I would walk 500 miles

And I would walk 500 more… just to be the (wo)man who walk 1,000 miles so cancer has a cure! 🙂

Weren’t expecting that little twist on the end now.. were ya!  I may not be walking 1,000 miles – but all the miles and sweat I put in  – in addition to the 60 miles that I walk during the actual Susan G. Event – will be exhilarating and hopefully – life altering!

A little confused about what I am talking about?  Check out this morning’s post on the remarkable event that I am privileged to be participating in this summer!

I know many of you are leaping for joy right now… because you are embarking on your LONG weekend!! HOLLER!  Hope you all have some nice plans for the weekend… whether you will be celebrating a holiday or not!

Even though I had a long training walk with my teammates today, I wanted to get a short run in – so I did not veer too far off from my training plan.  Walking and running use a totally different set of muscles.  I am a SUCKER for routines and following schedules.. so if my schedule tells me to run 3.5 miles today… then I am going to do it.

I did a lovely 3.53 mile run at an 8:05 pace… finishing in 28:50.  My sneaks hit the pavement at 6:20.  I am usually a late morning outdoor runner, but there was something really refreshing about the morning breeze and beautiful sun!

Someday, I hope to have enough skill to be able to run with my camera.. but I am accident prone.. and while my camera is no piece of art, I can already picture myself accidentally zipping it across the street… in oncoming traffic.

Want to know what I can do, thought?  Do ya, do ya, do ya?!!  I can WALK with my camera.  So, now for your viewing pleasure.. are a few choice shots from my morning/afternoon with Cathy, Christina, and Christina!  Go Team Trotting for Tatas!

A little pre-walk photo-age.  Lesson learned:  Words will be backwards when you take pictures in the mirror.

This is a bib that was give to us in our welcome packets.  For those of you who cannot read reflections – it says 3 Days, 60 Miles.  Ask me Why I’m Walking.  We all chose to be decked out in pink and wear our bibs – hoping people would ask us why we were walking so we could spread the news about this wonderful cause.

The plan was to meet midway between all of us (we are live in different areas of the state). I did some research and found a recreation path.  Sounded PERFECT. Recreation. Walking. Training.

Arrive.  Condtions: Sunny, a little on the cool side, but very windy.

No big deal.  We can handle a little wind!  First things first – let’s stretch it out a little bit!  We’ve got 8 miles to go.. on a nice, paved recreational pathway.. right?!

WRONG!  No, recreational trail is code for hiking through the woods, up mountains, down mountains … following maps.. confusing maps.  Colored trails.. orange, red, blue, white, biker’s bypasses, dog park cut throughs… the list goes on.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved walking. Love chatting with these three lovely ladies.

Notice the lack of pink. Wind = Jackets.

Allowing everyone to get to know each other – since I am their one common connection.  Hiking – is just not what we were prepared for.

  • Cathy, for one, was testing out the new sneakers she just bought specifically for the event.  She wasn’t planning on walking through swamps.
  • Christina and I were not aware that we would be getting whipped with tree branches – because in that case, we would have worn long pants!
  • None of us brought our compasses (Aka – none of us own compasses)
  • We forgot to brush up on our map reading skills last night.. major bummer

So … summing it up, we are not hikers.  But, you know what.. it was NBD!  Why.. because we had great company, great laughs, superb conversation… and one uniting cause!  Raising money to find a cure!

Pretty lake we hiked by!

Blue eyes need protection! A lil self shot to prove I was there!

We were all hoping to run into a number of people on our walk.  We’ve read its a great way to raise money and to spread the good word.  Let me show you how many people we encountered on our walk.

Yup one.  You see him back there in the corner?  He was fishing.  He did not read our signs.  He did not ask us why we were walking.

Instead of taking the trail back, we decided to walk along a (busy) road.  The  road better mocks the conditions we will be walking in come july.. and I was not ready to go down some of the rocky hills we had climbed up.

Since it was a busy road.. we march like little worker ants.. in a single file line.  While people could not read our signs.. we did get a few honks 😉 .

Next time we train, I plan on getting all decked out.  Pink knee socks, pink tutu skirt…the whole nine yards.  I mean.. how are you not going to stop and ask a question when you’ve got a chick wearing some crazy outfit and a pink tutu.  Just sayin’!


All in all – it was a successful walk.  We probably logged between 7 and 8 miles.  My feet  not were hurting like I thought they would.. no blisters either. (Insert happy dance 🙂 )My IT band was a little tight though – so I am thinking of spending some extra time on the old roller tonight!


You know what you need after walking 7-8 miles in gusting winds?  Some lunch of course.  More specifically – some grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato and dijon mustard in a spinach wrap, accompanied by a nice little pickle!  The four of us headed over to a little sandwich shop, Huntington Street Cafe for a quick and delicious bite of energy!

I am not yet comfortable taking pictures of my food in restaurants.. especially because I haven’t told my friends about the blog yet.  I will eventually – but it is a huge step since I included so much about my personal struggle – and I am just not ready yet!  I will tell you the sandwich hit the spot!

I did snap some pictures of the decor though – Since it was soo cool, I didn’t feel weird taking the pictures!


These circles were amazing! All unique and hand-painted!

They have live music and open mic nights too.  If it wasn’t so far way, I would surely be a regular costumer here!

Thank you for all of your kind words of encouragement about the walk! I take all of your words to heart and will be  keeping you all in my mind and heart every step of the way! Keep your stories about your personal experiences with cancer coming! BeyondBananas@ymail.com

Since I’ve logged over 11 miles activity today, I am about to have myself a nice, LAZY night!! Perhaps a movie and some wine with the boy (who is getting a new car tonight) will suffice!  A perfect way to unwind after 11+ miles!

How do you unwind after a long day?! What causes are you passionate about?!


10 responses to “I would walk 500 miles

  1. indecisiveathlete

    I think its so awesome that you are doing this walk! My grandmother died from breast cancer and my “2nd mom” had the beginning stages but luckily was able to get all the bad stuff removed.

    I usually read or just veg-out for a while.

    Last year I raised $750 for the Make-A-Wish foundation I was a charity runner for the Marine Corps Marathon (and am so glad I raised the money even tho I wasn’t able to run)

    • I am walking in memory of your grandmother and in honor of the courage your 2nd mother had to battle cancer!

      Good for you for raising those dollars for Make-A-Wish.. such a wonderful cause!

  2. I think you should definitely wear the pink tutu 🙂

  3. It’s amazing that you are participating in such a great event!!! Doing it for a cause!! 🙂

  4. Great job on the walk! I’m not comfortable taking pics of my meals yet either…especially at work hahah!!

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  6. Yay for long walks!! I’m going to try to walk a 1/2 marathon soon so will be training 🙂
    thoughts for you in your cancer walk will be coming your way.
    I’m so awkward about taking food pictures. I just pretend that I have some awesomely legit reason that I’m doing it, haa

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