Flashbulb Memory

I am sure you have heard (and if you haven’t you really need to get with the program ;)) But the man responsible for constructing the evil plan – in which two planes flew into the World Trade Center Towers 1 & 2, another plane crashed into the Pentagon, and yet another plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania – has been killed.


Osama Bin Laden. Killed. When I heard the news this morning (via another note from Justin left on my computer) I swear I lost my breath.  It felt kind of surreal.  But immediately, my flashbulb memory returned to my mind.

Flashbulb memories are extremly vivid, unforgettable autobiographical memories in which you can remember detailed circumstances of where you were, what you were doing, who you were with, etc – when some major event happened (Thank you, psychology degree).  In this event, I am speaking of September 11, 2001 – the day terrorists attacked the United States.

I was a sophomore in high school. It was first block.  My uncle (who was the principal at my school) came on the loudspeaker to let everyone know that the first plane had hit a tower.  I was in Mrs. Murphy’s Spanish III honors class – arguing with a classmate – about fighting over pesos (an ongoing joke) while we were conjugating irregular verbs.

I remember feeling a little panicked – not because I thought this was an act of terrorism, but because there are so many friends who have family members that commute to the city – including the sons and daughters of many teachers at my high school.

Moving on. 2nd block. Mrs. Graziano’s Honors Chemistry Class.  It just so happened that we were doing an experiement in science this day.  Mrs. Graziano was certain that there was no foul play after the first plane crashed into the tower.  However, after many requests from the class, she turned the news on – and muted it – so we could watch the coverage (when it wasn’t so static – y) .

The assignment was to drop various items into some water – observing the change in volume of the water as a result of the item being dropped.  Mrs. Graz made a reference – “Drop the items in carefully.. I don’t want you holding it up high and dropping it like a kamikaze.”

Boom. Plane 2 hit the tower other tower. At the same time as my science teacher referenced a kamikaze. That in and of itself was surreal. From that point forward – for the rest of the school day, we watched the news.

I watched student after student, teacher after teacher, rush down the hallway in panic.. on cell phones, trying to reach their loved ones.

After school activites were canceled. I went home after school – and sat on the couch by the window in my family room and watched the news with my mother. In silence. In tears. In disbelief.

It is like a memory frozen in time – an entire day frozen in time.  The vividness – never goes away. I remember who I was with – what I was wearing (My light blue gap collared shirt with khaki pants and my Steve Madden black shoes).

So – here we are – nearly 10 years later… and it seems as if there is a little bit of closure.  While Bin Laden’s death does nothing to bring back the lives that were lost, perhaps it brings some peace of mind to those who lost their loved ones. Some motivation to those men and women who risked their lives trying to save those lost in the rubble.  Pride to all of those American who risk their lives every day in the armed forces.

Perhaps, it brings a little peace of mind to our great country.  I know that I had a renewed sense of American pride today as a taught. I hope that you did too.



With a great sense of American pride, I started off this week with a bang! I was upbeat, extra happy – and extremely patient.

Remember when I was talking about how much I LoVe chocolate?  Well, I eat it for breakfast too!

Overnight Oats… with chocolate.

I swear it tastes better then it appears!

In the mix was 1/2 c. oats, 1 c. water, 1/2 c. almond milk, 1/2 banana, 1 tbps unsweetened cocoa powder, and some frozen pineapple chunks.

Not a bad way to start off the day!

I had some of my favorite melon ever!

Mmmm.. Cantaloupe!

And also took a little more time to truly taste these crackers that I bought over the weekend.

Baked Lentil Chips – with sea salt and pepper. Yes, they sound strange, but in all honesty – they are very good.  Different –  definitely, but tasty too.  The cracked pepper gives it a nice kick too! 🙂

At the end of the day – while the kids were getting their stuff ready to leave, I had the urge to actually write out a plan for my strength training session.

So, I jotted a number of exercises down that I planned to complete at the gym.

