Advice Needed!

Happy Friday! I definitly did my happy dance all day! Especially since I’ve got a nice little three day weekend in store.  Unfortunately, I stil have THE PAPER looming over my head. And . I . MUST. FINISH. IT. THIS. WEEKEND.

I was up at 4:44 this morning so I could get to the gym before work.

Straight Fours...

I arrive.. with a great chest workout in hand to do after my intervals on the treadmill.. only to find a mass of people standing outside of the gym.

It was 4:59. I’m thinking.. WOW.. they really hold to this 5:00 opening shizz. Oh no. They don’t. The person with they keys.. was just not there. SERIOUSLY?!

Ugh. So I am patiently waiting otuside of the gym with all the other early birds.. trying to figure out how I am going to adjust my workout.

I ended up deciding to just do intervals on the treadmill.. and just run for a little longer. I didn’t want to rush my weight training.. but was really in the mood to run.

Finally at 5:17 – the key person showed. So I got to work..and completed the same interval set I did the other day – except I added on the the end..doing more 30 second intervals at higher rates of speed.

I also extended my cool down to a mile. Final stats.. 5.07 miles in 40 minutes. Not to bad for a Friday morning.

What I was diggin’ even more.. is that in my 40 minute work out.. Mr. Polar told me I burned 487 calories.. had an average heart rate of 170.  That.. my friends.. was an intense workout. I’ve never had a average heart rate so high!

Let me tell you..  I was NICE and sweaty after!

I am currently blogging from the house of the parentals.. and I made them the Cheesy Chicken and Spinach Rollatini that I had made a couple of weeks ago.  We had quinoa and cherry tomatoes with a balsamic glaze on the side.

No pictures from tonight 😦 . I blame it on being in a different envrionment.. guess I got carried away and forgot!  But it was liked by all 🙂

The reason I am home…. is the reason I need your advice.

Okay – I am gettin my hurrr did tomorrow morning. All week long, I have been having an internal battle.. a CHOP.. or a TRIM.

I am torn. I have reasons for both..

First – let me explain my hair. Very … VERY fine & thin. PIN straight (like.. won’t hold a curl for more then 45 minutes.  I can go to bed with it wet.. and it will be nice and straight when I wake up.  Yes it is

Keeping it on the longer side:

  • I usually have long hair. It is what I am used to.
  • I can rock the bun on top of head look.. all the time.
  • I can do a few more things with it.. like put it in a braid. Okay.. that is really it since nothing else hold in my hair.
Chopping it (and by chopping it, I mean a little above my shoulders.. like so (remember… to add 4 years of age to this 21 year old face 😉 )

  • Easier to manage on hot summer days
  • Mixing it up
  • Really getting rid of allllll of my dead ends
What are your thoughts?  

Hope you all have a great weekend.  Anyone doing anything fun?!  Sadly.. weather is supposed to be rainy here.. but maybe that will help me finish my paper! (MAYBE)


17 responses to “Advice Needed!

  1. Happy Friday! I think your hair is super cute both ways, but I really like the just above the shoulder look for the summer!!

  2. I say go somewhere in between the two! That way you can test it out and see if shorter hair would be what you want.

  3. indecisiveathlete

    I always have this battle before a hair cut too! I like the short its cute even tho personally I’m terrified to chop mine off again. Maybe go a little below your shoulders?? best of both worlds.

  4. I just got my hair cut really short, and I absolutely love it. I’ve had really long hair for at least 10 years, so it was difficult, but it feels great – especially with summer here! Your hair looks so pretty either way, though! 🙂

  5. naturalandbalanced

    you look great with shorter hair!

  6. I actually like your hair short! I wouldnt do middle ground! I would do right above the shoulders like it is in the pic!

  7. I love growing my hair out and then cutting it off all at once. Last time I got rid of 15 inches and LOVED it. I like the length of your shoulder length hair, but maybe make it shorter in the back and longer in the front instead of all the same length. That makes it younger and fresher looking. My friend who has the same exact hair type you have just did this and she looks amazing.. mine is like that too, although it’s fine and curly so I need to straighten it. I’ve had that haircut too, I think it’s super flattering on almost anyone.

  8. I like it shorter for the summer. It really opens up your face! Either way, you’ll look fantastic. Can’t wait to see what you end up doing! 🙂

  9. I’d say GO for the change for the SUmmer 🙂 It always grows back!

    Yah for great runs<–nice job!!

  10. I like it shorter- you can totally pull it off! I have a really round face, so short hair doesn’t look good on me 😦

    I am always amazed at how many people go to the gym that early! I went to a 5:30 am spinning class once and it was FULL! Over 40 people… crazy!

  11. Not sure about the hair (trust me, you wouldn’t want my style advice anyway), but that sounds like a killer workout. Great job!

  12. I like your hair both ways, but if you like to pull it up into a bun on your head, maybe keep it a little longer. I know when I cut my hair short,and tried to pull it back, pieces from underneath would always fall out, it was like a ponytail mullet. I always had to carry around a bunch of bobby pins. It’s all what you prefer though! Either way will look fab!

  13. Chop 🙂
    Your hair is beautiful in both pictures but it is always nice to switch it up!

  14. I am a big fan of short hair….It compliments the face, gives you time to do other things than just get ready in the morning, allows you to not have to look work with it again at the end of the day. I like the idea of just above the shoulder in front and short in the back. A good look for almost anyone. But with your pretty face, you could also go super short and totally rock it!

  15. Cait, that’s my daughter’s name. You are both beautiful. I am normally partial to long hair. You look great both ways, but I really like it just above your shoulders 🙂

  16. I love the chop on you, it looks gorgeous although you could totally rock out in any hair length 😀

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