6 splenda?!

I know you are probably wondering what the deal is with the title of my post. I know I would be too!

First of all – I don’t use artifical sweeteners anymore.  They scare me.

Second of all.. I am referring to a coffee in this title.. and I also told you last week.. that I no longer enjoy sweetening my coffee.

It was rough getting up this morning.  It never hits me right when I get up.. but rather.. when I get on the highway.  Suddenly..my energy just leaves my body. (I think my mind tries to trick my body that it is awake sometimes…and my body decided it didn’t want to be tricked anymore!)

So – even though I have my K-Cup supply at school.. this level of tiredness called for something a little more dramatic.

Dunkin Donuts

Everybody Runs on Dunkin!

Like…. a large French Vanilla Coffee from Dunks.  I wanted to go big this morning. So, I was lazy – went to the drive up.. and ordered a large.. BLACK FV.  I wanted to add my own almond milk that I store in the fridge in the teachers lounge.

There is NOTHING better..

Get my coffee.. put it in my cup holder..drive 2 min to work.  I go to the faculty room and add my almond milk.. put my lunch away.. and head down the hall.. SUPER excited for my first gulp of caffeine.

Oh. My. Sweetness.

I swear.. I almost spit it out. And kept pondering.. why is this sweet wtf is going on .. I ordered a black coffee.

It dawns on me to see if they wrote anything on the cup. This.. is what I found:

HOW.. on EARTH.. can you mistake.. BLACK coffee.. for one with 6 splendas.  Oh – and.. I was the only one in the line. No one in front of me.. no one behind me.  There also was not anyone inside. It took them a long time to get my coffee.

Probably because they were opening 6 splendas.

Ugh. These are the reasons I was upset:

  • My teeth were legit hurting from all the sweetness
  • I spent over $2 on this worthless coffee
  • I wasted almond milk! In a coffee. That was headed to the garbage.
  • No body in the whole school would take my coffee..even when I offered it for free. Waste.

Good thing I have those K-Cups.

I enjoyed.. too many K-Cups today. For me anyway. I have two cups of coffee. I was a little coocoo after the second cup.

In fact – I had such energy that I decided to give all of my kids nicknames. Using only the first syllable of their names. So now I have children in my class including:

  • Me
  • My
  • So
  • Mor
  • Mar
  • Arm
  • Germ
  • Tat

They found it hilarious.

I am now Miss Mick.

Today – I got double work out in… kind of.  We do some cool things at school – one of them being YOGA!  I signed up with our school nurse.. (who is also a Yoga instructor) to do Yoga with my kids today – as a reward for their fab behavior yesterday.

Teachers participate too. So – for 45 minutes.. we practices some basic poses. (Child’s Pose, cat & cow, down dog, chair pose.. Warrior 1, 2 & 3.. Eagle…)

I have some mini yogi geniuses in my class for sure. Some of them have such great balance and posture. It is a lot of fun to do something so different.

Part 2 of my workout – was giving Cardio Kick-boxing another try.  And you know what.. I liked it better this time.  It was a different routine..and I was more into it.  After I felt how SORE my arms were after last weeks punching.. I figured it was a good way to sculpt my arms for summer!

The only bummer was.. half way through the class… I thought my eyeballs were going to fall out.  Because of these:

Yup.. I stored them on top of mu iPod

(Yes I removed them half was through the class.. and went on blindly)

I like to get the MOST out of my contacts.  You tell me to wear them for a month and then toss them.. I say that means six week.. or until there comes a day where they hurt do bad.. I have to pull them out of my eyes and continue what I am doing.. not being able to see. Woops~

And.. for the second time this week.. Justin prepared dinner for me! He is working at a client that is nice and close to our condo – so he has been getting home before me.. and truly giving me a break.

Yup. That is what you get Justin… when you take my camera and snap self–shots. They are posted for the world to see 🙂

Balsamic Chicken with roasted tomatoes, Ezekiel Toast

If you missed this morning.. you better check it. I am giving away peanut flour! So be sure to comment for an entry. Find other ways to enter here:

Dont’ forget to leave a comment for each entry.. that way you will have MORE chances to win!

Coming your way tomorrow AM — another peanut flour recipe. Yay!

If you wear contacts.. do you wear them longer then you are “supposed to”?

