Wow. That weekend flew by! Doesn’t it always seem like the weekends are just milliseconds long when the warmer weather finally arrives?! I mean – why can’t that happen in the middle of the winter – when I practically get frostbite from opening my window?

Spring Mondays are the worst. In my opinion.  Energy is dragging and there is a nagging need just to sprint out of the classroom – through the hall – down the stairs – and out the door. All while screaming.. YOU CAN’T KEEP ME HERE! I AM NEVER COMING BACK.

Okay – maybe it isn’t that intense.  It would look more like a nonchalant “I need to use the bathroom” and then secretively sneaking out the side door.

Since neither of those two things are options.. I have come up with a Plan C. After fooling around with my peanut flour – I have concocted some recipes that I will be sharing you. In time.

SO, allow me to introduce a simple, raw, Peanut-Butter Pick.Me.Up!  Perfect for a case of the Mondays!

Peanut-Butter Pick.Me.Ups. 

(Inspired by CCK’s fudge babies…)

Makes 7 Small Pick.Me.Ups


  • 1/2 c. dates
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 tsp honey
  • pinch salt
  • 1/2 tbsp vanilla protien powder
  • 2 tbsp peanut flour


  • Combine all ingredients in food processors (I used my magic bullet. It is all I have!)
  • Blend.  It will really stick together. I found that once blended, the mixture formed into 1 big ball and was rocking the bullet everywhere! Make sure you blend it and hold the bullet. Or else a mess might ensue!
  • Remove mixture – and form into balls. I have dubbed them pick-me-ups!


This are going to give you a punch of energy from the dates. You will also be getting a pretty significant amount of protein form the protein powder..and the peanut flour.

I think it is amazing how dates kind of just take on the tastes of whatever food they are mixed with.  Any one I have given a date based treat to – can never identify the dates as one of the ingredients.

Peanut Butter lovin’ in these lovers.  They are easy to take anywhere! I wrapped mine in saran wrap  – individually – to prevent them from sticking to one another!

Still not feelin’ this Monday?

Well, you can laugh about my rather dautning run this weekend.

Then, you can weep as I praise my mother for being the miraculous woman that she is.

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Check ya later.. I’ve got some minds to mold!


22 responses to “Pick.Me.Up

  1. yey! You made a peanut flour recipe I can try 🙂 I just need to think of something to replace the protein powder cause I usually don’t eat any hmmm…

    I hope your monday improves/goes by quickly! 🙂

    • More recipes coming your way later in the week too! You can probably just omit the protien powder..add either more peanut flour.. perhaps some cocoa powder for a choclatey twist! Peanuts would work too!

  2. I often have the case of the Monday blahs, but I’ve started taking a spin class before work and it seems to give me the energy I need to get through the workday! I personally find summer Fridays the worst to get through because all I want to do is find a patio somewhere and have a bevie.
    Love your recipe ~ I love peanut butter balls. Especially the healthy kind.
    Have a GREAT day!

  3. Hey girl! I just found your blog from Kath’s healthy corner! I’m glad I did because this recipe looks AWESOME!!! I’m a peanut butter junkie so I’ll have to try this out 🙂

  4. These sound so good!! Unfortunately this post actually made me realize it’s Monday…not that it really matters since there’s nowhere to be. But hey, I’ll have sympathy “case of the Mondays” and make these as a pick me up anyway!

  5. Yup, just another peanut butter junkie here. They look great! I’m glad I found your blog.

  6. Mmm date balls are my fave (TWSS?) – they so quick & portable for a pre-am workout snackeroo

  7. Dates really take on the flavour of other things? I think I’m going to have to buy some dates and test this out. I have never eaten a date, but I don’t like raisins and I figured they were probably pretty much the same anyways 😛

    • Definitely. If you blend them in a food processor.. with cocoa.. chocolate chips.. cashews.. nuts.. any mixture of things..and you can have an awesome little treat..that isn’t date-y!

  8. You don’t really have a case of the Monday’s when you’re out of school and unemployed lol But still a boring day nonetheless! Those little balls look delicious 😀

  9. Those look yummy! I go to work from home today, so I’ll be getting the Case of the Tuesdays tomorrow.

  10. Aww sorry about the Monday’s.. I totally agree that spring Monday’s are the worst! PB pick me ups should do the trick though !!!

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