Sushi and Natural Ginger Ale

Two of the best parts of my day…

Glad y’all are getting some laughs from my gym peeves.. and agreeing with them!!  Sometimes you just need to get some things out of your mind.. and onto.. or shall I say into, the blog world!

I’ve been a busy bee today. I did the load of laundry that had accumulated since the weekend…folded it neatly and put it away tried to squeeze it into my overstuff drawers.

I realized something – that was a little concerning to me. Since Sunday, I have ONLY.WORN.WORKOUT.CLOTHES.  Yes, I understand I am on vacation.  But I did not once get dressed in jeans… a cute top.  I spent a lot of time in the kitchen and working on this little blog!  Perhaps a little more time then I had thought. But I am feeling nice and relaxed and will go with that flow.  I know I won’t have quite as much time when I am back at work.

However, if you look at Justin’s pile….apparently he only wore undershirts, socks, and underwear this week.  Calvin Klein model in training?! Or may his work clothes just get dry cleaned!

More tedious tasks followed – kitchen cleaning, dusting, floor cleaning.

Then it was my favorite part of day. Gym time!  Love getting those endorphins going! I waited til mid morning because I knew group sessions would be over.. and I would be able to get into the room and do some exercises.  I love being alone in a big empty room.. jammin’ out to my pod and gettin’ the damn thing done! 😛

I strayed from my training plan today – wanting to run on the treadmill (strange) and keep myself occupied.  I opted for interval training.. when I interval train – I normally make up my speeds, the lengths of time, etc… as I am doing it.  Ultimately, I am trying to get my heart rate up really high – and then slow it down during the recovery phases.  This is what my 40 minute workout looked like today:

Afterwards, I headed on over into the group fitness room and did a serious of exercises on the fitness risers…Kept my heart rate a flowing!

I really went all out today.  My Polar told me that my maximum HR was 192 – and I had an average heartrate of 157 throughout the entire hour and seven minutes.  Probably one of the most uptempo workouts I have done in a while!

I came home.. fueled my body with some grub.

Ezekiel 4:9, Hummus, Mustard, Egg Whites & Spinach on the sammy, Strawberry Yogurt & 1/2 a Bananas...

and a Banana and Almond Butter Sandwich 😉

Packed up…

Home for less then 48 hours.. NBD

And set of for the parents house.  It is great being home with my family and my doggies! I miss them all dearly when I am gone!  I showed them my blog – which they are all impressed with 🙂 and had them taste my hummus and a few other goodies I had thrown together for them!


Overall  – favorable review of everything!

I had some delicious sushi for dinner from a local Chinese restuarant down the street with a side of Edamame.  I tried it once about a year ago when I saw another couple order it while I was out at dinner. I was intrigued.. and have not looked back since!

Rolls are falling apart..but it still tastes the same!

My brother yoinked one of these bad boys from a Vietnamese Restaurant in NYC earlier in the week:  Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale. It is all natural.

I enlightened my taste buds.  Lots of ginger.  I am not a huge ginger ale fan as it is, but it wasn’t half bad.  Not something I would drink on a regular basis, but a little sip wasn’t so bad.

Tonight, I’ll be spending QT with the fam and brainstorming some ideas to whip up in the kitchen tomorrow!  Any  ideas for me to play around with! I am game for anything.. especially when I am in a nice big kitchen and dad told me to leave him a list of what I needed and he’d go to the store in the morning. Yes please!


17 responses to “Sushi and Natural Ginger Ale

  1. indecisiveathlete

    My laundry always seems to grow exponentially. It is my least fav thing to do. I will clean my heart out before I will willingly do laundry…sad. And workout clothes are def okay especially on vacation and they are super comfy :). Ahhh Intervals! The best way to run on the treadmill in my opinion 🙂

    I like to get frozen edamame at the store (the already shelled steam in the bag kind) and once I make them I keep them in the fridge so I can snack all week sooo good!

    • Edamame is such a yummy snack! I do the same thing as you!
      As far as laundry goes.. I don’t really mind it. I would rather do laundry then clean the floors. Which I did both of yesterday. I can’t believe I was so proactive about cleaning! :p

  2. I absolutely hate doing laundry. I put it off until the last minute which of course I always regret!

    Btw- thank you for the nice comment on my blog!

    • I don’t mind the actual process of putting the laundry in the washing machine switching it to the dryer. It is the FOLDING that kills me. Sometimes, I will let it sit in the dryer… and forget about it. Then I wonder where some of my clothes are. I find them the next time I do laundry. WOOPS!

  3. Whoa, awesome HR during the workout!! I haven’t had my rate up that high in a long, long time. For some reason the treadmill doesn’t get my heart rate up as well as running outside does..and I haven’t been able to do that in months. Don’t feel bad about wearing only workout clothes, either..I do the same!

    • I agree – when I am running for distance, my HR is much higher outdoors then it is on the treadmill. When I am doing some hardcore intervals though, it definiely gets super high. This high is abnormal.. I must have been pretty focused!

  4. omg I LOVE edamame too!! And sushi. But edamame is such a good snack! I make it at home and put sea salt on it.

  5. I love ginger! That drink looks great.

  6. YAY for bananner sandwiches!!! 😀 I just had one fo those yeasterday — delish! 😀

  7. I love edamame – so quick & easy & a healthy little snack! 🙂

    Make dessert hummus…or bread – that’s always a fun one to play around with!

    • Dessert hummus is definitely something I want to try! The rents don’t have a food processor though.. so I will have to do that one at home and use the old magic bullet again!

  8. “However, if you look at Justin’s pile….apparently he only wore undershirts, socks, and underwear this week. Calvin Klein model in training?!”—-> that made me laugh SO hard!
    I am glad you were so productive 🙂
    The ginger ale sounds soo refreshing !!

  9. Looks like you had quite the busy day! A little relaxing time in the kitchen will be just what you need. If you’re into chocolate, bananas, and coconut, then may I recommend my chocolate coconut banana pudding cake? Hehe. Or just lots and lots of baked goods to share. Holiday time calls for special treats!

  10. that looks like a very yummy sushie 🙂
    i tried nana’s with nut butter and it’s had me hooked ever since .

    froyo with banana and oreo bits is always awesome for dessert :3

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