(Wo)Man’s Best Friend

d o g s

In my opinion, they are most definitely the best friend you could ever ask for.  No matter what you say to them – no matter how many times you push them away – or tell them not now.. go lay down!  Regardless of how many times they get into the garbage.. or eat your socks.. and you yell at them or send them to their crates…

Dogs don’t care.  They still love you.  They still wait for you at your door.  They will still greet you by jumping on you (almost knocking you down) and licking your face.  They will sense your discomfort and unhappiness.. and try to cuddle up extra close. They are the best friend a person can ask for!

See, when I moved away from home – I left two little bundles of joy behind (in addition to my oh-so-loved parents and bro).

Puppy Years...

Although I had been away from them before – in college and grad school – this was a little more serious.. because I was movingout-moving out.  Like for real.

I have always grown up with dogs – had one all of my life. And suddenly, I had to be without one. Permanently.  It was an adjustment. I missed having a fuzzy cuddler..and someone following me around everywhere I went (okay.. well Justin follows me everywhere… jk 😉 )

So when I was home this weekend, I was sure to catch some precious moments of these two trouble makers on camera.

First, let me introduce you to frick and frack:

Look at those chompers...

Kaiser – The German Shepard

Kaiser is the ring-leader.  He is dominant in the relationship – and let’s Brady know who is boss. (Brady lets him think he’s the boss too).  Kaiser is extremly obedient and very smart.  You see – German Shepards have a thing about pleasing their master.. and Kaiser will do whatever it is you want of him. Some of his finest qualities, skills, and interests are:

  • Constantly being up in your face
  • Opening the back door to let himself inside when he is tired of being outside
  • Fighting Water
  • Being first to do everything (drink water, go outside, eat dinner)
  • Adhering to strict routines
  • Catching Animals outside
  • Hopping fences
  • Endless hours of fetch
  • Grid Searches of the backyard for tennis balls
  • Above mentioned tennis balls
  • Demolishing chewy toys in .5 seconds
  • Attempting to steal treats from his brother from another mother

I could go on forever..

"No Pictures, Please"

Brady – The Golden Retriever

Brady is the fluffy, lovable, tail-wagging, butt shaking, happy go lucky Golden Retriever.  He pretends that he is dumb – but we all think he is actually smarter then Kaiser.  He just plays dumb.. but we are catching on to his little game.  Brady lives in his own little world and does things in Brady time. (This irritates Kaiser – who adheres strictly to routines…)  Some of Brady’s qualities, likes, and interests are:

  • Prancing around the backyard
  • Drinking mud
  • Eating rocks and sticks
  • Finding old, lost items in the backyard and brining them back to us
  • Using the electric garbage can to check out what has been thrown out lately
  • Licking his butt
  • Dreaming of being a heisman trophy winner
  • Not eating dog food
  • Sleeping whenever possible
  • Carrying dead squirrels in his mouth
  • Hopping the fence and exploring the neighborhood
  • Ignoring all commands

These two are quite the combination together.  Since I think pup-pics are the absolute best, I now bring you the feature presentation.

Kaiser & Brady – Picture Walk

Sleeping with Toys..from puppy-hood and still all about them today!

Fuzz-Ball as a Babe, Lean and Strong as a big boy!

A cuddler for life!

Heisman Pose

Pictures/Videos from My Weekend At Home:



m u d

Video Footage 😉

This had really poor lighting – but every time my brother moves Kaiser’s food out of reach.. he nabs it right back.  It could go on alll night!

Here, we have Kaiser playing in the water park in the backyard.  You see, we have a heavy duty sun pump that prevents water from coming into our basement.  This is where it comes out.  It is Kaiser’s dream land.  Even though he attacks the water every time the water park opens up … the water keeps coming. Baffling for this dog. I know.

Tell me a story about you and a pet! I think they are heart warming.. and will make me..and every other reader smile!


18 responses to “(Wo)Man’s Best Friend

  1. This post is just so perfect. In every way. You hit all the pros and cons of dogs and how adorable and loving they are 🙂 Your pups (well now dogs) sound like such a handful… of FUN!

