It’s the Freakin’ Weekend Baby

…I’m about to have me some fun…

That song brings me back to high school for sure! Junior year.. before home basketball games.. we used to jam out to this song in the locker room.. I am sure we all have some tunes that bring us back to specific times in our life.

While I am thrilled it is the weekend.. I will not be sippin’ on coke and rum (not even a fan of the mixture)… but I will be having myself some fun…because that is what weekends are for after all! 😉


It is nice to know that I am NOT the only one with these stange feet issues – with holes forming in my sneakers. I am glad some of you share my pain.. (wait. That came out wrong. I am NOT glad you are in pain, but I AM glad that I am not alone!)

I take WAY too many self pics and mirror pics now that I have a blog!

Friday morning treat today.. was a lil D & D .. which can really start your day right.  Why is it that coffee from Dunkin’ tastes so much better then the coffee I brew at home… or at work?!  I like treating myself every once in a while!

After my coffee, I enjoyed this (not so photogenic…but amazingly delicious) chocolate covered berry overnight oats!

I am sorry – but there is nothing better then THIS! So much volume. For 1 serving of oats.  Chilled overnight in the fridge.. makes for a perfectly chilled breakfast.

All of the amazingly beautiful plants were adored by my kids… although they weren’t quite sure why there were no flowers yet.  Beauty takes time!

Lunch was nothing that deviated from the norm:

Turkey Sammy, Carrots

Wrapped out the day.. came home.. really wanted to be outside in this beautiful weather.  Since I had to get to yoga and didn’t have tons of time, I decided to CLEAN MY CAR.

I am pretty good about not leaving junk in my car.. but dust, sand, etc certainly accumulate over time. And by time… I mean lots of time. It has been more then a year since I gave my car a good cleaning. (Including a wash.. but I suppose I will save that for another day)

There were a few bags in my trunk that have gone untouched since the summer time when I moved. I figured they were all garbage..but thought I would take a peek before chucking them.


Because I found this.. in a stack of old magazines. In a plastic bag.

Seriously, Caitlin? You are 25 years old now. I think it is time for you to start taking better care of important documents. i.e., YOUR PASSPORT.  Get with the program, toots!

Phew. This needs to be stored somewhere safe.  At least I found it. I mean.. I don’t even know what I would have done the next time I needed a passport.

My mom says I would have claimed that I gave it to them to put in their Safe Deposit Box – and that they must have lost it. She is 100% right.

Car.. cleaned.

Off to YOGA! 🙂  followed through with my plan for Yoga – and boy, did it feel great. I am so happy I have made the committment to get to Yoga once a week.  Tonight, the instructor let me borrow a resistance band to use during some of the stretches. (Not sure why she chose me.. I must have looked pretty tight!) It felt amazing and I got in one of the best stretches of my life using it!

After getting back from Yoga – Justin was home and wanted to go for a walk. Surely I was interested.  We hit the road.

Without an ipod.

Without a garmin.

Without a heartrate monitor.

It was so nice to be able to enjoy the sounds of was so serene to hear the bird chirping.. and the leaves blowing in the wind (when the cars weren’t whizzing by).  I was also able to carry my camera.. and snap some photos.

Walks are also more fun when you have someone to talk to. Especially when it is someone you love with all of your heart!

We headed to dinner at a local Chinese/Asian joint.. Wild Rice.

Order up!


Justin was all over the crispy noodles. These aren't my thing.

Edamame -on the other hand.. is something I am loving always!

Justin's Pork Dumplings

My Tuna Roll.. Mmmm

Justin's Meal.. Triple something or other...

Note how he just left veggies on the plate! 😉

We love this place – usually we order it for home,but changed it up tonight.

SO, we aren’t big drinkers. Justin had two Sapporo beers tonight. And was definitely a little sloppy. (Unaware of his volume when he said “THIS SAUCE IS THE BOMB… flinging credit card across restaurant.. you know..) It was quite entertaining thought!

Not sure what fun I’m about to have me this weekend.. but I’m hoping it will be fantabulous!

What are your plans for the weekend?!  What kinds of things do you find when you clean your car?!

I am loving your guesses to my fact or fiction post. Answers will be posted in the morning! 😉


9 responses to “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend Baby

  1. I have no joke had that song in my head all day, so ironic!! I found a jar of MSG in my car once, I think my roommate left it in there when we moved, I would definitely say that is the strangest thing I have ever found, usually it’s just shoes and quarters.

  2. The passport misplacement is totally something I would do! My husband is VERY organized and with a lot of things I am totally disorganized. Don’t worry we lose things like that because we have so many other more important things on our mind.

    I do love getting out for walks too, best part of my day 🙂 When we finally figure out where we are moving to we are going to chose an apartment based upon having surroundings that are great for walking and biking 🙂

    Tomorrow we’re headed out to the farmer’s market which is opening for the first time this season! 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend, whatever you two get into! 🙂

  3. After you finding your passport in your car, I had to think for a second where mine is lol. I thiiiiink it’s somewhere in my room…not entirely sure though lol. I have to work tomorrow and Sunday, but it’s only in the evening for a short bit, so I’m sure the hubby and I will just hang 🙂

  4. That is too funny about Justin getting a little sloppy and dropping “sauce” and “the bomb” in the same sentence. At least he didn’t say the!

    Not sure what our weekend plans are…hubby has to work all weekend (boo), so I probably won’t see much of him…I was thinking of going to a zumba class, haven’t been in forever! Have a fab weekend!!

  5. I have the same car. It that what the seat and floor look like? I haven’t seen them in my car for a while. I think its time I clean mine out too. I am a car slob!

  6. I originally was going to comment on this post solely because Ignition was the first thing I saw, and that used to be my jam, but then I saw this post is filled with tons of other things I love, like passports (I keep mine in my jewelry box..probs not safe), SUSHI, yoga (I went 3 times this week!), and clean cars (mine is currently..not).

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