Owning Intervals

Goood evening my wonderful friends!  How was your hump day?  Mine – well it doesn’t really feel like a hump day.. since this is such an abnormal week.

Let’s rewind to last night.. I am only rewinding alll the way to last night to give props to Kelly for supplying me with this bangin’ Honey Chicken Stir-fry recipe. This recipe so sooo quick and super easy to put together.  I served it over quinoa – but only because any type of rice.. and my stomach.. never seem to get along and I end up feeling like I have a balloon in my stomach.

This picture does not do Kellys talents justice! 🙂

Justin even decided it can go into the regular rotation.  This is the second time we have devoured this meal.. and last night… he want as far as to dub it his “favorite”.  So thank you, Kelly – for changing up our regular rotation!

This morning, I had one thing on my mind… INTERVAL TRAINING.  I was feeling super rested from my day off yesterday and my fabulous reconnection with yoga.. so I was ready to take on the 10 x 400 set of intervals head on!

Lets Do This!!! (I need help keeping track!)

I warmed up for .25 mi @ 6.5 – then I got to work.  I alternated between 8.0 (my supposed 5K pace.. since I don’t really know what it would be) and 7.0.  Each interval was .25 mi.  I did 10 sets. My interval training was for 5 miles.. Add on a warm up and cool down at 6.5  mph and a quarter mile of lesiurely walking.  Total distance covered was 5.75 miles…total time was 50 minutes.

Sweaty, but happy mess! Deuces, intervals!

I felt amazing after this work out!  The first 5 intervals were a little… dragging.  But once I hit that half way point, I was GOOD TO GO!  Seriously had a huge smile on my face the whole time I was running.  I was at the gym – because it made the measuring so much easier (and its raining) and I think people thought I was a bit looney as they passed me!

Afterward, I stretched for a whole 15 minutes. It felt fab.  I am not a regular stretcher, but it is a critical part to injury prevention and I am trying to do it more regularly.  When I came home, I rolled it out with my foam roller and enjoyed this lovely concoction of Overnight Oats in a Jar.

Get. In. My. Belly.

There was a lil bit of PB left in the jar.. and last night I added 1/2 c. oats, 1 c. almond milk, and some mixed berries.  I like to enjoy these babies nice a cold! Mmm, Mmm, Good!

The rest of my day was spent catching up on DVRed shows, continuing my reading and research for this paper (I thought I would be DONE with papers when I got my masters degree), snacking, lunching…

Ahh, lunch.  Today, I enjoyed a turkey sandwich. SURPRISE!  I use some new ingredients though..

What we have here, ladies and gentleman, are two slices of Ezekiel 4:9 Sesame bread.  On one slice, we have a generous spreading of hummus, freshly made yesterday.  On the other slice, we have some spicy mustard.  In between these two condiments (is hummus a condiment?) we have some turkey and some leafy, green spinach.  The splitting of a sandwich was a new design for Beyond Bananas.. a diagonal cut. We are really breaking out of our shells here, now aren’t we! 🙂

Okay, I am bored with that.  I will probably never do it again. My sandwich was accompanied by a gala apple and some banana yogurt topped with cinnamon.  Delish!


I have some super exciting news to share with you.  Well.. it is super exciting to me.. perhaps not to you.  But, I have been nominated for my first ever blog award!  Holler!  After being in the blog world for only a week, I have become rather obsessed and am more than happy that Nicole @ Fresh and Fit has nominated me for this award!

To keep this award going, I must share with you 7 random, but (hopefully) interesting things about myself with you– my beloved readers.

Here we go!

  •  Sometimes, I move my legs like I am riding a bicycle while I am sleeping.  You know.. like a dog does when they are running in their sleep?  Yes. I do this too. No, I am not half dog.  Justin noticed this a couple of weeks ago.  I really want to know what it is that I am dreaming about.
  • In high school, I locked my keys in my car at least two times a month.  My parents purchased AAA solely because of my key problem.  One time, I was going to a Boston Red Sox game (I despise them, but went for the experience of Fenway).  I was responsible for holding on to the tickets.  Before leaving CT, I realized that both the tickets..and my keys.. were locked in the car.
  • I broke my thumb in 7th grade.. by jamming it into an opponent’s back during a basketball game.  A piece of bone fell off and it had to be screwed back into the rest of my hand.  They said I was lucky it didn’t float somewhere else in my body. Gross.
  • Once, I met crazy Paula from the real world..and all the Challenges out in Hartford, CT.

