My Fitnessentials

I thought I’d throw together a post that depicts the things that I find to be essential in stay fit and keeping to my fitness routine.  Now – these things are in no particular order.. because everything is so randomly coming to mind!  Here we go:

  • Sneakers – it is so crucial to find a pair of sneakers that are comfy (but not too comfy) and work with your body.  For years, I wore Nikes.. and I still love their designs. I swore on the shoe.  But over time, I was developing knee problems.  So, I decided to switch it up.. and randomly chose a pair of ASICS.  Sianara knee problems!  Seriously.. I have been running pain free since I made the switch almost 2 years ago!

  • Tunes – I cannot get in a good work out without a hoppin’ beat.  My most miserable workouts occur when I leave this little gem at home.. or the batter dies.

*Here is my current dilemma with my iPod. So – the music from the pod was synced from my old computer.. which is no longer with us (RIP, HP Pavillion).  I really want to update the songs on my iPod.  My computer crashed in December.. and there are so many great songs that would get my blood pumping that I want to add.  Problem is.. if I sync this iPod to my new computer to add music that I’ve newly downloaded, I will lose the 1000+ songs that I had in my old library.  Any suggestions on what I can do?

  • Water Bottle – I love this water bottle because it has a straw.  It is so much easier to take a gulp while doing some cardio.. when I do not have to tilt my head back.  Since I’ve started using this bottle, I have definitely been hydrating myself more during my work out (not just before/after).  I don’t bring it on my outdoor runs though, so this presents a problem.

  • Polar F7 Heart Rate Monitor.  I love this little piece of technology.  It allows me to know what my heart rate is at all points of my work out.  It further tells me if I am in my cardio zone or fat burn zone.  It keeps a log of how long my workouts are, what my minimum and maximum heart rate was for the workout.. and how many calories were burned.  I find it to be pretty accurate since it takes my age, weight, and accurate measurement of heart rate into account.  Sometimes, I get caught up with the numbers.. which has always been a problem for me.  But, I feel naked if I am not wearing it!

Strap goes around your chest for accurate heart rate measurement

Maximum and Average Heart Rate from yesterday 6.5 miler

Calories burned, time of workout for 6.5 miler and cool down

  • Foam Roller – This bad boy is a new addition to my list of fitness essentials.  Yes… when you roll out your muscles.. it hurts like hell.  (Especially when you roll your IT band… F@&#*!)  But, it really loosens up your muscle.. and is the closest thing you will get to a sports massage.  Much cheaper too.. a one time fee of $11.99 for this Jane Fonda version!

  • Yoga Mat – Always with me.. usually in my car. (If I am going to do an at home workout, I can just run out and grab it).  This is especially useful when doing group fitness classes at me gym.  There are mats there, but let me tell you.. there are all torn up, smelly, stinky, etc.  I have never ONCE seen someone wash one down when they are done using them.  I have a fear of contracting some disease at the gym.  So I opt to use my own.. which I know is clean!


  • Jump Rope – I always carry this with me.. in my car, in my gym bag.. so wherever my work out may take me, I have it on hand.  Jump roping is a great way to get your heart rate up, and quick.  If I am at the gym.. and happen to be there at a busy time and must wait for a cardio machine (the WORST), I know I can whip out my handy-dandy jump right and get things started asap.



 Tomorrow, I will be following up this post with my DREAM FITNESSENTIALS! Aka.. the things that I want/need/would adore to have..but can’t afford/hope to get them as gifts from family in the future..!  Of course, these would all be in addition to the things that I have and love right now!

Question:  What are your fitnessentials?  If you could only choose one thing and had to get rid of everything else.. what would it be?!


20 responses to “My Fitnessentials

  1. I LOVE ASICS. Every other shoe always hurt my toes, so i really enjoy the extra toe space. However one of your essentials was new to me. FOAM ROLLER. I usually use a rolling pin (as in for food)..I never KNEW foam rollers existed..kinda embarassing

    • rolling pin can work too i am sure. you might really be able to concentrate on certain areas. i think i am actually going to give it a try!! 🙂

    • I used a rolling pin for a knot in my calf. It was the week before a race and that stupid knot came out of nowhere. I made my husband roll that thing till I screamed. It hurt so good. I have a foam roller now, but I don’t feel like it gets the spot good enough sometimes.

  2. What a great post! I love your fitnessessentials!

    I would say that mine are running shoes, water bottle, IPOD/earbuds, wright no blister running socks, yoga mat, and comfy clothes.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your dream items! 🙂

  3. I wish an ipod was part of my essential running gear. Sadly, it died during my last race and has never come back to life 😦

  4. One of my essentials are my dumbells! They are so convenient! 🙂 Tunes is another essential. 🙂

  5. Love me some Asics!

    I’m in the same boat with an old iPod – I have a trusty computer guy who said he could work his magic, much better than downloading one of those programs that generally don’t work…I’ve tried a few…

    Good luck and let me know if you find something that works!!

  6. I love this post! So much great information 🙂 I definitely need to get some “actual” running shoes. I’ve been using Dr. Scholls ones from Walmart, and they are great, but sometimes my toes hurt when I am through with a walk/run. I guess I really press down with my toes while I’m out there 😛

    As for the iPod problem, don’t use iTunes. We never lose our music ever since we switched to Media Monkey (I believe you can download it for free). My husband and I didn’t like how iTunes ran and it even messed up our iPod before (yeah, get that one :S). We’ve been sans problems since 😉

    • Hi Natasha –
      Thanks so much for the advice on my ipod problem. I am definitely going to check out Media Monkey!

      It is so worth finding the right pair of shoes for you! I still haven’t done it totally correct. The best thing you can possible do is go to a store with professionals.. who will watch the way you walk.. look at your old shoes..determine what types of problems you may have.. then tell you which shoe would be best for you!

      • Thank you 🙂 I will be sure to do that. I have always been the type of person to just go to Walmart or somewhere similar and just buy the cheapest pair of shoes that are the most comfortable. But I already have knee problems (arthritis at age 22!), so I should be thinking more long term. Thanks for the advice!

  7. I love ASICS as well! I used to run a lot in college but quit for several years so now I’m getting back into it and have rediscovered my favorite shoes!

    Love your blog!

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  9. I love my Garmin, my foam roller & my shuffle! 🙂

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