Gym Peeves

If you are easily offended, you may not want to read my blog today.  Perhaps you should click the red button in the top corner of your screen and mosey on back later today.  As a side note, this post is not intended to offend anyone.  It is written with a light heart – and hope it is read with one as well (and I am sure some of you will share my opinions!)

I know when I am out in public, I try my very best to be considerate of those people who are around me.  I take into account how my actions may effect others.  Take for example, the library.  I think it is an accepted rule that there should not be any loud noises/conversations/cell phone ringing in the library.

Rules – like no talking in the library – were things that we were taught during childhood.  However, no one ever taught the population as a whole – proper Gym Etiquette.

So, friends, today I am going to share with you my gym peeves.  Those actions or scenarios in the gym that irk me… or even get my blood to boil.  (But of course, I would never confront the offender.. instead, I blog my frustrations with you!)

Peeve #1 –> The Cell Phone Gabber

We are all busy.  We all have people that we need to chat with.. long lost friends we need to catch up with.  Gymmers, there is a time and a place for everything.  Perhaps, you may be more comfortable making this phone call from your couch, you car (hands free of course) – but in all honesty – I do not think that the treadmill – or the elliptical – or any piece of cardio machine is really the place to have an hour long conversation (or a myriad of shorter conversations).


What makes this even worse .. is .. well, the gym is a naturally loud place.  There is usually music playing on the sound system.  There are people thumping away on the treadmill, grunts.. the norm.  Because of all of this noise, the cell phone gabber finds in necessary to just raise his or her voice to the next level – overpowering all other sounds in the gym.  The oddest conversation that I have ever had the joy of being a witness to (heard over my ipod on high volume):

“If you want to impress him, I think you should just send him a picture of your booty.”

Seriously?!  Seriously. I did not volunteer to be a part of this conversation, thank you very much.

I almost lost my step on the treadmill and fell flat on my face.  I bet this girl would have stopped talking if I had done that! 😉

How do I avoid this  rhythm altering occurence?  It is quite simple.  I take a nice walk behind the treadmills – and I scope out everyone’s belongings.  If I don’t see a cell phone on the machine.. I am safe.  Well, until that individual finishes their workout at least.


Peeve # 2 –> The Individual In Need of Deodorant

We all forget sometimes. Trust me, I have done it many times.  If I happen to realize that I have forgotten that ever so important, glorious stick of freshness that I apply beneath my arms on a daily basis… well you better believe you won’t see me huffin it out on the treadmill or doing a mean series of intervals on the elliptical.  Chances are… you won’t even see me at the gym.  I can’t stand the smell of my own body odor.. I can’t stand the smell of anyone’s body odor!

Some people have a more potent smell then others, and I am totally cool with that.  I know that I sweat more then that average human being.  We are all different.


All that I am asking – is that you dab a little deodorant under those lovely little arms.  No questions asked.  One of the keys to a successful workout is the ability to breath. Easily.  Please promote breathing at the gym! 🙂

My rule of thumb.. I always carry and extra stick of this nose saver in my gym bag.  Sometimes – its not that I forget.. its just that my morning dose has worn off.. and I need a refresher.

Peeve # 3 –> Stand and Chat

Oh Hello there Mr. Stand and Chat.  Yes. It is 5:30 pm.  Yes – the 9-5 crowd is pouring through the doors.  Rushing to get changed as fast as humanly possible. Hoping to grab

Mr. S & C.  I see that you have finished your workout.  You have befriended (or perhaps already know) the pretty little lady on the treadmill next to you.  Yes, shes pretty.  You are probably chatting up a great game now.  But guess where you are standing?

ON A COVETED TREADMILL. I won’t butt in to your conversation.  I promise.  All that I am asking is that you walk around to the front of the treadmill to continue this conversation. No harm done. And I can be on my merry way to running euphoria. (P.S. I know you see me standing right behind the treadmill, patiently waiting for you to wrap it up. Don’t pretend you don’t see me…)

The Better Option


Peeve # 4 –>  The Equipment Hoarder

This, I will admit, is something I myself have been guilty of.  I don’t do it on purpose.. and try to immediately remedy this problem as soon as I am aware of it.

Stabilization balls, medicine balls, bosu balls (all the balls 😉 ), 5lb, 7.5lb, and 10lb free weights are hard to come by at my gym.  I often spend a large chunk of time trying to locate a bosu ball to complete my workout.  Often times, I find it right next to a stabilization ball, 3 different sized medicine balls, a set of each of the above mentioned free weights, and one person.. off in a corner somewhere.