  • I have naturally soft, deep grooved teeth.. leading to a lot of cavities.  You will hear more about this during dentist season.  It is actually hard for me to leave the dentist without needing a filling. I brush my teeth 3-4 times a day.. and floss every.single.day.  What gives?! Ugh.
  • More fun car stories.  My car rolled into a tree once.  I was at the gym..and walking in.. and someone yelled to me.. “Umm, lady, your car is rolling away!”  I turned around..and sure enough,there goes my car, rolling through the parking lot.  I actually tried to jump into it while it was moving. Too late. BAM. Tree. Damage.  (Side note: it was the manufacturers fault! You could take your keys out of the ignition and walk away while the car was still in drive!)
  • When I was a senior in college and thought I was having an identity crisis, I bought a box of do it yourself hair dye..and had my roommate dye my hair very very dark brown.  Since I had always been a blonde, when my mother came to visit me a week later, she legit walked right past me…oh, and we were the only two people on the walkway!

Now, I get to nominate 15 lovely ladies for this fabulous blog award!  These nominations are a mix up of the blogs that I read that got me into blog world.. and new ones that I have discovered through their interest in Beyond Bananas!

  1. Healthy Diva Eats
  2. Errign’s Adventures
  3. What Kate is Cooking
  4. Snack Girl Goes Healthy
  5. Live & Love to Eat
  6. Kat’s Health Corner
  7. Allie’s Life
  8. Why Deprive?
  9. Peanut Butter Fingers
  10. Beth’s Journey
  11. Indecisive Athlete
  12. Laughter, Strength & Food
  13. Sprint to the Table
  14. Red Velvet Life
  15. Girl Meets Life

Hope you ladies keep this award going!  Thanks for all of your daily inspirations and support! (Everyone should check each and every one of these blogs out.. they are fabulous.. as are the ladies who write them!)


17 responses to “Owning Intervals

  1. The Teenage Taste

    I absolutely hate doing intervals, but do them pretty often for two reasons. 1. because my Track coach makes the team do them
    2. they really do make me faster
    400s are one of my favorites though! I feel like by the time I really think about running, I’m already done with the interval! 🙂

    • Totally makes you faster! Whenever I am confined to treadmill work outs, I always do intervals.. usually 400s at a time. When I started, my low speed was 6.0 and my high speed was 7.0. (AND I WOULD BE DYING AFTER 30 MINUTES!) Now.. about a year later.. my lowest speed is 7.0 … and I go up to 8.9. And can do this.. for 40-50 min no problem. Its amazing!

  2. I can’t wait to make honey chicken stir fry. Thanks!

  3. Banana yogurt….Where did you get that? I should really up the bar and do some interval training. thank you for the reminder

  4. Aww! Thanks for including me in their! I might not get to it for a little while though because I’m making a new blog. Shhh! 🙂

  5. Fun! So funny, I just did an interval post today ,too AND was working on one about fitness tools. We’re in sync recently!

  6. Awwweeee!!! You are so sweet!!! 🙂

    I love OIAJ!!! Did you cook the oats before you put them in the jar?

    • I did not cook them.
      Sometimes I do … but not for these. Honestly, I don’t notice the difference. The best OIAJ I’ve had though.. were called extra thick oats.. I got them at a small health food store in the bulk bins in the town where my parents live. Those babies REALLY absorbed the liquid.. and puffed up soooo beautifully. I think if you cook them, you get more volume. But, I also think its difficult to pour cooked oats into a little jar!
      How do you prefer them?!

  7. You are awesome! Thank you soooo much for the nomination!

  8. Where do you get your interval work outs from? I have a treadmill and I could do this (even though I don’t want to) but I really don’t know what speeds I should be running at.

    • To be honest, I made up the speeds on my own. According to the Hal Higdon program that I am following for this training, your high speed is supposed to be your 5k speed. I don’t know what that is because I’ve never run a 5k, so I just kind of went with it. I am going to be putting together a post on intervals though – hopefully this weekend or early next weekend. Basically though, you want your heart rate to be near 85% of your max bpm (220 – age) during the hard portions – and then slow it down to 65 or 70% during recovery phases. I will try my best to get a good post together to answer your questions though!! 🙂

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