A Swift Kick to the..

Butt, hamstrings…lower back.. Everything in the gluteus maximus area.  Mhmm. That is how I am feeling.

No, Monday did not do this to me. In fact, I am thrilled that I feel like someone just kicked my butt.  Why? Because this means my leg workout yesterday… did some serious damage.

I don’t know about you – but personally, I love it when I am sore.. even if it is to the point where I have trouble walking.. getting out of bed.. going up and down stairs..sitting on the toilet.  This means.. I am doing something right! I have found a way to push my muscles beyond there limit.. and they are becoming stronger.

I haven’t felt this type of pain in my legs for a while.  Running doesn’t do it to me. And I have been a little lack-luster on the leg workouts lately with training for the race.. and then giving my legs a little bit of a break.

Yesterday – it was time to get serious! I did so many lunges, sqauts, and leg stability ball exercises! It was… BEAUTIFUL!

Now the sun is an annoying place on my way to work.. AKA IN MY EYES!

As rough as my day started.. it actually turned out fine and dandy!  Especially since I am convinced the coldness has finally left us here in a New England. I am loving wearing spring floral patterns, capri pants, sandals.. warm weather clothing. One of the things I love about the warmer weather.. is not having to wear real shoes! (Not that I wear fake shows, but sandals and flip flops really tickle my fancy!)

Some eats for the day:

For the first time in MONTHS, I switched up my breakfast. Well, kind of.  Instead of having Oats or overnight oats, I had an oat bake. I prepped this baby last night using CCK’s basic oat bake recipe (with a few changes) and added some blueberries.  I accompanied it with a banana (you didn’t think I’d eat my breakfast without a banana, did you?)


While this was certainly tasty – I felt kinda jipped because I get SO much more to eat when I am having overnight oats.. and it uses the same serving size as oats.  It was definiely delicious – and a change of pace and texture, but overnight oats are still #1 in my book!

Ate 2 of these babies today! Loooove me some apples!

Pictures.. better late then never?!


Ezekiel, Turkey, Spinach, LF Mozz, Cherry Tomatoes, Mustard 🙂

Accompanied by cottage cheese with a dash of vanilla and cocoa powder!



Obviously this is not all I ate. I am always snacking! 🙂

Work it out!

So – with my glutes super soar – I didn’t want to do too much with that muscle group – hoping to give them their needed rest and recovery.  However, I was in the mood for the stair mill – so they did get a little bit of a work out in!


  • 15 min. stair mill
  • 10 min jog @ 7.0
  • 5 min walk @ 4.0


Today – I brought sexy back.  Or shall I say.. I brought sexy to my back! You all know that summer is just around the corner – and tank tops, halter tops, bathing suits.. and the like.. will be a regular part of our wardrobe.  I love having a defined back – because I think it is so sexy! So – today.. I worked out my BACK! Baby got BACK!

Okay.. enough with the corny music lines..and onto the routine: (3 sets of each)

 I found a million different explanations under this title – but not what I was looking for. I LOVE this exercise. and want to show it to you guys.. I will do my own video.. just not tonight!

Gotta get those abby-dabbys in there too!
What is your favorite body part to shape up for summer?! 
Back and abs are key for me.. but I like to be toned ALL over 🙂
Do you have standard foods that you eat.. every single day!? 
Honestly.. I eat pretty much the same thing.. at every meal… every day! I am not bored with it – so I guess it works for me!

17 responses to “A Swift Kick to the..

  1. Oh no! I hope your butt feels better. LOL funny-sounding comment, huh? 😉

    You know what’s weird about that boatmeal? It seems three times more voluminous when it’s cooked in loaf form than in cake form. Very weird!

  2. Cait, I love your strength training routines! It’s wonderful inspiration to me because I need to devote more time and energy to my strength workouts. I love working my entire body during workouts 🙂

    I totally agree with smaller volume breakfasts not being enough. I need a big old bowl of something filling to get me through the morning! My staple foods are oats, peanut butter, almond milk, greens, bananas, pita bread, sprouted bread, oranges, cashews, raisins, hummus, ricotta, and chocolate 🙂

    • Glad I can be of inspiration! You’re makin me feel special! haha.

      Volume is KEY in breakfast..for sure! Even if it is just mental.. it keeps me fuller.. longer.. if I eat a heaping bowl of yummy oats!

  3. Yummy I love your boatmeal. I’ve made it with banana inside 🙂 I can’t have breakfast without a nanner!

  4. indecisiveathlete

    I love feeling sore! Its so nice to know that you worked out hard enough for your body to hurt 🙂

    I eat my apples till there is almost nothing left too they are just so good I never want them to end!

    Glad your day turned out better 🙂 and def going to use your strength training for inspiration 🙂

  5. I love feeling sore too!! BEST feeling ever 🙂 okay, after being in love!

    I love voluminous b-fasts-they tide me over wayyy better than anything else.

  6. I like sore, too. Not injured though!

  7. I love working my back too! I just think toned backs look awesome! And…I eat oatmeal for breakfast every day. EVERY day! 🙂

  8. I love being sore- until I have to walk downstairs 🙂

  9. Hi love!!!

    I think being sore is the best feeling too! It makes me feel like I really kicked butt at a workout!

    I always have a apple and a salad everyday ; )

    Happy Tuesday!!! xoxo

  10. I’m having a day similar to your Monday! My whole body is hurting after 2 circuit workouts — I can’t lift my arms above shoulder height, but I love it!! My legs are good for summer, but it’s definitely my back & arms that need some attention. I’ll be spending lots of early mornings at the gym in anticipation of summer!!

  11. I think your body needs food variety honestly! But whatever works for you! as long as its not an obsession.

    And your turkey sandwich on ezekial bread looks soo scrumptious! 🙂

  12. I love overnight oats and I eat them every single day. I can´t imagine my day without them:)
    And I love the feeling of soreness after my workout. I always feel like I have done a lot of a hard work which must lead to some results and also like that I am able to push myself out of my boundaries…It boosts my self-esteem a bit I think:))

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