishment in and of itself.  I don’t want to ruin my feeling of accomplishment by not meeting a specific number.


As previously mentioned, dinner tonight was Gracie’s Cheesy Bacon Turkey Meatloaf... minus the bacon.

I followed the recipe almost to a T – forgoing the bacon and using Ezekial 4:9 whole wheat slices for the bread crumbs.  Instead of using cheese balls and covering them up, I put have the loaf mixture in the pan, spread the Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb cheese wedges through the entire loaf, and then put the rest of the loaf mixture on top.

You can't see the cheese because the layer is thin, but I promise it is there!

Served with a side of asparagus, this version of meatloaf.. was fan-tab-u-lous!  Clearly it puts all of my fears and hateful thoughts towards meatloaf that I had as a child to rest.  I will be enjoying this again.. soon! Especially since Justin enjoyed it as well!

Justin did not even need to add an extra dipping sauce!  He is a dipping sauce maniac.  We both loved the glaze and I am going to make some extra next time. Yummmm.

Oh, by the way… did I mentioned the Rangers played again today. This time they won though.. so there was happiness and rejoice in our humble home today 🙂

"They scored, they scored, they scored, they scored!"

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  • Do you have very different shopping habits that your significant other/roommates?!

Oh.. and PS – Although I had a kitchen blunder this morning.. I came back and fixed it this afternoon.  Check back tomorrow for Peanut Butter Banana Muffins..with and without Dark Chocolate Chips.  The recipe is not perfect yet – but I am excited to share and open to suggestions to make it better.


14 responses to “Supermarket Sunday

  1. Yay, glad you liked the loaf!!! 😉

  2. I’m glad I found your blog. I’m new to the blog world too! and I feel the same way as you..I spend WAAY too much on groceries 😛

  3. I love seeing what other people buy at the grocery store too! I live with my family, and we have really different eating habits, so I do my own grocery shopping. They would never eat the same stuff I do!

    • I totally feel you on that! When I was living at the rents.. it was a constant struggle.. because they would try to buy food for me… but I would just be like… no (no thanks sometimes!)

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  5. you should have vacations more often….so many posts makes my boring day at work much more enjoyable!

  6. I have to say Trader Joe’s is my go to for not too expensive food stuffs…but I hear ya, food is just as expensive as gas these days!!

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