I totally jinxed myself..

So – remember on Thursday.. when I had to take my contacts out in the middle of my kickboxing class.. because I had been wearing this single pair for SO long.. that they were causing excruciating pain to the ball of eye?

And I stored them on my iPod.. so I could take a picture of them.. for you..

Yup.. I stored them on top of my iPod

Well.. I had one more pair left… so I am thinking.. another 2 months worth of wear before I have to order a new boxes. Oh.. yes. I live on the edge. Who needs back ups.. I will order when these ones start hurting.

Apparently, the contact-masters do not like the methods of how I (over)wear my contacts. They decided they wanted to issue a little payback, I suppose.

Allow me to further explain.

As I am on my way out the door to hit up a boot camp conditioning camp at the gym.. I stop to put in my contacts. You know.. the last pair. No one likes a girl who can’t see in class.

Right contact.. check.

Left contact.. OW.

I remove. And examine further. Low and behold.. I see a nice little TEAR on the side.

And there goes my last left contact.

Even with the tear.. I wore it to class. Whatever. I can deal.

Class today.. was intense.  I always like to do my own cardio before any class I take. So I warmed up for 30 minutes on the treadmill.. completing 2.85 miles of walking/running…

And then had 60 minutes of hard core boot camp. Today, we did a lot of cardio moves..and a variety of plank and ab moves, with various squats and lunges thrown in there as well. Let’s take a look at how hard I worked.. aka the sweat that engulfed my being..


SWEAT MONSTER.  Justin would not come within 6 feet of me. (A number he came up with all on his own..)

I came home… SHOWERED (and wondered where the eff all my hair went.. I am going to need to adjust the amount of shampoo I use… BIG TIME..) and then enjoyed my favorite weekend lunch:

Turkey, mustard, cherry tomatoes, spinach, mozz

Cottage Cheese & Strawberries

Now.. let’s check out how my workouts were this week.. here we go with the Weekly-Workout-Wrap-up :

  • Monday: 15 min stair mill, 15 min treadmill (1.5 mi); 45 min back strength training
  • Tuesday: 45 minutes yoga
  • Wednesday: 30 min interval training on TM (3.8 mi); 30 min strength/plyo
  • Thursday: 18 min treadmill warm up (2mi);  60 min cardio kickboxing class
  • Friday: 40 min interval training (5.07 mi)
  • Saturday: 5 mi run, mucho lunges
  • Sunday: 2.8 mi jog; 60 min boot camp conditioning camp

Total Miles Ran: 20.17

Update for  Amanda’s 100 Miles in May

Since May 1st – I have walked/ran a total of: 75.8 miles…(Remember this also includes an approximation of my daily mileage at work.. and I have a job that keeps my on my feet and moving for most of the day)

How I felt this week:

Um. Exhausted. I did 2 early morning gym sessions this week.. which meant 4:40 wake up calls. My body is not lovin it. With early bird genes in my system.. I am up at the crack of dawn on weekends too – regardless of how late/early I get to bed. The silly fire alarm this morning.. did not help my cause either.  Keep reading to see how I plan to address this problem.

But even with the exhaustion setting in- I am definitely feeling my strength returning with a vengeance.  My muscles are looking more defined…and I feel more toned.

Last weeks goal check-up:

  • Write down my plans for each workout. I definitely did a pretty good job at this.. I wrote down my intervals..so I could check them off as I went.. and also wrote down the strength training
  • Hydrate More.  I am still slacking here.  I did a better job – and found myself actually filling up my water bottle at work. (Usually I sip on one bottle through the day.. and then just refill at the gym).  I drank too much coffee though.. numerous days with more then one cup. Need to cut back..
  • Do an interval training run. Check. In fact.. DOUBLE CHECK. Granted.. it was the same interval set (one was just 10 min longer).. I completed bangin’ intervals on Wednesday and Friday morning.
  • YOGA! Check. Yoga completed at home on Tuesday night.. and a mini sesh with my students on Thursday!

What I would like to see next week:

  • More of the same.. with one extra thing.. REST. I haven’t taken a complete day off.. (no yoga..nothing) in a long time. I don’t even want to tell you how long. In fact.. I don’t even know how long.. I am afraid to actually calculate it.  So… my main goal for this week.. is having one complete day of rest.  I am REALLY bad at this. FYI. But I know it is necessary for my body.
Thank you all for entering my Peanut Flour Giveaway!! Comments are now closed.. and the winner will be announced in tomorrow evenings post.. so be on the lookout!

This week, I’ve got some awesome recipes coming your way.. 2 using peanut flour.. one sweet.. and one savory. So hope you are ready to get working in the kitchen! Have a lovely night 🙂 xoxo

PS – Updated the blog roll today.. check it out!

6 responses to “I totally jinxed myself..

  1. Yey for sweaty workouts! 🙂 I love the look of your sammy mmm mmm! I do the PB flour because I want to try your cake recipe with the drizzled chocolate – yumm again 🙂

    Your workouts look awesome, especially the variety. Rest is definitely a great idea. Sometimes I really hate taking rest days but it ends up really invigorating and energizing me for my next workout.

    Hope you have a great start to your week! 🙂

    • Yeah.. I have a personal day today and I went to a class at the gym.. and my body was just exhausted. It is really getting angry with me. Looks like tomorrow may be that rest day I so desprately need!

  2. Haha, I looked like that on Saturday after a long cardio session that the gym . I always double up on tank tops and I didn’t think it was that bad till I got to the 2nd tank top and realized I could probably wring it out. Somehow it didn’t soak through to the top one.

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  4. I always have yoga on my list of goals… it almost never happens though. Whoops! Oh well. Great job on the running. 100 miles is a lot, but you can do it!

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