One Month In – **GIVEAWAY**

Wow. It is hard to believe that just one month ago.. I sat on the same exact couch that I am sitting on now.. making that final decision to actually make a blog. And what an amazing month it as been. I could not be anymore grateful – and proud of myself for entering the blog world.

I had been tinkering with the idea of creating a blog since before the new year – but always came up with a reason why it was not a good time.

Reason? Not so much. More like… Excuses.

Maybe not even excuses. To be honest, it was fear that held me back.

Fear of having a dud of a blog. I am a perfectionist – so there was no way that I wanted a blog that failed.  If I was going to share my story, my life, I wanted people to read it and to find it interesting.  Perhaps even find a little bit of inspiration from the jibber-jabber that I would type each day.  If no one found what I had ot say to be interesting – or importat.. would that mean that I wasn’t important?

Yes – I know that this is a silly negative way of thinking – but I am being honest – and I was so scared of failing. Of starting something – and not finishing. That just isn’t my style.

Fear of finally sharing my struggles. I’ve kept my struggles with disordered eating pretty quiet. There were less then a handful of people who had any idea of what I had gone through – and even those people had only a small snapshot of the big picture.

Would letting the unknown.. become known.. change people’s opinion’s of me? Would they think less of me?  How would this information effect the perfection that Justin and I share?  Would he.. would my family.. feel betrayed for not being brought into the loop sooner?

Well – one day, I pretty much said to hell with this fear.  And I dove in.. head first.  It is something I wanted to do. For ME.  If no one reads it.. so be it.  I am still getting my thoughts out. I am still letting the demon that has been controlling my mind.. the secret that has been weighing me down like a ton of bricks… finally escape.

And what did I find.. just days after posting my first ever post. And letting every know all the details about my food history?

Well for one, Justin feels closer then ever to me now.  He has a better understanding of who I am.. and it makes him get me.. why I do some of the things I do. Why I am so adament about keeping a healthy diet – and eating foods that are good for the mind, body and spirit. He understands why I like to stay fit – why it holds a great importance in my life.

It also allows him to kindly tell me – that maybe I need a rest day. My body will thank me for it. That indulgence is awesome in moderation.  The extra support, and understanding I need.

My family? Well.. they are just in love with the blog.  They read it often. Daily. Postly (is that a word?). Every time I call home.. my dad tells me how proud he is of me. And it feels good. It also is a great tool for them to keep up with my life! I talk to my mom every day – but I definitely don’t remember to tell her everything! Now she knows. 🙂

And the greatest thing that I have come to find – after putting my fears to the side – and embracing the world of BLOG is…

That this community of bloggers is the best support group a person can find.  It may not be something I can physically go to – but time and time again – each of you have proven.. that you can bring a smile to my face during my days of stress.. of sadness.  You make me feel proud of all that I do.

I feel more accountable for my actions – because after all.. I do report to you all at least once a day!

I really want to thank you.. for being such a welcoming group of gals (and guys).. and to show my appreciation.. Beyond Bananas is hosting its first GIVEAWAY!

I was so shocked of how many people never used/heard of PEANUT FLOUR.. so here is your chance to win a bag of your own!

The winner will receive a 1 lb pound of peanut flour (because after all.. I did get 6 lbs… and thats a damn lot of peanut flour.. and you guys are TOTALLY worth sharing with!)

There are 4 ways to enter:

  1. Comment on this post telling me what you would do with your peanut flour
  2. Follow Me on Twitter
  3. Tweet about my give away using: “@BeyondBananas1 is giving away Peanut Flour! “
  4. Link my giveaway in your blog!
Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry. The winner will be chosen on Sunday, May 15 @ 8pm Eastern Standard Time.
Get busy.. and win yourself some Peanut Flour!

76 responses to “One Month In – **GIVEAWAY**

  1. I did the first 2.. #3 will be up soon 😉

    I love your blog and you are one awesome, awesome person for opening up and showing yourself to the world. I love all of your posts and recipes and pictures! I also think it is really cool that your boy has gotten to know you better too!


  2. I’m not sure what I would make, maybe cookies? I’ve been hearing some many good things about it though, I really want to try it!

  3. Also, I’m a twitter follower!

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  5. I would finally swap out my PB2 with this bag o deliciousness….and maybe make some pancakes!

  6. I have been looking for peanut flour everywhere! I have so many snack ideas and recipes that I want to swap it into! First order of business when I track some down (or maybe win some…) is to mix it into my breakfasts! Mmmm…that just made me hungry!
    So glad you started blogging, this is a must read for me everyday!

  7. Yay! Now I’m following you on Twitter!

    I think I would make these peanut butter dough balls that are on Mama Peas blog. They are sooooooo good!! I might also try out some pancakes. We don’t eat pancakes very often, but I would give it a shot.

    (I did the first three, I’ll link it up tonight when I blog)!

  8. Congrats on your beautiful blog and all that you’ve done with it, Cait!! You’re lovely.
    I think I’d bake cookies with the peanut flour 🙂

  9. Linked to you on Twitter (I’m petebergsh!)

  10. Cookies, pancakes, cakes…there are lots of things I would like to try with peanut flour 🙂

  11. I’ve seen so many yum recepies that use peanut flower, and being that a close friend of mine can have white flower I would def them all out!

  12. Umm, I’d pretty much use it in everything – breakfast bowls, smoothies, overnight oats, cookies…. 😉

  13. Wow – I had no idea you had only been blogging for a month!! You’re blog is awesome! I’m pretty new too and I think blogging has been such a positive experience that has fulfilled a gap in my life. I love creating in my own blog and I love following my favourite blogging buddies (like you!)

