Holes. They are annoying. I get them a lot in t-shits – especially at the seams. But t-shirt holes don’t cramp my style I still wear ’em. Well, as long as they are not too revealing.

Holes in pants. I get those too.Not the crotch splitting type… fortunately.  Mostly – holes are at the bottom of pants. Where my stiletto heel decided to make its mark.

I can live with that too – though I do try to by pants at the appropriate length –

Why am I writing a post about holes then? Well, it is simple.

I get them in these:

Yes. My sneakers.  Not on the bottom from wear and tear. Nope. On the inside. In right where my heel is.

It is hard to see. but it is SO there

You may be wonder who or what the culprit is of said hole.

Hello, feet.

To be more precise – the heel of my right foot is the cause of these extremly annoying holes. (Warning – if you have any sort of aversion to feet, you may want to come back for tomorrow’s post.. I even disliked these unflattering pictures of my tootsies.. but I am desperate for help. If you have an suggestions as to how to beautify feet that are often running.. feel free to share)


You see, I have this large bump on the back of my right foot. It may not look so large in this photo –  I guess my foot isn’t so photogenic from this camera angle.

So – these holes…

It begins as a wearing down of the soft material in the back of my shoe. Over time, however, the structure/plastic-y part of the shoe also wears.  So – I am stuck with jagged edges digging into my foot while walking.. running, using the elliptical..

Can I get an OUCH!

It is a given that this hole will appear in my shoe. It has happened in every single pair of sneakers I have owned..for as long as I can remember.

I have changed brands of sneakers.  The pair of Asics that you are seeing now – are actually a half size bigger then I normally wear. I figured if I gave “the bump” some extra room – I would be all set.


In fact, I just bought these sneaks 4 weeks ago. Yes-  1 month old. HELLO, HOLE!

I’ve mentioned it to doctors in the past- they don’t have much to say.

I am at a loss – and can’t keep shoving out money to get new kicks.

Have you ever had an issue like this? Do you have any advice on what I can do?!


Okay – enough with the sneaker/feet problem.

SCREAM if you are happy that tomorrow is Friday!!!!

Today was an uneventful day. I did however – get to that cardio kickboxing class that I had planned out in my goals for the week in my last Weekly Workout Wrap-up!

I am kind of torn about my feelings on it. I mean – I got a decent work out – but there were only 4 other people in the class – so it wasn’t too motivating of an experience. I can surely motivate myself – but the reason you take group classes  – is to be with a group of people. I didn’t feel as if there was any more individualized attention from the instructor because there were less people in the class.

The class was 60 minutes – I wore my Polar F7.  With a 10 minute bike warm-up pre-class, I burned 485 calories – with an average heart-rate of 146. My maximum heart rate was 167.

It was definitely a great way to mix it up – but I am not sure if I will become a regular of the class.  The instructor said that this class is really iffy – sometimes there can be 25 people – sometime 5… like today. (There was actually only 2 when we started.. 3 people came late…)

Upon arriving home, I had a large task at hand.

Tomorrow – is the last day of school before  Mother’s Day.. so it is time to bring the beloved plants back to school.

There was only one problem. ONE out of the 17 plants.. decided not to grow. It was time for me to move mountains.

Or – take one plant from a planter that had multiple growths… and move it to the empty one.

Strategy #1: Just pull.

Result: FAIL

Good thing there are a couple planters with a bunch of growth!

Strategy #2: Use a knife and cut the soil around one of the plants.

Result: SUCCESS!

I am no expert.. and don’t know if this trans”plant” will last – I just need it to make it through the day tomorrow.. 😉

All 17 children can head home with a plant in hand!

Little bit of food lovliness to end our night:

Breakfast for dinner! Egg white omelet with spinach, cherry tomatoes, mozz cheese.  Ezekiel Toast with honey and a naner 🙂

Have you been to a fitness class that you really just weren’t digging?  Did you give it a few shots.. or just say nay?


21 responses to “Holes

  1. lifeisbeachykeen

    I am totally laughing about your transplant situation. You are totally scamming a kid. lol. hilarious!

    I don’t have a gym membership so I haven’t done any classes in a long time. I used to go to a step class and it was fun. I always felt like death, and those are my favorite kind of work outs.

  2. lifeisbeachykeen

    I am totally laughing about your transplant situation. You are totally scamming a kid. lol. hilarious!

    I don’t have a gym membership so I haven’t done any classes in a long time. I used to go to a step class and it was fun. I always felt like death, and those are my favorite kind of work outs.

