Heaven in the form of…

Chocolate. Dark Chocolate to be exact.

So, here we are on a Monday morning. I know you aren’t feeling work. Trust me, neither am I.

So let’s day dream for a minute.

About chocolate.

Smooth and rich. So tasty. Indulgent.

So incredible tasting – it must be sinful.

It is the one thing that can cure it all.. make life better with the blink of an eye (or the melting in the mouth)… cures heartache, tummy aches, disappointments. Helps celebrate success and triumph. You name it.. dark chocolate does it.. for me at least.

Today, ladies (and (2) gentlemen.. Hi Dad and Michael!) I have something incredible to share with you. It is heaven in the form of chocolate. The best dark chocolate I have ever layed eyes on… and let cross the threshold of my mouth.

Allow me to introduce you to:

Amano Chocolate.

According to their website, Amano Chocolate strives to create chocolate in the most traditional sense – by hand. Amano – meaning “by hand” and “with love” in Italian – is a depiction of how these chocolate connoisseurs created a plethora of award-winning chocolate bars.

Before introducing you to the flavors that I have had the pleasure of exploring – let me give you a rundown in how to taste chocolate (taken directly from an insert inside of these chocolate bars.. how creative!)

Tasting Steps:

  • Chocolate is best tasted when your taste bus are clean. If you need to clean your palate, a cleanser such as sparkling water or an apple slice will help to clean your mouth and taste buds
  • First examine the chocolate. The surface should be free from defects. It should be shiny in appearance.
  • Listen. When you break the chocolate, it should make a sharp snap sound. Let the chocolate warm between your fingers slightly.
  • Smell it. Is the aroma fruity? Spicy? Roasty like coffee? What pleasurable sensations does it remind you of?
  • Place a piece of chocolate in your mout and let it melt. Don’t chew! The flavor of chocolate changes as you eat it. What flavors do you initially taste? How do they change in time? How long do you taste the chocolate afterward? What is its’ final flavor?”

First off – how awesome is that – a description of how to taste chocolate. I consider myself a lover of chocolate – but never in my life have I been given such instructions – on how to truly taste a chocolate. Until having Amano Chocolate – I have never really had the need to do this.  I never knew how much flavor could be wrapped into a piece of chocolate without the addition of any other ingredients.  That is right – nothing but the bean changes the flavor of these amazing bars.

Now – onto the goods:


The bean for this chocolate originates from the coast of Venezuala. The hand-selected beans promote flavors of plum and floral notes.  The beans are roasted in an antique cocoa roaster to enhance and deepen the flavor.

  • Ingredients: Cocoa beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole vanilla beans


The Madagascar cocoa beans originate from exactly where you would think – Madagascar.  This chocolate his hints of citrus and raspberry – and is truly a delight.  It is a favorite of many pastry chefs because of these notes.

  • Ingredients: Cocoa beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole vanilla beans


With notes of melon and spice, the cocoa for this bar comes from the small Venezuelan village of Cuyagua on the Caribbean coast of the country.  The beans are roasted and then slowly stone ground to help illicit the most delightful flavor.

  • Ingredients: Cocoa beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole vanilla beans


When you let your taste buds enjoy this piece of heaven, you will be tasting combinations of plum, blueberry, blackberry, molasses, coffee, and almond notes.  Farmers of the Chuao village harvest and ferment their own beans of native Venezuelan criollo coca.  They are hand roasted and stone ground.

  • Ingredients: Cocoa beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole vanilla beans.

Did you notice something?  All of the ingredients for each of these bars are exactly the same. And trust me – each bar tastes very different. I never knew how the origin of a cocoa bean and the soil it was grown in could make such a difference in the taste of the bar.

This is some serious chocolate right here.  If you don’t believe me – try it out for yourself.  Even if you do believe me, I highly recommend trying this delectable delight.

It. Will. Make. Your. Day.

I was fortunate enough to receive these chocolates as a gift from my oh-so-generous brother for Easter.  He had read about “the best dark chocolate in the world” in a magazine and had to give it a try. Since he knows that I am a dark choco-holic – he got some for me too (okay- so this is the second time he has gifted me with this chocolate 🙂 but I am NOT complaining!)

And please note- I was not asked to review this product by any company. I am simply sharing my opinion of these bars – because they are JUST that good. And if you are a lover of chocolate.. you NEED to try these.  Seriously.  Just buy a single bar. I know these are more pricey then  your average chocolate bar.  But you will thank yourself for doing it!

If reading about this chocolate has not been enough to jump start your Monday – and you need a little bit more time,  how about you get caught up on my life.  This weekend, I made some poppin’ egg white souffle dinner cakes, enjoyed my life as a teacher, had some productive and relaxing time, and RAN MY FIRST RACE EVER!

What is your favorite brand/type of chocolate?  If chocolate isn’t your thing, I feel very sorry for you then what is your favorite candy?

Oh, and by the way… all of your congratulatory posts on my Race Re-Cap – well, they had me glowing for sure! Your words are SO kind.. and not necessary. The support that I have gotten from you is not called for – but so greatly appreciated. You are all amazing!
Happy Monday! Now.. go eat some chocolate 🙂

18 responses to “Heaven in the form of…

  1. You are a girl after my own heart! I LOVE dark chocolate and can’t wait to give these bars a try. Chocolate is one of those things I don’t mind paying a little more for if the quality is there. Normally, I love Lindt chocolate. I’ve been thinking about making some granola with dark chocolate & coconut & I think you just sealed the deal for me 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. This does appear to be heaven! 🙂

    I love any kind of dark chocolate. Especially when it’s made with sea salt flakes on top or with chili peppers. Bring on the heat! 🙂

  3. Hahaa, I love how they describe EXACTLY how to taste these!! That is AWESOME! 😀

    YAY for Dark Chocolate! Dark Chocolate is me and my Dad’s favorite! 😀

  4. mmmm all of the chocolate looks amazing! It is incredible isn’t it how all of the same ingredients can produce such different flavors! My favorite brand is actually Lindt because it’s so straightforward, delicious, and reasonably priced to boot! 🙂

  5. indecisiveathlete

    So now I really need to go find these chocolate bars. Or any chocolate for that matter. Def made Monday a little bit better thanks 😉 haha

    I haven’t found my absolute fav chocolate bar yet I like to try all diff ones. Although now I really want to go get goat milk fudge. Its heaven.

  6. Wow those chocolates sound so good! I love that there were instructions on how to taste the chocolate. That’s awesome!

  7. I’ll take one of each kind 🙂

  8. Whoa, that’s so crazy that cocoa beans can taste so different from different parts of the world! I was looking at the ingredients and thinking ‘Huh, they’re all the same…’ I would love to do a taste test of those!! 🙂

  9. Those look amazing & perfectttt for a Monday morning 🙂

  10. Yum!! I love dark chocolate, it’s my favorite. And I’d actually probably say my favorite of that is Hershey’s Special Dark. Not fancy, but they know their chocolate.

  11. pawsitivelife

    OOOh good tasting strategies i usually just pop it in my mouth. I adore chocloate. Dark but not too dark..rich and creamy. Lindt does it right. As do many european places. I hate the cheap chocolate..read easter bunny it gives good chocolate a bad name

  12. Pingback: Flashbulb Memory | beyondbananas

  13. I REALLY want chocolate now!!

    I wasn’t feeling work at all today. So.. I called in 🙂

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