This could be trouble…

I walk into the entry way of my condominium gabbing on the phone with my mother.

I spot a little box on the floor by the mailboxes. I yelp with glee! (Ask my mother.. I think she thought something bad had happened 😉 )

My heart beats faster. I am filled with excitement – but have a small fear of what is to come..

I feel like 4 year old Caitlin on Christmas morning…

(You know you love this Christmas dress. Be Jealous ;))

A package… for me.

Another surprise off my  fitnessentials list?

No. Not this time. This… is even better.

I rush into the house and try to tear the packaging open.

This, however.. was not a job for hands – because after about 37 seconds of unsuccessful attempts, I needed a new plan…in the form of a dull kitchen knife.

Beneath a plethora of styrophome ‘s’s – I find my baby.

Ladies and gentlemen – Peanut Flour has returned.

I do not think you understand my addiction to this stuff.

It is not like I even use it all too often for baking.

I use it.. well, I mix it with water and almond milk.. and eat it with a spoon.

In unhealthily large amounts. I know.. what could 1lb of peanut flour do..

You see – I order in bulk.  I do not have 1lb of peanut flour to devour.

I have 6lbs of peanut flour to devour.

This.. could be trouble 🙂

(However, I am hoping to incorporate the flour into some recipes I’ve been thinking about lately! 🙂 )

If you are looking to get peanut flour – now that TJ’s has decided to discontinue.. you can order it here!

Also – if you want to see Peanut Flour back in TJ’s .. CONTACT THEM! The more people who say they are sad to see it go..the greater the possibility it will come back. That is was a store employee told me anyway!


In other news – my day today was okay.  Yeah. Just okay. Nothing special.

I did see a very pretty sunrise on the way to work this morning..

And I also fell IN LOVE with the Butter Toffee coffee that I bought this weekend. I even enjoy it without any sweeteners.  This was not planned however. I usually bring my own packets of Truvia or Stevia to work.. because I am trying to stay away from artificial sweeteners like Splenda.  I forgot them though. So I rolled with it. I am thinking of sayin’ PEACE OUT to sweeteners in my coffee.

My workout today was just a simple run. I completed 5 miles – all flat.  While my achilles hasn’t bothered me since last week, I don’t want to push my luck.. plus I went balls to the wall in my race – and wanted to do something easy!

  • Mile 1: 9:03
  • Mile 2: 8:55
  • Mile 3: 8:53
  • Mile 4: 8:45
  • Mile 5: 8:33

It appears as if my body wanted to go progressively faster.  I didn’t have a problem with it. I was running along the water – once again taking a stop in the town I went to college on my way home from work. I took a lot of little side roads and was completely loving looking at the HUGE houses.. with beautiful landscaping.

While I love doing runs here, I am not sure if it is good for my body.  See, as soon as I finish my run, I hop right in my car and finish the rest of my commute home (15-20 min depending on traffic). I do not stretch before getting the car. I walk for like 30 seconds to cool down.. which probably should not even be considered a cool down.

My legs are stationary – for a good chunk of time – right after I finish my run. This is probably a good explanation for the difficulty I had getting out of my car today. Yikes.

Completely random (but that is just ME) but I am  looking for some good books – I want to start setting some reading goals since I always harp on my students about reading for pleasure. I suppose I should be a good role model. Suggestions welcome!


Stories from the Second Grade

Today in math, we were calculating distances between cities in the western United States. Being a New Englander for all of my life – my pronunciation of the cities is not always perfect.

Enter the city of: Butte

I am looking at this word, trying to determine just how I will pronounce this city.  In my head, I have 2 options.

  1. Butt (you know, silent E)
  2. Boo-tay (a french twist on the word)

Regardless of which pronunciation I chose – it was going to cause quite a rile amongst 8 year old minds.

I chose option 2.

Eruptions of laughter. Not just the first time I said it. But every single time. And wouldn’t you know.. Butte was in every question. Multiple times. 

You’d think that after the 10th time I said Boo-tay.. the peanut gallery would hush.  Nope. The novelty

It made for a light afternoon, however. And when I told another teacher what had happened, she looked at me like I had 10 heads for not knowing how to pronounce with word.  Butte. With a long /u/. 

Woopsies! But hey, I like to make up my own pronunciations of words!

Do you make up the pronunciation of words when you aren’t quite sure? I do it all the time.  Fortunately – the people I am around all day (8 year olds) don’t know any better.  They will be talking about the city of Boo-tay for years to come.

Hope you all have a relaxing evening. Rain is in the forecast here for 8 out of the next 9 days.  Just showers.. but seriously.. its time for MAY FLOWERS.. Aprils SHOWERS should have finished on Saturday.  Looks like I may become bffs with the gym again!


36 responses to “This could be trouble…

  1. I have never heard of peanut flour. Can you use it just like regular flour? The story about your pronunciation of “butte” is priceless. Totally something I would do. I can’t pronounce, or spell. Funny that I have a blog…

  2. You can use it like regular flour– you can bake with it to get a peanut butter taste – add it to oats for the same – smoothies…
    It gives the overall taste of PB. You can also mix it with an equal part of liquid.. and it makes peanut butter!

  3. indecisiveathlete

    I’ve seen peanut flour around the blog world a lot lately I’m going to have to try this stuff especially if its as good as you describe it!