What is all this being used for.. probably a circuit.  I know how convenient it is to have all of the equipment you need.. right at your fingertips, leaving little time for rest/confusion in between sets.

In a perfect world, we could all have this equipment at our finger tips at any given time.  This perfect world would come in the form of a fully stocked home gym.  Unfortunately, we are talking about a public gym.  I think it is only fair to share the best equipment in the house.


If you aren’t willing to share.. so be it.  But in the very least, please return the equipment.. instead of leaving it shacked up in the darkest, most hidden corner of the gym.  Your cooperation is appreciated!

Peeve # 5 –> Drip and Dodge

As previously mentioned…I am a sweater.  It actually doesn’t bother me that I leave the gym with huge sweat rings under my arms.. and a drenched back and tummy (this may be someone else’s gym peeve.. and I send you my sincere apologies!)

Oh Hey Sweat! Remember me?!

Because I am aware of my sweating issue, I take extra care to wipe down all of the eqipment I use with a freshly squirted paper towel (not one that I sprayed with solution once when I first arrived).

This isn’t just a peeve… we are talking being sanitary.  There are so many things that can be spread through sweat.. and to me, it just seems grimey.  No, I do not enjoy when I am getting ready to lay down on a bench, but happen to see a big puddle of sweat.! In all honesty, sometimes I just forgo the exercise.


Cleaning up someone else’s sweat is not fun either.

I woud also prefer not having to look at the drops of sweat the flung off of your elbows as you were trotting on the treadmill.  I know. It is annoying ot have to get down and clean up the little droplets on the base of the treadmill.  But it is your sweat.  So please. Just do it.  It won’t be that bad!

Do not dodge your sweat! 🙂

Peeve # 6 –> The Late Arriver

Classes at the gym.  A favorite of mine.  Especially since I have finally joined a gym that offers them and I get to go to them! 🙂

I understand if you are going to be a little late to class.. 5 minutes.. even 10 minutes.  It’s cool.  Life happens.  I wouldn’t want to skip an entire class because I hit every single light on my way to the gym.

But there is a limit.  Don’t you agree?  Especially if it is a class that you have never been to. If the class is more then half over, please just join the next time. This way, you can get to know the instructor… and the expectations of the class..without trying to figure it out while everyone else is getting their workout on. (Or trying to at least!)

Peeve # 7 –> Rip and Roll

One thing I like about some gyms – is that they subscribe to a plethora of magazines.. fitness, news, gossip.  Makes a long cardio session fly by.


One thing I dislike about magazines at the gym – is how chunks of pages (usually the best articles) just.. disappear!

Personal opinion – if it doesn’t belong to you… you really shouldn’t  rip out the page… and roll out the door. There are numerous eyes that would enjoy the opportunity to read that story or look at those pictures as well.

BTW: I ran down my peeves with Justin.  When I mentioned Rip and Roll, he goes.. oh when people fart and walk away?

I hope you chuckled a little when reading this – rather than pumping your fist with anger 🙂 .

What are your gym peeves?  Pet peeves in general?

Oh – and BTW … HAPPY FRIDAY!  Hoping to get in an easy jog before I head to the parents later on today … and hoping t0 get some circuit training in with my old trainer tonight!  Overdoing it?  Perhaps.. but I rarely have an opportunity to train with him since I moved..and they make me feel strong!

Any plans for your weekend?

Check ya later, gators! xoxo


27 responses to “Gym Peeves

  1. My gym peeves:
    – chatters during spin class (not just the warm up or cool down, but yapping so loud that I can barely hear the music)
    – instructors being late
    – instructors teaching down – ie, making the “Cycle Zone” class really easy, which is supposed to be a 45 min high intensity workout (harder than regular 60 minute Cycle) – if I don’t break a sweat, I leave angry

    I feel like such a negative person now! =)

    • sometimes you just need to get those things off of your chest though! I breath a tiny bit easier when I vent a little bit.
      Instructors being late… SO true… I didn’t even think of that.
      What is worse… is when they are late.. and walk in.. not in a rush.. mosey mosey. Come on! (And of course, class doesn’t go late.. you just miss out on time!)

