Almost Wordless Wednesday

I think I am going to permenetly adopt Wordless Wednesdays here at Beyond Bananas. Why? Because everyone needs a break.

Sometimes, I drive myself bananas because I want to have two posts.. every day.. with pictures, words, meaning, humor.. the list is endless.

I don’t want to lose my love of blogging though. And I don’t want to lose anything else in my life. Like my job.

Paying Job > Blogging 🙂

So, rather then let BB take over my life – Wednesday will be my mid week break. One post. Pictures. Perfect.  (Captions optional 😉 )

So, without further ado – please enjoy this edition of Wordless Wednesdays @ Beyond Bananas 😉 (Warning.. we’ve got a BOATLOAD of randomness coming your way…)

No official race photos yet, but this was on the site of a local paper. I always wear my hair on top of my head! Holler to being the blurry girl in the background!

Do you spend time painting your nails...


Just to peel it off 10 hours later?


Today was a "messy bun" day...


Because all I really wanted to do was roll up like this bunny and sleep


..or win some moola at the casino

My lips are still dry - and winter is long gone





Do you ever wonder why childhood obesity is at an all time high? Let me show you what my students bring in for birthday celebrations (even though I made a clear request to send in a healthy snack..)

This one.. is a cupcake sheet cake. 24 fully frosted cupcakes underneath that 4 inch thick layer of MORE frosting.

Some of my recent eats:

ground turkey, cherry tomatoes, peas, marinara sauce, mozz cheese


and peanut flour turned peanut butter.. DUH!



30 responses to “Almost Wordless Wednesday

  1. I was going to order some of that peanut flour but the shipping is expensive!

  2. I love your nail polish color! I never paint my fingernails, but I would love to do my toes in that shade 🙂

  3. I’m rocking a messy bun myself today! It’s just one of those days

  4. My paying job is ALWAYS getting in the way of my blogging! Why can’t they just pay me to think about food all day? 🙂

  5. Mmmm i want to try that peanut flour business!! btw totally with you on the nail polish ish…

  6. Wordless Wednesday is a great idea!! I love the “My future is bright” pic….kids come up with the funniest things 🙂

    • someone is feeding him.. video games are bad for your brain! hahah. i tell them it isn’t good to play them often..but never quite used the words “bad for you brain”.. funny thing is.. he probably plays more then anyone else in the class!

  7. That cake is SO pretty!!! I love it! 😀 I want to get me a cake like this one!

  8. That cupcake cake is ridiculous! It must have been a fun day with a class full of sugar rush kids.

  9. I shuddered when I saw that “cake”…eeeek!

    Mmm, getting jealous of the peanut flour!

  10. The Teenage Taste

    I can definitely relate. Sometimes I write posts easy peasy and sometimes it feels like such a chore. Wordless Wednesdays sound like a great idea. I look forward to them, actually! 🙂

    I’m loving the messy bun look! I have A LOT of messy bun days. Haha! 😛

  11. pawsitivelife

    I cannot maintain a manicure because I alwys pick at it. I enjoy peeling it off incely so its in one piece..i would love to have nice, lady hands

  12. I paint my nails specifically to peel it off.. stops me from biting the actual nail so I can “try” to grow them out. Works about half the time 😉

  13. I require chapstick year-round if that makes you feel better 🙂

    Messy buns have been my hairstyle of choice this week for sure!

  14. you do have me intrigued with this peanut flour! I agree with sometimes doing wordless or semi-wordless posts. I did one today too. Pictures can sometimes say so much more anyways 🙂

  15. My lips are still crazy dry too! I swear they are never going to be back to normal!!! Ugh!

  16. cute photos! LOVE BurtsBEES 🙂

  17. Ummm . . . that cupcake sheet cake scares me.

    • I KNOW! Seriously.. they shovel it down. Before we passed it out – i Was like.. now remember.. yoU DO NOT have to eat all the frosting.. you can throw some of it away and just eat the cake. They looked at me like I was crazy… and dug in!

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