    I love runs where you just keep feeling better and better thru out it 🙂

  4. I totally belong in the 2nd grade… I giggled just reading about “Butte.” 🙂

  5. I still haven’t tried peanut flour! I know that it’s all the rage but I love the creamy gooeyness of peanut butter so I am going to have to get some recipes from you to try 🙂 I would say that there is nothing wrong with running then driving just take a couple minutes more to cool down and maybe 3-5 minutes to stretch if you can. Less than 10 minutes extra. You will probably feel the difference the next day between cooling down + stretching and not.

    Although I know how to say Butte I mispronounce words all the time! The kids love that sort of thing I’m sure 🙂

  6. I work with kids, I use pronunciations all the time for spelling words and mentally pronouncing “big” words in a story so I don’t sound like an idiot. Kids are so smart these days!

  7. lifeisbeachykeen

    I’m giggling over your mispronunciation and wondering if this is why my Husbands says things weird. 😉 Jk.

    I haven’t heard of peanut butter flour either. We don’t have TJs in Florida (that I know of). I think we have Whole Foods, but I think the closest one is an hour away.. Peanut flour does sound delicious. One of these days I need to stop in the Whole Foods when I’m down that way. I’m just really intimidated to go to in there!

    As for book suggestions. I haven’t read anything work reading for a while. I just finished The Nanny Returns. It took me months to finish it, which is really horrible. I’m a quick reader and enjoy reading but I couldn’t get into that book. I used to have a tab on my blog that had a list of books “to-read”.

    Princess Unaware, Brenda Garrison
    Nanny Returns, Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus
    Mothers & Other Liars, Amy Bourret
    . Who Loves you Best, Tess Stimson
    Sliding into Home, Kendra Wilkinson
    Dirty Sexy Politics, Meghan McCain
    . L.A. Candy, Lauren Conrad
    Nothing Left to Burn, Jay Varner
    3,096 Days, Natascha Kampusch
    Brothel: Mustang Ranch and it’s Women
    Stolen: A letter to my captor, Lucy Christopher
    The Help, Kathyrn Stockett
    Promise Not to Tell, Jennifer McMahon
    Deja Dead, Kathy Reichs

    Your welcome for the longest comment ever.

      Lots of books for me to search and see what looks great to me! Thanks for that too 🙂

      They don’t see Peanut Flour at TJs anymore.. and never did at Whole Foods.. its an online only thing right now 😦

  8. Some books:
    Unbearable lightness-Portia de Rossi
    Heart of the matter- Emily giffin
    What the dog saw- Malcolm gladwell.
    Those books are all pretty different so I figure out of the 3 you will love at least one of them (not sure what kinds of books are your thing :p) enjoy!

  9. I still haven’t tried PB flour!! It looks like you’re going to be well-stocked for a while. 🙂

  10. I haven’t tried pb flour, I am so jealous of your mega stash! 😀

  11. I never tried the peanut flour when it was at TJs, and now I want to!

    I like your top 🙂

    I think Butte is pronounced like toot… at least I know Crested Butte ski resort is pronounced like that. 🙂 I enjoy mispronouncing words on purpose’s the little things. 🙂

  12. Yum Yum to Peanut Flour. I’d be in big trouble if I ordered in bulk 🙂 Love your pronunciation of Butte – even if it’s not the right way, it was definitely the best way hehe!!

  13. I Bought some peanut flour from TJ’s awhile back… still haven’t even opened it yet! Hope to get some inspiration from you 🙂

  14. Wow I’m so glad to see you can buy peanut flour online! I stocked up wh en I heard TJ’s was discontinuing it, and so I still have one bag I’m working through and two closed bags in my pantry… =)

  15. Can you believe I’ve never tried peanut flour before? Yeah yeah, always late to the party.

    And I definitely make up pronunciations. I say if you can say it with confidence and just slip it in the sentence like you know what you’re doing, everyone will buy it 😀 I may or may not make up words under the same premise too…I mean, who wants to argue vocab with a writer?

  16. I still have a stash of TJ’s pb flour 🙂 Have you read the Hunger Games series? They are entertaining and a good read.

  17. PEANUT FLOUR! Looks like you’re set for a while, missy!

    Hilarious! I would have done the same thing!

  18. I bought peanut flour before it was all gone, but i have no idea what to do with it!

  19. I still haven’t tried peanut flour! I need to find some and try some new recipes; I’m sure I’d love it since I’m such a peanut butter lover.

    As far as good books — I highly recommend The Help by Kathryn Stockett or Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen because the move is out. I loved loved the Help, so let me know what you think if you end up reading it! I’m reading Ree Drummond’s love story, From High Heels to Tractor Wheels right now and it’s super cute, too!

    • I have heard a lot of good things about The Help and Water for Elephants.. definitely want to read Water for Elephants so I can see the movie.. I always say read the book first!

  20. I think it’s almost worse when I mispronounce words because I was a linguistics student! But it happens lol. That’s so cute that you pronounced it that way and how stuff never gets old with kids! Oh, to go back to those days!

  21. YAY for peanut flower! and 5 miles 🙂
    I LOVED the story about Butte hahahaha

  22. I discovered the Misto at Starbucks – it’s made with steamed milk and coffee rather than espresso, so it has more caffeine and less calories than a latte. However, some baristas say “mee-sto” and others say “mist-o” and whichever way I say it, they always look at me funny!

  23. That peanut flour sounds interesting. What besides mixing it with milk do you usually do with it?

    • You can use it just like a regular flour and bake with you.. mix it oatmeal, smoothies..
      You can make peanut sauces for stir frys.. you can do a lot with it!!

  24. That is A LOT of peanut flour! But, you know… I would get just as excited over coconut flour, so no judging here 🙂

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