I’m Walking 60 Miles

Yup, thats right. 60 miles.  Over 3 days. For 1 Reason:

To Help Find A Cure For Breast Cancer


This July, I will be joining tens of thousands of men and women in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for a Cure in Boston, MA.  I have captained a team, “Trotting for Tatas” that is made up of 3 of my bffs from high school and a super motivated co-worker who’s mother is a breast cancer survivor.

I am no stranger to the evils that breast cancer can bring – losing family members and friends to this disheartening disease.  Without research and monetary needs necessary to find a cure for this malicious cancer, there is no end in sight.

I am not going to stand by and do nothing while my family and friends become statistics.

Perhaps you have been surfing blogs for the past hour.  Within that hour, 20 individuals were just diagnosed with breast cancer.  Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, grandmothers, aunts…. Oh, and in the past 69 seconds, one of those miraculous and couragous individuals just lost their battle with breast cancer.

I am being bold, and I am making a statement.  I am going to walk 60 miles.  I have already raised $2,490 in and effort to end this disease.

By July, my team of 5 will have raised over $11,500.  Each of us must raise $2,300 in order to walk.  This goal seemed a little outrageous when I first decided I wanted to sign up for the 3-day.  But I stopped.. and realized that this amount of money.. is practically pennies compared to the hurt, heartache, struggle, anxieties, and worries that overwhelms family and friends when a loved one is diagnosed with this disease.

I am spreading this news to you, my beloved bloggies,  today because I am about head out on an 8-10 mile training walk with some of my teammates, and I have a renewed sense of excitement and passion about finding a cure for breast cancer and supporting such an amazing cause.

With about 3 months until race day, our training is going to be all business!  Now, I am totally a runner, but am a little concerned about how I am going to transtion to walking all these miles.  Whenever I try to walk for long amounts of times on the treadmills, my feet are killing me!  I mean.. I could run for 10 miles.. no sweat. But after walking for 4.. my feet are aching!  I think I am going to get myself a good pair of walking shoes.. because 60 miles is no joke.  Any suggestions for a runner who now has to walk 60 miles?


As the captain of my team, I want to ensure that every memeber of my team is able to walk in Boston this July.  If they do not meet the goal they simply cannot walk.  It is that easy.  So I have been trying to motivate a few team members to really get going.  But there is only so much I can do.  I am hoping to do some team fundraising events shortly.  Do you have any fun ideas of how I can raise money for my teammates.. or some inspriing stories that may help to get these teammates  motivated?!

I would love to hear your inspriring stories – about how you – your family – your friends have been affected by breast cancer.  It is everywhere.  I want to put together a post that honors all of the brave women.. and men.. who have come nose to nose with this disease.  Please e-mail me your stories – – beyondbananas [at] ymail [.] com

Before I wrap this post up, I just wanted to share with you the reasons why I am walking…

I walk because I can.

I walk to ensure proper medical and emotional care for those who have been or will be affected by this malicious and thankless disease.

I walk for grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, nieces, and wives all over the world.

I walk in hopes that my children and grand-children will never know what breast cancer is – perhaps never even see or hear the two words side by side.

I walk in memory of those who have lost their battle.

I walk out of respect for those who fought with every ounce of energy in their body.

I walk for you.

I walk for myself.


If you are interested in learning more about this cause and maybe signing up for a walk in your area, please visit http://www.the3day.org.

To learn more about my team, Trotting for Tatas, just click the link!

Side note –  I know that my header image disappeared.  Now it is blurry.  I will remedy this.. asap.  However, I did not have time this morning.  What is up with the disappearing act?!


14 responses to “I’m Walking 60 Miles

  1. SO awesome that you are doing this. Cancer is a horrible, scary, awful thing & I think it is SO great that you are walking to raise awareness & funds for cancer research!

    In terms of fund raising – a blogger bakesale, selling things on EBay come to mind.

    • Thanks so much! Blogger bakesale definitely came to my mind because I see them all the time – but I am so new to the blog world, I may wait a couple of weeks before trying to do something like that! Plus, I need some expert advice from someone who has done one!

  2. This is SO awesome that you are doing this!!! Cancer is so scary and heartbbreaking, and I know that this will help find that cure. 🙂

  3. I sometimes find walking harder than running too: I think it’s a case of ‘time on your feet’ as opposed to strenuous effort. Watch out for blisters!

    You’re amazing for doing this: I can’t wait to hear more about your training 🙂


    • Thanks Jessica. Blisters are one thing I am worried about. I agree with the time on your feet thing too. Today wasn’t too bad.. I’ll be posting more on it tonight! Thanks for your support!

  4. Wow, what a coincidence! In my online biology class, we are learning about cells and cancer right now. I got scared and was researching online about what I can do/eat to prevent cancer, and then I stopped for some blog reading and here you are!

    My dad’s mother died of breast cancer when my dad was only 10. I wish I could have met my grandmother. 😦 And since she had breast cancer, and I take after my dad, I have a high chance of developing breast cancer, too.

    My mom is a cancer survivor, she had thyroid cancer and had to have surgery to get her thyroid taken out when she was pregnant with my brother. It was very scary, but she is fine now!

    • Thank you for sharing your story, Kayla. It is people like your grandmother who I am honoring.. your mother who I am respecting for her fight.. and you – to protect you from this disease – that make this fight worthwhile. Cancer is a thing – where all you can really do is throw money at it and hope that they find someway of doing something about it!

  5. That is so exciting you are participating in this event, good luck and keep spreading hope!

  6. That’s a wonderful event – 60 miles is longggg though, good luck girl!

  7. I LOVE your team name! So proud of you not just standing by! You are so brave to walk 60 miles :]

  8. Pingback: I would walk 500 miles | beyondbananas

  9. I admire you for doing this!!!! So awesome and you should feel so good about it too!! U rock! xoxo ❤

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