Angry Runner

Normally.. running makes me feel free – it is a place where I can zone out and capture some feel good endorphins. I had every plan of that happening today, as well.

But first, I had to decide. Visor.. or no visor. This was a freebee that i got at the race last weekend – and my baby blues are super sensitive to the sun.


I end up squinting all time time – creating odd tan lines.. and increasing the wrinkles on my face.  So I have been in search for an inexpensive visor to wear on runs (Why a visor.. BECAUSE I HAVE TO WEAR MY HAIR ON THE TOP OF MY HEAD.. DUH!)

Free Visor = Very Inexpensive Visor.

I forgot to not look puzzled anymore I guess...

The sun was in and out today… so I decided to leave it home. Next time, free visor… next time.

My first mile was fine.  But then.. came angry runner.

First, I almost got hit by the mail truck. Can you really not see me running on the sidewalk.. when you are dirving straight at me? Seriously.. do you need to drive along the sidewalk.

That garbage can COULD have been me.

It was okay. Mistakes happen.

Then, I was coming to a road where a car was taking a right. Of course.. he looked left to be sure no traffic was coming. But he failed to look right to see if there were any walkers, bikers, runners, Caits…

Oh there was a Cait.  And Cait had to slam on her breaks. Finally being waved on with an “I’m sorry.. didn’t see you” look from the driver.

Obvi you didn’t see me.. or else you would not have almost hit me.  The apologetic look probably had something to with my reaction..( which I later reenacted for my mirror solely for the purpose of this blog 😉 )

I prob looked blurry to the drive too, don't worry

Welp, before hitting mile 3, this happened about 4 more times. I swear.. every corner I came to, there was almost a tragedy. (My parents are probably going to tell me I should run on the treadmill from now on…I’ll be safe, guys, I promise).  There was such a lack of consideration that the road is shared by both cars.. AND pedestrians!  I run these roads ALL the time…and this has never happened.

Maybe a little bit of spring fever?

Okay – so, now I am totally freaked out that I am going to get hitby a car. And I am playing out the scenarios of what would happen if I got hit by a car. I have no identifying information on me. How would anyone ever find out?  Justin wasn’t home.. so he wouldn’t realize that I never returned.

To ensure that I did not come face to face with huge hunk of medal,  I carefully approached and slowed at every driveway, road, etc…to see if there were cars coming. I slowed down until I made eye contact with the driver..and he waved me on.

I paid too much attention to the damn cars instead of  to where I was going. Because next thing I know, I am peeling my body off the asphalt after face planting onto the road.  Stupid stick.

Don’t worry, I was okay.. palms are a little ucky – but I will live. I get back up..and keep running. Saying every swear in the book under my breath.  About  a mile later, I finally calm down.. mainly because I realize I am spending too much of my energy being angry.. and I need it to RUN!

Okay. You think my run ended happily ever after. right? WRONG.

I am so close to being home. For some reason, I must have been blending in with the background… because as a car is slowing to stop for a stop sign.. next to me… the first in the bright yellow shirt with her hair on top of her head… this driver decides now it the BEST time to wash her windshield.

I prefer shampoo and body wash... but thanks!

I was hoping to get a windshield wiper fluid bath on my run today. THANK.YOU.VERY.MUCH. This put me over the edge. An angry run indeed. I wanted it to be over ASAP.. which probably explains why my last 1.15 miles where the quickest of the day.

Ugh. I needed to get that off my chest.

Here are today’s stats (My paces were ALL over the place. Emotional Running?!)

  • Mile 1: 8:44
  • Mile 2: 8:17
  • Mile 3: 8:38
  • Mile 4: 8:32
  • Mile 5: 8:45
  • Mile 6: 8:08
  • Last .15:  0:58 (6:25/mi) Get. This. Run. DONE.
Lunch is here.. no food left in the house.. so Subway it is!

What kinds of things get your blood boiling in the middle of your workout?


27 responses to “Angry Runner

  1. I feel HORRIBLE for your run. That stuff shouldn’t happen over 30 runs, let alone 1. I’m glad you’re ok…but maybe run with pillows strapped to you next time. Pros: padded incase cars, bikes, mail carriers, windshield washer fluid AND sidewalks/roads hit you AND extra calories burnt for all the extra uncomfortable-ness? lol. I don’t mean to make a joke out of it…I’m sorry 😦

    I like a plan when working out…no plan, no happy char, that’s about it!