  3. lifeisbeachykeen

    I love my comment so much I left it twice. WTH?

    • I am loving the double love! No worries. Sad part is.. the one that didn’t grow.. is like the sweetest little girl in the entire world. What kind of evil trick was this. I put more seeds in it too. 6 seeds.. no growth. For real?

  4. Hey ‘sole’ sister – we have the same foot problem LOL — every pair of running shoes I own have similar holes although I don’t get them quite as quickly as you!! Last Fall I did a Zumba class with my mom & sister in a park. I don’t think I even broke a sweat, however we were the only 3 without gray hair! It was fun, but I much prefer a spin class where I burn lots and lots of calories!

    • Hhahaha! “sole” sister..LOVE IT! Usually I do not get them this quick either. It is so frustrating! Ugh!
      I love to be in classes that burn mucho calories too! I am like.. totally way too embarassed to ever do a Zumba or dance class because my rhythm is WACK! I know there are people of all abilities. I would just feel awk!

  5. Could you somehow put extra padding in one of your shoes? Maybe thatd be uncomfortable, I just want to help and I’m at a loss for advice. Gym class that’s not for me? Step class and Zumba. I’m kind of snobby I suppose. I only really have 3 classes i Ever go to.

    • Maybe some sort of padding would work.. idk.. I am about to take a knife to the bump and chop it off! 😉
      I am a little picky with classes – but I try to be open. I am totally a no go on ZUMBA too!

  6. Have you been properly assessed for sneakers at a running store or by an orthotist maybe?? I would return the shoes to the store – seriously!! 4 weeks?! That’s crazy. I used to get that in the back of mine – to the point that plastic would come through and cut up my heels – it was literally a “bloody” mess. And you know what – they were ASICS as well!! I don’t wear ASICS anymore – Mizuno – but they aren’t overly supportive so you have to be careful of the pair you get. Search for a better shoe to fit YOUR foot girl!! It’s not you – your feet are perfect 🙂

    Love the blog name…although is there anything “Beyond Bananas”?? I have a slight addiction…in the form of banana bread usually 😉

    • I have not been assessed..and this is totally something that is on my list of things to do. I am doing a Susan G. Komen walk for breast cancer in July – 60 miles over 3 days.. and KNOW i need to get some professional advice before heading out on this trip!

      And no – there is nothing Beyond Bananas.. technically speaking. However.. when I think of bananas as being CRAZY! I am trying to move past the craziness and stay sane! 😉
      Glad you found me.. hope you keep coming back!

  7. Wow, sorry to hear about the shoe problem. You’d think the doctors would be a little more helpful! Masking tape? lol

  8. I get holes in my shoes as well resulting in massive blisters, but never that fast, I would for sure take those shoes back!!
    My little kindergartner has been talking all week about the surprise she’s bringing home today for mother’s day. I have no idea what it is, but i know she cleared a spot in her closet for it to stay until sunday.

    • I will try and bring them back. I bought them at Sport Authority – and they have this “optional insurance” that I never buy – so it may be a dead end!

      Aww– your little girl is so cute! You will have to let me know what it is! (Maybe I can use the idea in the future! hahah)

  9. I have no idea on the foot thing – have you ever had them fitted at a running store and explained the bump? They might have suggestions?

    Reading your blog posts always give me new (hilarious) insight into the life of a teacher – I love it haha!

    I haven’t taken many fitness classes, so I’ve liked the ones I’ve taken. I think if I wasn’t really feeling a class, I might not make an effort to go back.

  10. Aw, I feel so bad for the kid with that one little plant! It’s a good thing you were able to sort of fix it lol.

    I have tried a few classes that I didn’t like. Bodycombat was one.. i’m just not that coordinated, plus the instructor didn’t really go through the moved beforehand, she just launched into, “Let’s do a triple punch with a double round turn kick and a double hand cross..” whatever she said, and we would have to try to do it full speed. I have also not returned to classes not because of the class, but because of the instructor.

  11. That happens to every pair of my running shoes. No matter which model, no matter what brand. If the shoes are still “good” but the hole is bothering my foot, I put a strip of athletic tape on my heel under my sock and it seems to prevent irritation to my foot so I can continue to wear the shoes.

  12. I’m so picky that I’ve walked out a class just because of the instructor. Does that make me a bad person?

    I love your transplant technique. 🙂

  13. My mom had this issues, but on the sides of her feet…..she had to get the bone filed down….ew… hopefully that isn’t what yours is!

  14. I just found a hole on each side of my running shoes! I also tend to get holes in the crotch of my pants… so annoying!

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