I am in love with this idea now.  I felt like – if it is written down… well then I have to do it. I can’t skip it, I can’t not finish the 3rd set.  Apparently, writing something down is as good as a law for me! (If only that worked with my “to do lists”)

So, here is a run down of my workout:


  • 20 minutes of interval training on the elliptical
  • 1.25 mile JOG on the treadmill

Strength Training (I completed three sets of each of these exercises, taking me a total of 45 minutes)

  • Bench Press (just the bar, 45 lbs)
  • Tricep Dips (20, 10 with Right leg lifted, 10 with left leg lifted)
  • Bent-Over back row (15lbs, 15 each side)
  • Bicep Curls, (20lbs, 10 tight, 10 regular, 10 wide.. 30 total)
  • Jumping Jack Combo (20 regular, 20 half, 20 alternating, 20 criss cross)
  • Back Fly on Stability Ball (30)
  • Kick Backs (7.5 lbs, 10 regular, 10 pulsing)
  • Overhead Tricep (15lbs 15 reps)
  • Upright Row Shoulder Press (7.5lbs each hand, 15 reps)
  • Plank (60 seconds)
  • Russian Twists (50)
  • Jack Knives (30)
  • Side Plank (30 seconds, 15 reps of movement)
I was feeling amazing after this workout. Normally, I would stop after 2 sets. But I made room for 3 sets on my paper. And I was going to get ALL the checkmarks on the paper if it was the last thing I did!

Now, I am off to eat some dinner (and dessert…always eat dessert!) and relax for the evening.  Hope that you do the same!!

Do you have a flashbulb memory of 9/11?  If not of 9/11 – do yo have a flashbulb memory of anything else?
How do you feel about writing down your plan for the gym before you go? Yay.. or nay?
Oh – and by the way.. I’ve got an amazing recipe headed your way in the morning! 🙂

9 responses to “Flashbulb Memory


    All I can remember is that something made two skyscrapers to fall down. I was quite confused and have come to learn what was actually happening.

    I do like to write out my workout before I workout. It keeps me focused. 🙂

  2. oh wow that is one awesome workout! You’re so right that writing down the workout makes it so much harder to not do it! I am all about tweeting about runs and workouts because I know my 600+ followers will hold me to it!

    I think that I also have a flashbulb memory because I get major senses of deja vu and I think it’s just because a situation recalls a flashbulb memory. I definitely remember what I was doing on 9/11 too.

    Love the outfit as well such a beautiful blue! 🙂 I hope your great week continues! 🙂

  3. I know I’m proud to be American! And VERY proud of our Military 🙂

    I was in College, on my way to Geology class on 9-11! I parked, heard the news on the radio and then headed straight home to be with my family!

  4. Yeah, I have flash bulb memories about 9/11 too. I was also a sophomore and remember being in the bathroom and a girl was on her cell phone saying, “A plane crashed into the pentagon in Washington!” and I remember thinking, “what a dummy, the pentagon is not in Washington.” Then twenty minutes later the teachers had footage on their computers, and the principle ordered everyone NOT to acknowledge it. I remember being in art class, listening to it on the radio with someone on the look out to make sure the principle wasn’t walking by. I remember driving after school and everyone just seemed to have blank stares and drove very cautiously. I remember it was a Tuesday. Flash bulb memory is weird!

    I always map out my workouts, I feel lost if I don’t!

  5. I do remember where I was for 9/11.. crazy.
    Proud to live in America 🙂

  6. PROUD to be an American 🙂 I love writing down workouts before doing them–sooo empowering!

  7. That looks like a hard one! I always write down my workouts – it helps me to not waste time figuring out what to do and keeps me pushing hard to get through a workout.

  8. sufei'sworld

    i love the way that you “truly taste ” your crackers,
    i can get on a roll and just shove them mindlessly down my tummy 😛
    i was on that side of the globe when 9.11 happened but everything was over the news and felt very horrible and unbelievable,
    it’s hard to believe but that’s the kind of things that bring us together ;(

    ps : lovely blue top you got there :3

  9. Isn’t it crazy how memories come back to you just like that?!? Your sure is vivid of that day…I don’t remember as much detailing, like what happened in class that day or anything of that sort! I’m thinking I need to get up and make some oats now that I’ve seen your food lol

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