    • Um.. totally make a joke out of it.. because now that I am over my anger…it was pretty funny. And I am totally diggin your idea. I would probably still fall.. then I would look like a marshmallow rolling down the road 🙂

  2. Man, you are fast. What usually gets my blood boiling are hot Florida temps!!! I avoid most other bad stuff by running on a trail. 🙂

    • Trail running would help you avoid that! I feel like I’d roll my ankles a lot on a trail. Does that happen to you?

      • Well, not really, since my most frequent trail is (unfortunately) a rails-to-trails (aka asphalt). But when I have the opportunity to run in a nearby state park, my ankles are usually okay because I keep my eyes directly on the ground, and the roots are only prevalent during the first mile or so. Anyway, you’ve gotta be doing something right to be running that fast girlfriend.

  3. hahaha loving the pictures!!

  4. Your pictures had me cracking up! Today, while I was running, on a road that I run on everyday, I stepped on a crack in the asphalt and rolled my ankle! I did that wiggly out of control thing with my arms because I almost fell on my face! Thankfully, I didn’t fall and I didn’t roll my ankle enough to cause an injury, but it didn’t feel 100% the rest of my run. I hate having a bad run…like it isn’t hard enough on it’s own!

    • Ahh – glad you didn’t roll it too bad. Ankle rolls are the worst – even if they aren’t that bad.. because for those 10 seconds right after you roll it.. there is such agony!

  5. I hate when that happens!! I’ve almost been hit by cars so.many.times. Usuaually be people looking one way for traffic and not paying attention to people in the crosswalk the other way like you mentioned. I’ve actually run into a car because they pulled into the croasswalk and I didn’t have enough time to slow down. Ugh. Drivers.

  6. Poor Girl! Hopefully your hands aren’t too bad after your tumble. I can’t get over how many times I’ve almost been run down by someone turning right. One of the radio stations near us started a FB Page for SPADD (Smart People Against Dumb Drivers) — I’m thinking you should join the group LOL!!

  7. lifeisbeachykeen

    Oh dear, you sure did have a bad run. I admit that I laughed out loud to your windshield wiper bath. That is funny. Sorry 😦

    You’ll have a better(safer) run next time.

  8. ughghg so sorry that you had so many distractions from your great run 😦 I hate that but at least you’re okay.

    I do hate it when I just can’t get relaxed on a run. That’s why I feel really lucky to have the lake front path to run on because I don’t have to worry about cars etc.

    I hope your evening and sunday are much better! 🙂

  9. Girl! Im sorry for your workout drama!!!! No fun! Cars do ned to pay attention! I am always careful when driving by a runner or bicyclist!

    U are too cute with the pics! hahahaha! love it!

    Happy Saturday! Thanks for always leaving great comments!!!!

    xoxo ❤

  10. Yikes, sounds like a crazy run! Glad to hear you got home in one piece!

    I hate when people “claim” equipment at the gym by putting their towel or h20 bottle on it and then walking away…then they get made when you use it in between their sets. Seriously, people?!

  11. Your pictures are hilarious! I love the reenactment of it all! But, I’m also sorry it didn’t go as planned!! Reminds me of the time in Houston when I was getting back into cycling, I had just gotten new clip-in petals, and I forgot to UNclip when I came to a stoplight, and I plumb fell over. In front of all kinds of H-town traffic. It was awesome. Totally gets your adrenaline going, so I see why you were such a speed demon!! 🙂

    • Yikes! I have heard of that happening to people! YOu just gotta get back up and brush it off. I think I was too angry to notice if people were staring at me/ laughing at me through their car windows 🙂 I won’t lie – if I saw a runner face plant.. I would laugh.

  12. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my guest post so I could come check out your blog! Loving your sense of humor. 🙂

    What a frustrating run. A stream of curse words would have been running around my head. I always get frustrated when in general people show a lack of concern/awareness of others. Be it on a run with things like you dealt with or at the gym when someone hogs a machine/bench just chatting or something.

    • Totally agree with you! I did a post on Gym Pet Peeves a while back – and chatting on machines was one of them! Now that I am thinking of it – they ALL have to do with lack of concern for others!

  13. Eeeks! Sounds like your run was frustrating today – can’t blame ya there!

    The thing that gets my blood boiling the most during a workout are dudes grunting and dropping weights while strength training and people that come to yoga late, after the lights are off and I’m in the zone.

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