What do you do when your coffee is prepared wrong? It makes me upset. Guess I should have just made it myself in the first place.


26 responses to “6 splenda?!

  1. indecisiveathlete

    Eww hate sweet coffee. That really sucks that that happened and so weird too. I woulda probably thrown it out too blech.

    That is SO cool that your school does yoga! I wish my school had done that when I was little! And love kick boxing eventho I haven’t been in forever 😦 boo

  2. 6 Splenda???? THAT IS INSANE!!!! I used to put artificial sweetness in my coffee too, but only like a third of a pack. Now I just sweeten with milk because the stuff scares me too. I can’t even imagine how gross that must have tasted!
    And I DEFINITELY get serious mileage out of my contacts. I only ever order a 6 month supply, and it always lasts me at least a year. I feel like you just kind of know when it’s time to chuck ’em…they’re way to expensive to toss every month!

    • Hahha.. yes.. you can tell whento chuck them.. Like when you can barely keep your eyes open because they are hurting.. or soo glued to your eye.

      The worst thing is..when I accidently tear one. ESPECAILLY if it is not near the end of its life!

  3. That is too weird! My dunkin donuts by my house does weird stuff like that too.. They always mess up my order haha.

    Good think k cups saved the day. I wish I could have done yoga in elemantary school 🙂

  4. SIX splenda?! Who on earth would need 6 packets of splenda in their coffee! Yikes!

  5. Wow that’s a lot of splenda. I use 2 and I think that’s good enough lol I’ve had my coffee made with a lot of creamer when I asked for it black so I just throw it out 😦

  6. That is so cool that you did yoga with your students! How fun!!

    If I make coffee @ home I use silk milk, and 2 sugars. I used to use three, I’m slowly trying to reduce it down. I tried it w/ zero sugar, but that was a little drastic. At dunkin donuts I get an iced carmel latte light w/ no whipcream & no sugars.

    I also wear my contacts for as long as I can stand it. I don’t wear them every day so I think they last a little longer. I can’t stand to be poking in my eyes every day. I wear my glasses way more then I wear my contacts.

    • Yeah.. I def try to where my glasses a couple of times a week.. but it can get hard.. like if I am goingto the gym right after work. I hate being the blind girl that can’t see what is going on! hahah

  7. Woowww! that sucks about the coffee. I use truvia! Just one does the trick!

  8. Uuuughhh I would have been so disappointed with the coffee too! iiiiick! I have never used artificial sweeteners so I think it might have made me throw up. Does anyone ever really order it that way??

    Justin is such a cutie, and of course all the good men cook. I love that you do yoga with the kids, such a great idea, especially for stress relief as you mentioned so many of them have tough home lives.

    Hope you have a great Friday! 🙂

    • It certainly is. And our nurse tells them that if they are stressed at home or can’t sleep..sit in child’s pose and you will feel better. I do this when I can’t sleep. It works. For real.

  9. I totally push the timeline with my contacts – doing it with a pair right now. I wear bi-weeklys and I swear they don’t even feel that bad for going a week over! Power to us!

  10. So cool the kids got to try out yoga! That is a great treat.

    I push it with my contacts big time. I have no idea how long these have been in… oops…

  11. I have a serious sweet tooth, but six splenda seem like a lot even to me! I need to cut back with the artificial sweeteners in my coffee :/

  12. 6 Splenda?! that’s absurd! I don’t understand how they could mess up ONE persons order. it’s not like there were 100 other people in there!

  13. OMG, I like Splenda and wouldn’t be able to drink that either! I would definitely go back in, I’m sure they’d remake it (if you had time). I just changed my two week disposable contacts for the first time since March and my eyes feel glorious! 😉

  14. pawsitivelife

    I would take that coffee back and complain. Thats an insane amount of sweetner. I strech my contacts too till my eyeballs hurt, however I have a special cleaning cage for them which makes them last longer. Technically I am allergic to contacts and shouldnt wear them. But my eyes only swelled shut 3x in the past 5 years, if its a more common occureence I will give em up

  15. I TOTALLY wear my contacts WAY longer than I’m supposed to….sans deleterious side effects to my blind eyeballs. I have the kind you’re supposed to be able to sleep in, that are “monthly” and I’m pretty sure I’ve had this pair for about 6 months now haha

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