Feeling pretty accomplished! :)

Thank you for all of your sweet and thoughtful comments on the post on my mother! She is a saint – and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful role-model.

It was a pleasure reading all of your posts about your mommas today, too!  What strong and beautiful woman we have in our lives. WE ARE LUCKY!

Let’s get to this week’s run down:

  • Monday: 25 min elliptical interval training; 1.25 mi jog, 45 min strength training
  • Tuesday: 5.o mile run
  • Wednesday: 1.25 mi jog; 60 min strength training class
  • Thursday: 10 min bike;  60 min cardio kickboxing class
  • Friday: LOTS of walking – 5 mi total; 60 min yoga
  • Saturday: 6.15 mi run
  • Sunday: 2.8 mi jog; 45 minute strength training (all legs, baby! squats & lunges galore) – My initial plan was to attend a boot camp conditioning class that I love, but have missed for the past couple of weeks because of my race, Easter, and long scheduled runs on my training plan. Go figure, class was cancelled today. I had to improvise my strength training routine…which kinda sucked.

Total Miles Ran: 16.45 (run) 5.0 miles (walk) 21.45 miles total

I have also signed up to be a part of Amanda’s 100 Miles in May – where she has a group of bloggers/non-bloggers that made the committment to walk/run 100 miles in the month of May.  Because I am walking all day at school – around the classroom, and through the halls (8 hr day.. the walking adds up) she said to include that mileage too – because it is mileage.  I figured that I walk about 2.5 miles each day at work.. but didn’t want to over estimate it- so I low balled it to 2 miles.

So – since May 1st, I have logged a total of: 39.95 miles. Holla!

How I felt this week: This week – felt AMAZING. I was not tied into any training programs and was free to do anything that I wanted! I took classes, did intervals on the elliptical, strength trained like it was nobody’s business.. and am feeling much stronger overall.

Does anyone else feel like they become weaker (muscle wise) when they are training for a race? I mean – I definitely through I felt a little softer, but I was having trouble getting up the reps that I usually do!

How did I do with my goals?

  • Strength Train 3x – at least 30 minute sessions – Check! I lifted on Monday for 45 min – took a 1 hr class on Wednesday & a 45 minute leg work out today! LOVE THE GUNS, PEOPLE!

I have never posted so many unattractive self-pics in my life! Oh blog.

  • Take a cardio kick-boxing class at the gym – Check. I am not sure if it will become a regular occurance. I wasn’t too impressed. I will tell you though – that those punches really got to my arms. I was feelin’ it on Friday and Saturday. PUNCH LIKE YOU MEAN IT!

  • Go for a long run outside – Check. 5 miles on Tuesday, 6.15 miles on Saturday. I consider that long. I know some of you super runners would consider that a walk jog in the park. But I’m good.

  • Continue with 1 Yoga session on Friday afternoon – Check. I am thinking of rewarding myself with a Bikram Session or 2 if I can continue doing this regularly.

I should be able to this next class. RIGHT

  • Hydrate more – FAIL. Definitely did NOT adequately hydrate. WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO DO?!

  • Sign up for another race 🙂 – Semi-Check. I didn’t sign up for a new race. I was just to busy I guess. I do have a few in mind. And I am running a benefit 2 mile race for my school on May 21. I mean.. it is kind of a race, no?!

Goals for this Week:

  • Write down my plans for each workout. While I always have in mind what I plan on doing – as for as cardio activity and weight training – writing it down means accountability. On a whim, I wrote down the strength routine I wanted to do for Monday’s session – giving myself a spot to check off after I completed each set. I did 3 sets of everything. I never do 3 sets of everything.

  • Hydrate More. FOR REAL THIS WEEK! I am notorious for not being adequately hydrated.  I drink lots of water – but not enough for my activity level. It is even MORE important now — because I sweat like WHOA on my workouts as the temps are rising.

Coconut Water.. YA DIG?!

  • Do an interval training run. Yep. Some people hate these. I love them. And I did not do one this week!

  • YOGA! I am going home to my parents’ house right after work on Friday so I won’t be able to hit up that class. Right now – the plan is to do a class via the internet.. in the comfort of my own home.

So – another Sunday has come and gone. Seriously, I feel like the weeks are rolling by so quickly! This whole year has gone by quick! My whole LIFE is going by quick!

GOODNESS… I can’t believe I almost forgot to share this wonderful piece of information with you.  So – taking some of your advice, I decided to go to a New Balance Store to have a professional look at my feet – and I also wanted to get his insight on the HOLES in my shoes.

Want to know what his advice was?! Well, as I KICKED off my shoe to show him the hole, his response was quick simple. 

Um.. You should first start by untying your shoe and taking it off properly.  When you kick it off like this.. which such FORCE, you are stretching the fabric and causing a lot of friction – which is probably one of the main reasons you are getting a hole so quickly.  


OMG… FOR REAL? My own laziness might be the cause of this?! It really makes a lot of sense to me. I always kick off the right, holed-shoe first. So there is more force..because it is being kicked off with another shoe. I untie them before putting them back on.. so now I just really need to get out of the habit of kicking them off! I am hoping this makes a different.. before I have to possible get my bump shaved down or something nast like that!

YIKES. This post is getting long.. but I’ve plunged into BIRD WORLD! So.. be a pal and FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!  

So.. how were your workouts this week?  Are you a lazy-bones like me.. and kick off your sneaks after a workout?


5 responses to “Feeling pretty accomplished! :)

  1. Glad you are feeling accomplished 🙂 I love that feeling of doing what works out for ya!

  2. Your arms look amazing!!!!! Great goals for the week 🙂

  3. i just tried the coco vita and looooved the mango one, but almost got sick with the pomegranite acai one it was so gross. do you notice a huge difference in taste of flavors? or am i just super sensitive?

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