Yup. I did it. I chopped the hair. Thanks for all of your advice! I have been leaning towards chopping it, but I always get cold feet on the day of my appointment.. so all of your reassurance was definitely helpful!

Even before my hair appointment – I had gotten SO much accomplished (and it was at 9:30).  Clearly my early bird tendencies will NEVER ever leave me.. since I was up at 6:00 and not able to fall back to sleep.

I had decided last night.. that if I woke up early enough.. under my own power .. to go on a run before my hair appointment, then I would.

Clearly I woke up early enough.

I made some oats for breakfast…(I was even up early enough to digest a whole bowls of oats and not feel like plunking around in my tummy)..

Pretty plain today - Oats, Water, Almond Milk, Banana, SSB

And then headed out on a run.

A nice 5 miles at a pretty decent pace.


  • Mile 1: 8:28
  • Mile 2: 8:37
  • Mile 3: 9:01 (not sure what happened here)
  • Mile 4: 8:39
  • Mile 5: 8:37
Average Pace: 8:41/mi; Average HR: 164 BPM; Max HR: 179 BPM

I ran at aout 7:30 this morning – and the temperature was perfect.. about 60*. We are predicted to have rain for like 9 days straight.. and the SUN was even poking through every so often… so this was perfect!

I did 100 lunges after my run. 50 alternating up a hill.. and 50 alternating down hill. Hoping to FEEL THAT BURN again my my glutie patooties!

After my run, I rinsed off in the shower.. and got ready to make the big decision.

Like I said.. I was leaning toward going short before I even posted yesterday.  My hairdressers agreed that it was a good idea.. because my hair was still looking rather dry.  She also toned down the back of my hair because it was getting a little bright.

So – here we have it.

Not the best picture - but I HAD to show you all!

I do like it. I am getting used to it. I haven’t had hair this short since I was in high school (and even then.. I don’t think it was quite this short).  It is an adjustment.. and I know it will be just fab. Easy up keep for sure!

Before heading back to the condo.. I had some grub at mis padres:

Sandwich and a Banana with Sunflower Seed Butter

Ezekiel, Spinach and Artichoke Hummus, Lettuce, Tomato

Some of these...

Dipped in some more of THIS!

And then hit the road.

I am currently relaxing. Some pretty serious wave of tiredness hit my on the way home..and I immediately took a nap when I got back. (I NEVER NAP).

The rest of the day will for sure be low key… making grocery lists, deciding what to have for dinner.. and making PIZZA for dinner. 🙂

Don’t forget to enter my Peanut Flour Giveaway!  There is still one more day left to get your entries in!


35 responses to “Chopped.

  1. I LOVE IT!!! your hair looks beautiful!! I can not wait to cut mine shoulder length after the wedding, it’s so hot in the summer, less hair better for me!! Hope u have a great night love!!!! Xoxo

    • Everyone I know gets so much length taken off right after their wedding! You gotta have those long luscious locks for a purdy up-do – or whatever beautiful style you are choosing!

  2. Love your chopped hair! It’s perfect for the weather 😀 Glad you went for it. And those oats look delish, simple yet amazing 😀

  3. It’s so pretty! I really love the length 🙂

    I’m a total morning person too! I was up at 6 this morning and just couldn’t get back to sleep either. I love productive mornings though!

    • Thanks, Kate 🙂

      Productive mornings are awesome! I was up at 4:40 two mornings this week.. so I think it is coming back to kick me in the butt.. right to the couch!

  4. It looks great!!

    I am a morning person as well<—get so much more done 🙂

  5. I LOVE your hair – it looks cute!

    I had the tiredness thing going on too & I had a nap. It was nice & I feel much better. Not looking forward to all this rain we’re supposed to be gettin’!

  6. Your hair looks awesome! A good cut always makes hair look thick and uber healthy! Have a nice relaxing evening….wish I could come for a visit & share in some pizza 🙂

  7. Marcee ..... ILLINOIS

    Ohmygosh …. UR so adorable! Hair does not look chopped up. Just pretty! It will grow back before summer is over. Trust me. I know these things.

    LOVE the blue nail polish ….. spiffy!

  8. I love the new haircut! I always feel like a good hair cut makes you feel 100%

  9. I love it! Getting a NICE haircut is one of the best feelings ever 🙂

  10. I think it looks great! Congratz on your run, that’s a great pace, I’m jealous! (;

    A new haircut always puts my day off to a great start. I’m getting a trim next week!

  11. I love your haircut! It looks so good on you!
    I’m also a morning person. I get so much done before lunch but then after 1 or 2pm I completely crash

  12. Super cute! I have been thinking about getting a few inches chopped off too, but I keep chickening out bc I’ve been growing it for so long. It always looks sooo healthy though. You definitely can rock either length!

  13. indecisiveathlete

    I love your hair it is SO cute!! Gah I wish I had straight hair sometimes so I could pull off a cute short style like that.
    I make bananas with pb that way too wher you make it into a sandwich thing = yummines

  14. Your hair looks great! It’s so hard to go from long hair to short hair – I did it once and my hair was certainly healthier, but I just wasn’t feeling the short do. You rock it though! I think I need to have my hair toned, too. Might have to bring that up at my next appt. 🙂

    • Thanks, sweetie. I always grow it.. and then chop it.This is just the shortest I’ve ever taken the length up. Now, I will let it grow again! I haven’t had my hair toned it forever thought… so it was definitely needed!

  15. Your hair looks wonderful! It suits you perfectly 🙂

    100 lunges that is crazy girl! I wouldn’t be able to walk after that, you rock! 🙂

  16. Lunges AFTER 5 miles? Way to go!

    I LOVE your hair! You look fantastic. Doesn’t it feel weird the first time you wash it? Like “Hey! There used to be more to shampoo!” 🙂

  17. Cute! Thanks for the pic. I think we all would have been bummed if you mentioned a hair cut and didn’t show us!

  18. Your new ‘do looks so cute! I always used to get nervous before a haircut too…I had hair down to my butt up until 6th grade when one day I decided to chop 10 inches off. I got so nervous that I threw up DURING the hair cut. Talk about embarrassing!

  19. Sunflower seed butter is the BOMB! and your hair looks awesome too btw 🙂

    • I have trouble controlling myself around SSB. I brought this bottle home to my parents at the same time I purchased a bottle. They still had half left. Mine was gone… like 2 weeks ago.

  20. Pingback: Delicious AND Nutritious | beyondbananas

  21. I love your new hair do! I have always been a person to chop my hair off. I would love to have long hair right now, but my mop on top of my head does not seem to want to grow. Also, I think that your hair looks awesome shorter and I think that I might have to chop mine again soon just because yours looks adorable! 😀

    • Aww, thank you Lindsay! I am getting used to it now and like it more. Especially now that I have my make up on and stuff for work. Everything looks better when you are all did up!

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