Fact or Fiction

HEY NOW! It is FRIDAY.. Ya’ll need to get up and do a little Friday dance!

(Do it.. no one will see.. even if they do.. they will understand. Their inner happy dance will shine through your actions!)

I am just hours away from completing my final FULL week of instructional days for the school year. AMAZING how fast my first year of teaching just flew by! The rest of the year is booked up with field trips, professional development days, holidays, half days.. and a personal day! We are still getting out nice and early (June 19) despite the SEVEN snow days we had.

Yep. I enjoyed 7 extra days off this winter. Pure bliss. (But totally got bored when I couldn’t get anywhere!)

Anywho – let’s play a game. Said game.. Fact or Fiction – will provide you with 5 bits of information.  3 of these bits of information are fact… and 2 bits are ficition.

As players of the game, you get to decide which ones you think are the fiction ones!

Your prize for guessing correctly…

will be …

bragging rights?

Okay – here we go!

  1. I had an original plan of going into nursing. I took all the nursing pre-requisites during my freshman year..and just as I was beginning my sophomore year – I decided it was NOT for me. To graduate on time, I had to take bunches of classes for 2 summers to get the credits I needed for my psych degree.
  2. When I was growing up, I decided I did not want bangs anymore. As any 4 year old with do, I went into a closet and took some scissors.. and snipped them all off. I was surprised when anyone noticed a difference.
  3. I have called Triple A from the side of a poorly lit highway because of a flat tired.  When help arrived, I was told I had no flat tire.
  4. I was the nerdy kid with the big thick glasses all through elementary school. Most people don’t see changes in their vision until middle school.. but I had the gift of glasses right from first grade.  HELLO 4 EYES!
  5. I once had parvo-virus. I woke up in the middle of the night and could not move. I screamed until someone heard me – was taken to the hospital – and placed on a morphine drip.
GAME ON.. give me your best guesses. I will let you know which is fact.. and which is fiction.. tomorrow!


12 responses to “Fact or Fiction

  1. I think #2 and #5 are fiction!

  2. Ok, seriously this is a very cruel game! I can’t decide!!! I’m hoping #5 is fake, and then I’m gonna guess 4 is fake too just because its believable and I think you’re trying to throw us off!!
    Fun game 🙂

  3. Not sure about the rest, but I’m gonna say #3 is true just because that would be too funny!

  4. I’m guessing #3 is true!!!! 😛 and omgsh #2 is sooo funnny! I did that too and hid the hair under the couch.

  5. I’m going to have to say #2 and #5 are your falsies!!

  6. pawsitivelife

    1 and 3 are false….parvo is too weird to make up 🙂

  7. I’m so bad at these! #1 and 4?!

    Love the little dancing stick man. 🙂

  8. I think fact is 1, 4 and 5!

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  10. indecisiveathlete

    Those all sounds like they could be legit. hmmm I will guess 5, 2, and 4 are true.

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