  14. I recently made a protein muffin recipe (not posted on my blog yet) with PB flour but now I’m running out! I would definitely make those again because I’m trying to up my protein.
    Thanks for the giveaway girl!

  15. I would add the peanut flour to everything!! Muffins and oatmeal to be specific 🙂

  16. Wow, your blog has come a long way in just one month! I think I had maybe 4 followers by that time? So keep it up!!

    I’d love to make banana bread with it. Not sure if it’dwork out, but I can imagine the peanuty taste would compliment well with it.

  17. To be quite honest, I think I’d put peanut flour in everything. 🙂

  18. indecisiveathlete

    Love this post congrats on one month of blogging 🙂 thats so exciting and I’d def say your blog is a success I love reading it 🙂

    I think I’d some how use peanut flour in my peanut butter fudge brownies or in oat meal raisin cookies mmmm yes that sounds good haha

  19. indecisiveathlete

    And now I’m following you on twitter too 🙂

  20. I’d make a paste to smush up with bananas!

  21. Hooray!! I would love love love to try peanut flour for the first time. I would put it on my oats 🙂

  22. Why was I not following you on twitter before?! I am now 😀

  23. Peanut Flour?! What a great giveaway. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on that stuff. I would bake with it… Peanut Butter Banana Bread!

  24. I follow you on twitter!

  25. I am really happy you started blogging! I got to become friends with you because of it! The whole blogging community is awesome, best thing I ever did was start my blog!!

    I would make peanut flour paste like I do every day! I am addicted! I mix with apples or dry cereal!!!

  26. Happy One Month! I have enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know you during the past month. My blog is actually just two months old! Congrats new blogging buddy!

    I don’t know what I would do with peanut flour, maybe in a smoothie, some peanut baked good goodness? I don’t know, but I do know I would love it!

  27. I just found your blog I’m so glad I did at this moment, I hope I win 😛

    I would make the peanut flour paste I see everywhere!

  28. I follow you on twitter!

  29. I love your blog – so glad you started it. 🙂

    I would mimic everything you make with it – I’ve never tried it before and your creations make me hungry!

  30. And I follow you now!

  31. aaaaand… consider yourself tweeted. 🙂

  32. Good for you for conquering your fears and pushing yourself forward to creating your blog 🙂 I can’t enter your giveaway b/c I’m allergic to peanuts [I know, major bummer, right?] But I just wanted to say that I appreciate all of the comments you leave for me and admire the energy you put into your blog. You go girl!

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  35. I have seen a couple of nice recipes, but using it in my oatmeal is the first thing that comes to my mind, because for me nothing tastes better like oatmeal:)

  36. i would love to add it to my cereal and bake with it—i literally cant find this stuff anywhere!!

  37. OMG I HAVE PEANUT FLOUR ON MY WISHLIST ON MY BLOG (this is no joke I’ve been searching my town up and down for it)

    I would make peanut butter banana bread with my flour, peanut sauce for my oatmeal, and peanut frosting for my chocolate cupcakes. DONE (;

  38. Followed on Twitter!

  39. Tweet tweet!! <33

  40. I would make thai peanut sauce!!

  41. omg! ive been dying to try peanut flour! the possibilities are endless….in my oat meal, making breakfast cookies, smoothies…..ahh the blog world has so many options that i have been denied since i dont have access to the supposed glory of peanut flour

  42. in my oats—and cooooooooooooookies!! 🙂

  43. hello. Stumbled upon your page on the Recipes tag – Great blog. Now for the peanut flour. Hmm. Pancakes, that’s what I would make. yum

  44. will be linking the giveaway this evening’s blog post.

  45. will be following you on Twitter as soon as it’s no longer over capacity.

  46. I would dip my apples in it- it’s my favorite way to eat it 🙂

  47. And I’m following you on Twitter!

  48. I badly want to make pancakes or cookies with it!!

  49. I’m following youuu on twittaa 🙂

  50. First things first, I think I would make peanut butter 🙂

  51. mmm, peanut butter cookies is all I can think of right now (lol!)… sounds like a good plan 😉

  52. following @BeyondBananas1 as @cappytweet

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  54. I posted a link to your giveaway on my blog 🙂

  55. I would use it to make cookies!

  56. Followed you on Twitter!

  57. tweeted:

  58. YAH! I would put it in oatmeal or make bread or pancakes with it 🙂

  59. I would make the peanut flour and chocolate cookies that you recently posted! I love the flovour combo, and have been searchng EVERYWHERE here in Australia for peanut flour, but I can’t find it! 😥 HELP!

  60. I would do TONS of baking with peanut flour! I’ve seen it all over the blog world but I cannot locate it anywhere near me 😦 I would LOVE to win this!!

  61. I just found your blog, and I am so glad I did. Your writing style is so upbeat and I can tell you are a naturally fun person. I can’t wait to read more 🙂 Oh and I would love to make some PF muffins and add it to my oats, yummm!

  62. I would definitely use it in my oatmeal with maybe some cocoa nibs and goji berries – yum! Great giveaway!

  63. I love putting it in cottage cheese or greek yogurt! Delicious!

  64. I would make some peanut flour paste!

  65. I want to try it in some smoothies me thinks!

  66. I follow you on Twitter 🙂

  67. i’d use this pb flour to make warm pb cream (equal parts pb flour & uvab nuked for about 45 seconds) to top my chilled chocolate vitatops!

  68. I would use peanut flour to make a PB breakfast bake and to bake peanut butter chocolate cookies 🙂

  69. I follow you on twitter!

  70. I tweeted 🙂