    I have a pitbull/lab named Lola and she likes to eat strawberries hahaha she also thinks she is a lap dog! She tries to sit on everyones lap yet she weighs 60+lbs! hahaha 🙂

    Thank you for such a nice post 😀

  2. What sweet babies! Those videos are great! My Mom has a German Shep and he’s a little wild. My sister’s boyfriend is a K-9 Officer and his German is the sweetest boy ever. It was surprising to me how sweet he is.

    We have 2 dogs; a Pittie named Wyatt, and a Schnauzer/Yorkie mix name Diva. I can’t think of any funny stories right now, but they are quite the pair. Diva is the boss even though Wyatt outweighs her by at least 40lbs. She will attack him while he’s laying down. She gnaws on his leg like its a chicken bone. They love treats and when they hear the pantry door open and the treat box shake they haul tail to their beds. Diva hates going outside; She pretends like she wants to go outside then when I open the door she just sits there and looks at me. They love to eat socks. I mean LOVE to eat socks.
    They are good babies; I was never a dog person before them, and I had dogs growing up. so weird.

    • It is so nice to just have someone there! Hoping to convince the bf that get a dog someday soon. He never had dogs growing up – so he doesn’t understand.. but they are a huge committment! Diva – what a cute name! Sounds like she fits the name well! One of my childhood dogs would hoard socks! Clean or dirty– did not matter!

  3. Finally a human who understands our value!!! Say hello to brother Brandy, and cousin Kaiser mor me. Now, if you’ll only acknowledge that we canines are the superior species.

  4. Oh my gosh SUCH cute pictures! I also have always had dogs and I JUST posted about mine last night 🙂 She needed a bath and she hates baths. She is a shephard mix and I totally see a lot of the qualities in her that you have in your dogs.. eager to please, smarter than you would think because she acts dumb, etc. I am slightly obsessed with her lol.

  5. AWHH!!!! They are so cute! And so handsome!! 😀

    We don’t have a dog, but we have kitties!! 😀

  6. They are so cute! I love seeing puppy pics.
    I grew up with a dog from the age of 5 and he didn’t die until I was in college, so he really felt like my brother. I was devastated when he died and never thought I could love a dog so much! Now I have my only little dog Leela and she makes my life so much better. Anytime I have a bad day, I can come home to her happy face and feel better.

  7. McKinley is my little buddy – my 5 year old Australian Shepherd puppy (i guess if he’s five he’s not a puppy). He’s my favorite snuggler!

  8. ohh what a wonderful post and such adorable furry friends! 🙂

    I am totally with you on the fact that pups really are the best friends a girl can have. I also grew up with pups and knew that I always wanted to get one. It took a while to convince my husband as he didn’t grow up with one. I really had to nag him to come around but now he’s absolutely in love with our one year old mutt pup Mosely.

    He’s my cuddle buddy, my running buddy, and he always makes me smile. When I had a really rough time with depression and anxiety earlier this year he was by my side constantly and made sure I got outside for some fresh air even in the frigid Chicago winters. Pups do wonders for your health and I only wish that everyone (who is responsible enough) could have one! 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing! I’m getting a little teary eyed looking down at my sleeping buddy right now… 🙂

    • Awww thanks for sharing about your relationship with your pup! I am sad I only get to see these 2 crazy boys occasionally…and am working on convincing the bf to get one. Right now – we wouldn’t be able to pay it enough attention though – so it wouldn’t be fair.
      I am glad Mosely could help you through the tough times.. it is like their 6th sense – knowing how to make their owner feel better

  9. Aww your pups are so cute. I did the same thing at my parents house this Easter, take pictures of dogs. They are just too cute!

  10. My dog is absolutly my best friend. She is the most dependable, loves to cuddle, reads with me and we have a once weekly movie dates. When I first got her I swore that a dog will never sleep on the bed…6 months later I wake up with a doggie bum in my face. Although she is only 2 I freak out if I see any grey on her muzzle

    • Ahhh grey- I know what you mean.. our german shepard starting getting grey around the snout pretty early! He looks like an old man sometimes. I think it is soo cute how you have movie dates with your pooch!
      The bf’s one rule if we get a dog is that it cannot come on the bed! (He wants to keep it out of the bedroom all together, but I don’t think it is necessary!)

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