Weekly Workout Wrap-Up

Thanks to Megan and Caitlin’s blog, I’ve decided that every Sunday, I am going to recap my workouts for this week – giving me the ability to reflect on my fitness throughout the week and be proud of my efforts!  I think this was a fabulous idea and I truly admire both of these girls through all I have read on their blogs.

This week, I had some extra time since I was on vacation – and I definitely think that this is reflected in my workouts.  Under normal circumstances, it isn’t that likely that I would have been able to do this much.  But hey, I am game!

  • Monday: 3.5  mile run, 60 minute step aerobic class with strength training
  • Tuesday: Rest/60 min yoga
  • Wednesday: Interval Training 10 x 400 (total of 5.75 miles)
  • Thursday: 3.5 miles run, 8 mile training walk
  • Friday: 4.5 mile run (intervals),   strength training
  • Saturday: 2 hour circuit training – both cardio & strength training
  • Sunday: 7.30 mile run

Total Miles Ran: 24.55 miles (run) 8 miles (walk) 32.55 total

How I felt this week: After my workout Monday, I was totally drained.  I definitely overdid it by running and then doing a cardio/strength class immediately after.  I thought I could push through it, but I honestly felt horirble after.  When I feel horrible after a workout, it puts a damper on my day – because exercise normally lifts my mood.

Yoga totally helped though.  Even though Tuesday was my rest day, I think stretching my muscles and feeling completely relaxed was just what the doctor order.  It helped me get my head back on straight for the intervals which I totally loved on Wednesday – also leaving me to feel great throughout the rest of the week!

What I would like to see next week: I know for sure that my mileage is going to decrease next week and it will be a much less demanding week.  My race is next Sunday, so my training program has me cutting back majorly on miles – with extra rest days in there as well.

I want to try and get to yoga at least one time this week.  Since I will be back in school on Tuesday, I will not be able to go to the daytime classes – limiting my options.  Pretty much – I can go on Friday. Only class that will fit into my schedule.  But that is definietly what I plan on doing! 🙂

While I can’t really do this next week – I want to strength train more.  Although I have only cut back on it for the past three weeks, I feel differences in my body – and I am not diggin’ em! A decrease in strength training is the one thing that is making wonder how often I will train for races.  I love to run, but I like my workouts to be more balance. I like to cross train and weight train way more then my training plan has allowed me too.

Dear Strength Training, I miss you! Love, Cait

I am leaning more towards creating my own training plan to include more crosstraining and weight training the next time I train for a race.. hoping to not see a difference in my finishing time.

Welp, that is my first WWW – mostly words tonight – so it may bore you a little!

Next week’s will be more interesting, but I am in a pinch for time!!

Have you pushed yourself too much when exercising?  How does it make you feel – and how do you work to change it?

When you are training for a particular event.. do you miss other aspects of your regular fitness routine?


9 responses to “Weekly Workout Wrap-Up

  1. indecisiveathlete

    That looks like an awesome work out week! I love strength training too. Not only does my body feel/look better when I do it regularly I also feel like it gives me more confidence (is that weird?)

    I’ve def had my share of going overboard with exercising. Most recently I went almost 2 weeks with out a single rest day. I felt really good about it at the time and like I was super awesome but I was also WAY WAY overly tired. I was going to bed even earlier than normal. I know that I have to be careful with exercise bc I get obsessive with it real easily so when I realize I’m over doing it I usually try to cut back and make myself take a rest day.

    Good luck with your next week!
    And p.s. I’m jealous of your arms!

    • I feel you on struggling with rest days.. I think i went 24 days straight once. Insane. It is like I am going through the motions and really not getting as much as I can out of the work out! It is really hard to take that rest day sometimes.. even though it is so much better for the bod!

  2. That’s an intense week! I’ve had weeks where I overdo it, but more often, I underdo it 🙂 I’m tapering this week and am looking forward to taking some time off- mostly because working out takes up SO much time!

  3. killer workout week! i’m impressed. strength training is my favorite – cardio is something i have to really force myself to do. i just sign up for a ton of 5Ks, which helps me to keep it up!

  4. hey! i over trainined in the middle stages of my marathon training – I felt EXHAUSTED for about 2-3 weeks and deveopled a horrible chest infection. I really couldn’t be bothered to do anything!

  5. When I am training for a race, I really miss other cardio workout and sometimes I hate that I feel forced to run.

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever worked out 7 day straight.ever. I don’t know I’m just lazy or what but that sounds incredibly unappealing. I prefer sleeping:-)

    I’m horrible at cross-training, as in, I never do it. I’m doing a little more weight training now that I’m injured. I’m enjoying it, but I’d rather be running.

  7. Good read. Thanks for listing all of the exercises you went through during that particular week. It’s a testament for others striving to get in shape that you were able to pull off so much in a short span of time.

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