Wordless Wednesday

I have already violated the title of this posting – but putting words into my post.  Woopsies.
Here is my Wednesday in a nutshell… through the eyes of my camera lens. (And a few captions).

Overnight Oats

With Berries on the Bottom

All mixed up 🙂

All packed for the day...

Ice on Achilles - With Masking Tape

Sidewalk Chalk on the Blacktop


Ezekiel & Mustard. Strange, I know.

It's Love.

Whole Wheat Triscuits

(Gum storage during lunch)

Rockin' it on the p-ground

Pre-Run Fuel

Seriously slowed it down today

And decreased my mileage

Rolled, Weighted, Abed, Stretched..

Mother's Day Gifts from my students.. pray they all grow!

Happy hump day to you all! We are on our way down hill from here on out!



2 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. omg, i used to eat bagels spread with mustard ALL THE TIME. i think one time i went to make a sandwich but there was no meat or cheese…and i had already put mustard on my bagel..so i ate it. and liked it. and kept on doing it. so crazy, right?

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