A Not So Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes I switch it up. And tonight.. even though it is Wednesday..and I vowed to go wordless on Wednesday.. I am wording. I have some stuff to say.

Field trips.. are not as fun for teachers as they are for children. Atleast that has been my experience. Until today.  I had an amazing time at the aquarium.. my kids were amazing.. we got compliments from the employees.. everything just fell in to place

Now – I think this is ALL because of the positive vibes you were sending my way.  Your kind and thoughtful comments really pulled up my spirits and I was ready to go 100% this morning.  Thank you for being YOU! 🙂

Field trip = long day – so I knew I had to get up super early and get to the gym before work.

This says 4:40. Yes, I got up at 4:40 am.

Cait waking up at 4:40. Attractive.. huh?

I LOVE being able to work out in the morning.. but 4:40am.. is a little much. So it doesn’t usually happen. I will do it occasionally (but will be ready for bed like.. as soon as I get home from work).

I did have a BANGIN’ workout though – did 30 minutes of interval training on the treadmill that looked a little like this:

Warm-Up – 2 min @ 6.8

2:00 – 10:00 –> 2 min intervals (7.0 for 2 min, 8.0 for 2 min)

10:00 – 20:00 –> 1 min intervals (7.2 for 1 min, 8.2 for 1 min)

20:00 – 25:00 –> 30 second intervals (7.5 for 30 sec, 8.5 for 30 sec)

***for the high speed interval, I started ay 8.5..           and would increase .1 every time.. so it went 7.5,         8.5, 7.5, 8.6, 7.5, 8.5, 7.5, 8.8, 7.5, 9.0***

25:00 – 28:00 – 7.5

28:00 – 29:00 – 7.0

29:00 – 30:00 – 6.8

In 30 minutes, I ended up completing 3.80 miles.

And then did 30 minutes of weight training/sprints.

And.. I wrote it all down.. even the interval.(Gotta keep up with those GOALS that I set for myself on Sunday)

LOVED this workout. because I was on the go-go-go.. knowing I had to get to the locker room to shower by 6:00 (so 1 hour of working out exactly).

My Polar told me I still burned 600 calories! (It is very rare for me to burn 100 calories per 10 minutes.) So – I was pumped!

Feeling MUCH better after a great sweat sesh

Once I got to work, I enjoyed my overnight oats..

And we were off!

Touching Sting-rays!

So – there is a new Meerkat exhibit at the Aquarium (weird, I know because aquariums usually have animals in the water.. but this is a special exhibit).  This things were SO cute. They may look like mini-racoons, but there were awesome. The were running around and playing with each other..coming up to the glass and tapping on it.. adorable.

At one point, during their “fighting” one meerkat accidentally threw the other into their drinking bowl. (It was an intense fight.. I could have watched the Meerkats ALL day).  All of the other meerkats came to the rescue of this one in the water.. and like helped him out of the water.. and stayed super close to him..as if they were trying to dry is fur. So cute.. and a great lesson to speak with my kids about!

Some albino creature

Poisonous Frogs!

Touch Exhibit!

DORY from Finding Nemo! (one of my kids swears his name is Mimo..)



Seal Feeding!

And.. wow. Look what they had in the gift shop.. (DID  NOT buy.. but it brought back mems…)

ASTRONAUT ICE CREAM!  I used to beg my mom to buy this ALL the time.  Have you ever had this?! The sight of it made me kinda nauseous!

It was defiintely a great, but tiring day. It also reminded me of why I do what I do – and why teaching is such a REWARDING career!

What was your favorite field trip that you went on as a kid?  Mine – was when I went to Boston, MA in 7th grade for an overnight. I had so much fun – and saw some cool stuff like the cotton mills! I also liked going to Sturbridge Village in MA – because there was an awesome candy store!


28 responses to “A Not So Wordless Wednesday

  1. Wow ~ I thought getting up at 5:30 a.m. for a spin class was early! So glad you had a great day! My fave trip was to Quebec City for our grade 8 graduation trip. Gorgeous sites, lots of French cuisine (although I’m sure I didn’t fully appreciate it at the time) and just a great time away with school pals — it was probably the first trip I went on without my mom & dad!

    • There were definitely a lot of things I did not appreciate on school trips. We also went to Washington D.C. – and it was more of a social event for me.. not really appreciating all that was around me!

  2. I loved field trips as a kid no matter where they were, because it meant no class all day!!! haha!!!

    I LOVE ASTRONAUT ICE CREAM!!! So good!! My fave is the ice cream sandwich!!!!

  3. wow that’s an awesome workout day! Getting up at 4:40 is rough enough as it is!

  4. Astronaut ice cream is so good I love going to the science museum just because of that

    • I almost bought it.. but when I thought about the consistency it was.. from how I remembered it.. I just couldn’t bring myself to make the purchase. It must not be as popular today – none of my kids have ever heard of it..and when I described it to them.. they weren’t even intrigued!

  5. I would teach as long as I could take a field trip like, every other day 🙂 Looks like fun!

    I get up at 5 for 6:00 classes during the week. I don’t HAVE to get up at 5 since the gym is 1.5 miles from my apartment, but I’m so not a morning person so I literally hit snooze till 5:40 when I finally drag myself out of bed. After the workouts I feel amazing for the rest of the day, so that’s why I force myself to go that early.

    • I am an early riser.. never have trouble getting out of bed. I usually get up at 5:30 on a regular day.. and wake up before my alarm.. BUT those extra 50 minutes must mean A LOT because I was dying today!!!

  6. I can totally understand field trips not being as fun for the teachers as they are for the students. Kudos to you for getting your workout in early on a busy day. I really need to start doing that so I can boost my overall productivity. Love the workout as well.

    I think I always enjoyed going to the Smithsonian Museum when I was young because we got to make Mexican hot chocolate 🙂

    • Working out in the morning totally makes me more energized and productive at work.. but then I crash once I get home and feel like a lazy blob! I am sure it is from getting up at an ungodly early hour!

  7. Totally remember the astronaut ice cream 😉

  8. indecisiveathlete

    I LOVE intervals especially on the treadmill or any machine actually haha. I makes a workout fly by I think.

    Your aquarium trip looks like it was lots of fun!

  9. My favorite field trip was my trip to DC when I was a senior in high school. It was just a raelly memorable trip because a huge part of our class was together before we all graduated and went our separate ways. 😀

    • That is such an awesome senior trip! I went in 8th grade – but I think it would have enjoyed it (and appreciated it) a little more as a senior. What a great way to close out your high school career!

  10. Sounds like a really fun field trip! I think one of my favorite trips as a kid was going snow-shoeing in the Adirondacks… the closest I’ve ever been to “skiing” lol

  11. That is an AWESOME workout! I need to step up my intervals. 🙂

    Working out in the morning has become something I actually look forward to. I haver thought I’d say that – soooo not a morning person – but it give me some alone time before I have to face the world!

    • OMG! I need alone time so bad in the morning. If my boyfriend is awake before I leave for work.. he KNOWS to just.. not talk to me. Try and have a few encounters as possible!

  12. Astronaut Ice Cream?! That is AWESOME!


  13. Ohh astronaut ice cream…so gross haha!

    My favorite field trips..hmm.. in 5th grade we got to sleep in the Boston Museum of Science. And in 8th, we went to Montreal for 3 days. 🙂

  14. What a workout! I’m impressed. Also, I hear ya about the field trips. I helped chaperone one for my mom (a teacher), and it was such a headache!

  15. My little sis is going on a field trip to Philly and DC on Tuesday so I will make sure to tell her to be good for her teachers 😉
    Your workout looks TOUGH! You go girl!

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