Where have you been all of my life?

Yes – I am talking about my Garmin! And I will give you the rundown on that little piece of heaven in a few mintues.. but first, lets start from the beginning.

Power went out last night. No power = no sleep for me.  The fan turned off. So it got too warm.  The window was wide open.. and there were some intense animal fights happening last night behind our unit.


I heard animal screams, rustling in the leaves..and even plunges into the water.  I wanted to take a looksy to see what all the commotion was… but to be honest, I was just too lazy to get up.

I woke up extra tired (but still bright and early).

I knew just what I needed –

Oats, Almond Milk, Water, 1/2 Banana, Frozen Peaches & Sunflower Butter

Oats! They sounded delicious just like they do every morning.  However, since I ate breakfast before my run.. I soon regretted this Oat decision.  They sat like a ton of bricks in my tummy – and gave my intermittent cramps through my entire run.

Who cares though?!

Not me.. not today..

I’ve got myself a lil Garmie (yes I just nicknamed it.. and yes, I understand I am overdoing the excitement on this. I will stop, I promise… TOMORROW 😉 )  If I didn’t have my garmin today – my run would have been a pretty crappy one.

But, I was competing with the large piece of equipment that was strapped to my wrist and was determine to keep my average pace under 8:00/mile for the majority of my run.

So, step aside, brick-like oats in a stomach.  I was out to DO WORK!

Mission accomplished.  3.25 miles (3 miles on my plan.. but hey, what can you do!) in 25:14. Average pace of 7:46.  I will take that with a big smile on my face!

(Check the heart rate stats! Max: 189, Average 171… pretty sweet deal!)

Overall, I love the garmin.  It is going to push me to be a faster runner.  Previously, I really had no idea how fast I was running – just the amount of time I was running – and a vague idea of where every mile was.  I am very competitive – espcially with numbers. I kept looking down (way to much.. I am sure my pace checks will decrease in time… maybe) to see my pace.  I wanted to be running below an 8min mile – steady pace! 🙂  This helped me. I could speed up if I noticed my pace was slowing down.. and the slow down when my pace was too fast.

I realized when I had finished that I did not manually set up my laps.  So – for this run, I do not know my average pace for each mile – since it is calculating my entire 3.25 miles as a “lap”.  I have fixed that problem though – so tomororow I’ll be all set:

Some things that I am going to have to get used to are:

  • Having a little extra weight on my left side… I know it is not a lot, but it is an adjustment to have a big old watch on your arm.  My Polar is much smaller.  Because of the weight, it bounces around a lot on my wrist too. .. the next smallest size on the band is to tight though. This is something so small..I will probably be adjusted by like tomorrow
  • Waiting for the GPS Satellites.. I’ve read this on every review of the Garmin. I normally run out the door – and run right away. I just have to plan my time a little bit differently now. Again – no biggie!

I haven’t played with the computer software yet – but I will be doing that soon too! I am so thankful that my wonderful boyfriend was so thoughtful and purchased this gift for me!  Seriously.. like you’ve all commented on my WINNING POST.. he is thoughtful, sweet…and a keeper for sure 😉 (Not just because he surprised me with a Garmin … there is an endless list of reasons that he is a keeper!)

Rounding out today, I had a very familiar looking lunch:

Ezekiel, Turkey, Mustard, LF Mozz & Apple Slices

Cried when I had to fill up my tank (it’s okay, I heard on the news that Hawaii has higher gas prices then CT):

Thought I would remedy that by “Winning For Life” (Hey, I’ve been winning lately… right?!)

Well, not this time.

I also whipped together my favorite dessert for tonight.  So simple, yet so yummy.


Throw a banana in the magic bullet with some almond milk and cinnamon.  Swirl away.  Transfer into a tupperware.  Place in the freezer.

After dinner tonight, this will be like banana ice!  MmmM!

Speaking of dinner, Justin and I are having a quick and easy Chicken Paella tonight!  I will be posting the recipe with some pictures later in the week.  It is a nice twist on classic paella – and since Justin isn’t a fan of seafood – it works great for the both of us!

I have some loose ends to tie up before I go back to be with my kiddies tomorrow and need to knock out some of of the paper I have been talking about/avoiding all week!   I make my lunches for the week.. get my clothes set out for tomorrow.. you know.. normal.  I am the queen of routines. We can talk more about that another day.  Of course – most of my time will be spent relaxing and trying NOT to think about the stresses of work!

How do you like to spend the final hours of your time off from work? Be it a Sunday night.. or an extended vacation like I just had?!


16 responses to “Where have you been all of my life?

  1. I haven’t learned to do anythingggg with my Garmin except turn it on and go. I really do need to read up on it.

    As far as the satellites thing goes, for me, if I get it close to a window that’s unobstructed and turn it on, it can track them down while I’m finishing up my pre run snack or something.

  2. Two things:
    1. My Garmin is my favorite thing. Its awesome. The sattellite thing is annoying, but I usually turn it on before I go outside, and it seems to work.

    2. Your gas prices are cheap. Ours add up to around $5.38 a gallon. Its offensive.

  3. I hate my Garmin..its an oldie (like 5 years–ha!). It takes it about 4 min to catch satelites which when you are standing outside in the middle of winter, in Canada, in spandex is a loooong time. Plus the GPS cuts out all the time. So the same run I do all the time measures up to 3 km different depending on the day. I was thinking of upgrading but I dont want another lemon. Let me know how yours works out. I dont want to fork out the big bucks for nothing

    • Yikes 3km.. that is a pretty big gap! So far I am liking mine – it took some time to find the satellites today – but I am hoping that is the longest it will take – maybe it will “know” where it is now? I will for sure keep you updated on how mine works out!

  4. YAY!!! You will LOVE IT (except when you run races and realize how much distance you’ve added just by weaving!). It does lots of cool stuff – definitely use the software!! Happy birthday Garmie!!

  5. So glad you love the Garmin! The autolap is an awesome/essential feature and is great because it beeps at each mile so you can see your pace for the mile. I also HATE how long it takes to find the satellite – in DC it sometimes takes 5 minutes or so and it drives me nuts!!

  6. Wow, you’re fast!! My Garmin has seriously changed my life. Her name is Nora 🙂

  7. I cry everyday as I see gas prices keep going up. We haven’t hit $4 yet, but I don’t know what I’m going to do when they do.
    Your Garmin has everything on it, doesn’t it? Lucky!!!

  8. YAY for Garmie, isn’t he a doll? About it being to big, some of the girls in my running group put a sweat band on then strap the garmin on top of that. It seems to work for them. You are speedy w/ your 7:46 pace. I can race that pace, but training runs aren’t happening that fast. Hell, they aren’t happening at all right now.whateverimnotbitter.

    and no, the constant pace checking will never, ever stop. The only way I don’t check my pace is if A) I don’t wear my watch or B) I wear long sleeves to cover the face.

    Ew $4.13/gal. Yesterday ours was still in the $3.70’s..I’m scared for summer to come. All the tourists = jacked up gas prices.wah.

    • I think the 7.46 was just because I was SO excited to use it. I don’t see t sticking around on a regular basis!
      You will be back running in no time – don’t let your injury get you down – it is better to take the rest now – and then be good to go sooner (rather than having to take an extended time off!)

  9. My tip is to place Garmie outside on your front step (or whatever) put you shoes on, go back out and voila! satellite will be on and you will be ready to run! Never try to catch the satellite with Garmie already on your arm, it will literally take forever!!! Have fun!!!

  10. I LOVE OATS!! 😀 And Bananas. 😉

    YIKES! $4:13?!?! Gas is so expensive, and there is no reason for it to be.

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