  2. I agree with all of the above! Personally, I am an aerobics instructor and sometimes people will come in like 20 minutes late! They have missed the warm-up and the first half of class! Why even come!? It drives me crazy!

  3. I can’t stand when people talk to each other on treadmills or other gym equipment!! Save the convo for the locker room!!
    I also find it a little weird when women prance around the locker room completely naked – like obviously not caring about how long their nakedness is lasting. I mean, girl power and all that, but I really would rather not have to look up and see your birthday suit!

  4. i agree with all of these! i especially hate when people come in 30+ minutes late to a class and position themselves on top of you so you no longer have any room to move, drives me nuts! i need my personal space at the gym, i’m sweaty, i’m in pain, probably hungry, and just trying to have some “me” time without feeling crowded, and purely focused on avoiding being punched in the face.

    • Ahh – I started to write a story about this in my post, but I couldn’t get it out right. A women came in .. right on top of me… was backing in to me.. so I put my hands out..and then she screamed at me for pushing her! UGH

      • haha that’s hilarious! i’ve been kicked before in a kickboxing class, i was mad, but i understood the circumstance and that person felt ridiculous enough at what they did, so i relieved my anger by getting more into the class. no need for blame, and outright trying to start a catfight! women can be so competitive, even when it comes to their “space” at the gym. its kind of funny, tho as i said, it bothers me too!

      • Hahah – getting kicked out of a class before.. that is something you will have to share with your children someday!

  5. I am not offended and in fact, I completely agree with your peeves. When I used to go to the gym, the same set of things always bugged me. I’m huge about manners and respect, though, so I feel strongly about etiquette in all areas 🙂

  6. This post made me laugh pretty hard. Actually it kinda made my day cause all of these are SOO true ! At my gym the people who stand and talk at treadmills are always there. I will admit, I rip coupons out of magazines 😀 Shh!!!

  7. Very nicely put, gym etiquette is something that many people don’t realize is kind of a big deal. And I definitely laughed at the “rip and roll” remark. Nice post.


  8. These are all reasons I dont belong to a gym anymore.
    I especially hated the high school girls that just went there to socialize. One girl used to show up in a mini skirt all the time. Made me crazy.

  9. indecisiveathlete

    Those are def way true. Altho I do like watching the ridiculous people who do weird/crazy things or I just find them odd/interesting. It keeps me entertained haha. I hate going to yoga classes where people are chatty! I mean of ALL classes that is one where there should be NO talking at all. I even went to one one time where the instructor was chatty with some of the people so annoying. I guess I’m more entertained in the main area than annoyed especially some of the weight lifters who think they are the you-know-what it just makes me laugh at them (in my head of course 😉 )

    • Hahaha – yes.. it is much more frustrating in the group fitness classes.. ESPECIALLY YOGA. seriously.. its suppose to be quiet and relaxing. Some of the quirks in the main area are entertaining though and keep me smiling!

  10. I have to say I do not like when a girl comes to the gym looking like she is ready for a night out to the club, lol! It’s funny to me I guess!

    happy weekend love! xoxo ❤

    • Seriously! It is pretty funny, I am lucky if my clothes match! I am getting better with matching.. but in college.. my gym outfits were a mess… red shorts with a bright yellow shirt. AHH goodness me!

  11. Sydney Phillips

    Yikes! I agree with all of those.. My rowing coach in high school was allergic to deodorant and when he would workout with us it was THE WORST!
    And people on the phone would drive me nuts, luckily the gym at my school has a “no cell phones” policy.

    • Allergic? Ahh – there has got to be some sort of anti-persperant for that! Goodness, I don’t know ifI could handle that!

      My gym has a no phone policy too -no one follows it, no one enforces it! Not cool. You’re lucky people follow the rules at your gym 😉

  12. I have actually been thinking of writing a VERY similar post so I’m glad you addressed a lot of these issues too! BUT…the one thing that drives me so crazy….are the personal space invaders!! Like hasn’t everyone done the whole “Stretch your arms out and that’s your space” routine? I find it almost impossible to take zumba or kickboxing with these people and I don’t know how much longer I’ll make it before someone gets hurt and I’m going to feel really bad, but also…you know, maybe back up a little people. (Does that make me the most awful person ever??) Love this post though 🙂

    • hahah.. definitely NOT the most awful person ever! I totally feel you on that. I get to classes early..just so I can have a good area of space.. then someone comes in 30 second before class starts and plops themself.. ON TOP of yoU! 🙂

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