Throwback Thursday

First of all.. I am in SHOCK over the number of people who have not heard of peanut flour.

Well, let me be real. Until I became engulfed in the blog world, I had never heard of it either.  Actually, there are quite a few things that I had never heard of/never thought of eating on a daily basis… until this healthy living community came and amped up my life!

PB Flour.. turned PB isn't gonna cut it!

I’m not gonna lie – I feel super pressured to create some out of this world recipes.. so I am going to coop myself up in the kitchen this weekend (weather permitting.. IE – if it is gorgeous out.. your watering mouths are going to have to hold off for a little bit longer) and try and whip up something superb!

Let’s cross our fingers that I don’t crumble under the circumstances.

Yesterday, while I was monotonously punching out the letters of the “Our Future is So Bright We Need to Wear Shades” bulletin board.. (btw.. did you notice I ran out of a few letters?) I become blog-spired.

Blog-spired. Yes. I thought of a fabulous idea for a mini-series that I will do every once in a while.

Throwback Thursdays.

In a Throwback Thursday post, I will bring you back in time – well, back in my time anyway.. and give you the inside look of what my life was like at the chose point in time.

Today’s point in time:


Every May since I have graduated (golly gosh, has it really be 3 years already! yikes) I get sentimental feelings… reminiscing about my final weeks of college. See, at Fairfield, they do a lot of “Senior” events – a week long shin-dig.. called “Senior Week”

Since Fairfield is a small school – just about every senior participates.  There are events every day – for a week – leading up to the infamous graduation day.  I say infamous.. because once it is over.. there is a feeling like.. “Okay.. Now what?  Do I really need to move back home to my parents?”  (LOVE YOU MOM & DAD!)

Before we get deeper into senior week, let me take you on a picture walk through my senior year of college.

Celebrating my 22nd Birthday @ THE GRAPE.

The Grape. The one hot spot for seniors.  One of the few places that you legit needed to be 21 to get into. I like kissing air.

Christmas Parties..

Which included far to many red and green jello shots…

The year the Giants won the superbowl

One of the greatest things ever! So special.. that my bff was down from UMASS to watch a few games with me. She went to the parade in NYC – and met Matthew McCoughnhey

In rolls the brunette...

Some rough patches in life during February of my senior year…led to some silly hair dying experiment. I actually kept it brown for just over a year.. but then realized that BLONDE was where I belonged.

I also spent a lot of the spring semester of my senior year traveling to UMASS to see this hottie. I had isolated myself from a lot of my friends at Fairfield as the result of a controlling and jealousy filled relationship. This led to a downward spiral of restricting and binging. But once I was feeling good enough to get out there – I felt awkward just rejoining my group of friends.  I eventually learned there was no reason to feel like this. My friends LOVED to see me out and about again.

Many nights partying at the beach houses..

Fairfield seniors had the option of living off campus – on the beach. I couldn’t afford it.. so I lived on-campus in an apartment. I don’t regret it thought. I loved the apartment.

Ridiculous poses with great friends. I think I was going for the fish jumping out of water look..

And then it was time to celebrate our four years of acheivement!

SeNiOr WeeK

From formal dances (at the same place where I had my senior prom…)

To outdoor picnics (at the same place where I had my 8th grade field day..)

To family dances, pub nights, wine and cheese tasting.. anything involving alcohol (including a brunch with mimosas) is how we went out in style…

All of this culminating.. in one final walk!

Now, I obviously didn’t get to put that cap and gown on but just partying my way through school. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I rarely went out. The pictures that I showed you– pretty much sum it up.  I went out far more often as a sophomore and junior.. but life was really taking a toll on me senior year.

To make up for how I was feeling – I did an indpendent research project in pscyhology on autobiographical memories.. which took up 50% of my free time. Another 40% when to the part time job I was holding down at a local law firm.  I worked 25 hours a week. So – I only had 10% of my free time left – and more often then not.. I was at the gym – not partying.

Might I have done things differently in college if I did it again?  Perhaps. But you know what.. it made me who I am today.. a strong and beautiful woman with my head on straight – and tons of goals and dreams that I am still working towards!

A big shout out to 2008 graduates.. 3 years since we’ve been done. Where does the time go?!


12 responses to “Throwback Thursday

  1. Awww….there’s nothing sweeter than a trip down memory lane!

    I totally feel you on all the new foods I’ve been introduced to since joining the world of wonderful bloggies (like you!) ~ it’s truly changed my life!

  2. I’m a huge fan of peanut flour. I like to make it into PB and use it on english muffins or in sandwiches with chocolate chips. I also love to add it to smoothies to bulk up the protein and fullness factor!

  3. I’ve heard of peanut flour, but have never had a chance to get my hands on it. One of these days I’ll get to see what all the rave is about! 🙂

  4. Ohhhh man parties with color coordinated jello shots…hot mess status. 😀

    I love how many new foods & ways to prepare old foods I’ve been introduced to via blogging!

  5. What’s up Clam Jam! I went to Sacred Heart and hung out with a ton of FFLD peeps (class of 99!) and was over at the beach all the time!!

    I have yet to try PB flour, bur I’m loving PB2, I add it to my smoothies, so good!

  6. I think throwback Thursdays would be a great weekly installment! 🙂

    I love hearing about your college experience and it’s great that you share the good and bad parts. I definitely had plenty of both myself. I definitely would at first say I have some regrets about things that I did in college but then again I wouldn’t be the same woman I am today so I don’t! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great thursday!:)

  7. I need to go to bed. I read that whole post thinking you were talking about being a senior in highschool. Wow.

    We had senior week when I was in highschool.. I didn’t go to college per say. I went to community college for a while, and eventually switched to online classes.

  8. I never heard of peanut flour until I joined the blog world also… haven’t tried it yet, but it is definitely on my to-do list.

  9. I never heard of peanut flour until the blog world either 🙂

  10. WHOOOO has never heard of peanut flour!?! btw i need to order myself some. Im still the girl stuck with PB2. lol. Still good but i need to try peaunt flour!

    I think your hair still looks pretty either way!

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