Giveaway Winner!

Hey y’all! How was your Monday?!  It has been pretty nasty here lately – weather wise that is!

After my lack of sleep yesterday, I was more than thrilled when I did not have to set an alarm this morning.  Justin – on the other hand.. did have to get up and go to I woke up to his alarm. But it was at 7:00am instead of my normal 5:00am. So.. I for sure felt like I slept in.

I woke up slowly this morning.. and had a charming bowl of strawberry banana hot oats for breakfast:

  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • Sun Warrior Protein Powder.. just 1/2 tbsp or so
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1/2 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 medium sliced banana
  • 4 stawberries, chopped up

It was delicious! I enjoyed these oats while watching.. HOME IMPROVEMENT! I had no idea this wonderful show was on between 7-8am on TBS. I almost died and went to heaven.  The episodes were from when Randy and Lauren went on their first date. AWWWW.

I had a set game plan for today:

Step Class @ 9:45.


I feel ya, buddy!

This thing has been staring me straight in the face.. for quite some time now. I cannot put it off any longer.

To limit my distractions, I packed up my bag before I went to the gym.. and headed to the local Starbucks as soon as I finished at the gym.

Prior to step, step, stepping it up, I warmed up on the elliptical for 10 minutes. Yes.  No running. Wow. I think this is the first time in .. well.. a long time that I’ve done a work out and NOT run. It was quite refreshing, honestly.

Step class was awesome today.  Because I went in the middle of they day, I had an instructor that I’ve never had before. And she was fab. We didn’t stop moving..heart rate up for the whole 60 minutes. That is my kind of workout!

Then.. it was off to SBux.  Yes. I brought a clean shirt.  No – this did not mean I was clean.  But I am not caring. That is how I roll.

I banged out about 1500 words over 2 hours. (Mind you.. Starbucks is NOT a distraction free place. WiFi allows for reading blogs, tweeting, making hotel reservations.. yes I did this .. facebooking.. the usual).  I suppose I did not have TV to distract me?!

I was happy with the amount of work that I did though. At around 1:15 – my tummy was screaming… FEED ME.. IT IS WAY PAST LUNCH TIME!

So, I came home and enjoyed almost the same lunch I had yesterday… almost. Yes.. it was that good, I just had ot have it one more time.

Who am I kidding. I like this combo so much.. I have it every time I am home for lunch 😉

My afternoon consisted of more paper, grading student work, laundry, dishes… and dropping Justin off at the train station.  He has training for work in NYC  😦 .  But.. I did get to drive his  new car for the first time!

I looooove me some new car smell! But obviously will miss him MORE than I enjoy his new car smell.. PROMISE :).

Now – on to what you are all waiting for… the winner of my Peanut Flour Giveaway.  Through a website that selects numbers randomly, comment # 38 is the winner.

So, congratulations to Vivianne.. a new blogger over at Greek Yogurte. I hope you enjoy messing around in the kitchen with your new batch of peanut flour!

Please e-mail me your information to beyondbananas [at] ymail [dot] com .. so I can get this stuff on its way to YOU!

So – yeah today was kind of boring. I am sorry if you took a snooze while reading this post. I would promise you that tomorrow will be more entertaining… but I could be lying. Because I honestly don’t know how entertaining my day will be tomorrow.

Let me ask you a few questions though.. in case you read all the way to the bottom: Do you have a place where you go when you need to get something done.. without distractions?  Does it usually work?  As you can see… I tried Starbucks. It was semi-successful, but I still had plenty of distractions at my fingertips!


23 responses to “Giveaway Winner!

  1. I love home improvement way too much….and Full House. SO great!

    • Seriously. I don’t know why they ever took them off the air. I would still watch it faithfully if they brought the casts back.. Haha.. could you imagine that.. MaryKate and Ashley Olsen playing Michelle… now!?!

  2. I have to hit the office if I need to get work done. Sometimes when I’m all motivated (or swamped) I bring work home but never get it done. There’s too many fun distractions like dogs, husband, TV, deck…..

  3. During college I always remember friends saying they had to go to the library to concentrate instead of stay at their apartments, but I was the opposite! I work best at home with background noise (cooking show or listening to music). Of course, the cat does like to sit on the keyboard, but somethings gotta’ give.

  4. Those oats look amazing. I’ve never added strawberries to my hot oats because I always think it’ll get too mushy lol
    And I always end up doing everything in my room. My parents don’t bother me so I can get a lot done 🙂

    • I usually go frozen..and like the gooeyness that ensues, but I got a great deal on fresh berries this weekend at the store.. aka buy one get one free! They were not mush at all.. GO FOR IT!

      I used to do my work in my room when I lived at home too. Now, I can’t even think of brining anything with me if I go home for a weekend. It is a lost cause!

  5. I can’t do anything if I have internet access, it’s pretty pathetic really. I need to be studying right now and you see what I’m doing…Blogs and facebook are the reason it took me so long to get through school. Online classes are hard when there are so many distractions. 😦

  6. pawsitivelife

    I love working in place like coffee shops. I NEED background noise, when ppl are talking but not to me. When its too quiet I get distracted

  7. AHHHHHHH HOORRAYYYY!!!! I emailed you, Cait (:(:(:

    I love studying with a bit of background noise. I love coffee shops because of the dim lighting and idle chatter. It’s so comforting! I also really love love starbucks because it’s AMAZING!

    Also, those oats look DELICIOUS! I am going to have to try that fo-sho. I just bought strawberries (:

  8. you can totally pull off the short hair! so cute on you! (previous post)

    and the cookies, love em! (prev post)

    congrats to the PF winner!

  9. Sometimes I get more distracted if I’m out in public trying to do work! That’s usually because I go with a friend, and we end up talking more than working 🙂

  10. I dont think your day was boring! There’s nothing wrong with good food, great workout, and getting work done. It’s how most of us spend our days! 🙂

    I do need to make a melty cheese sammy, you’ve convinced me!

    I really do need to get some of that peanut flour now that I sadly did not win, sigh… 😉 I would like to work in a coffee shop but all the ones nearby our apt are pretty busy so I can never be assured a spot. Plus I love being near my pup and hate leaving him alone when I don’t need to. Therefore, I’m usually sitting here at the dining room table or sitting on the couch 🙂

    • Omg those sandwiches are amazing.. just throw em on the George Forman grill for a couple of minutes and they are all set.

      Sorry you didn’t win! You can always order some online, as well!

  11. Your breakfast is so amzing!:) I have also a major problem with working on my school papers and don´t letting myself distracted by everything that appears… Usually when I need a quiet place, I leave my rented flat in Prague and go home to my parents. They are at work during the day and so I have all day for myself…But usually I spend most of the day doing funny things and paper = no funny thing:)

  12. Love your blog! Just found it 🙂

    I can stay pretty non-distracted at starbucks, i tried the library by my work…but its so quiet it’s distracting! haha

    • Glad you found me! Sometimes, I do need silence to do work.. but it can be kind of eerie too when it is super quiet. Sometimes, at Stabucks, I get drawn into the LOUD conversations the group next to me is having. I know it is non of my business…but if they are practically screaming, I can’t help over overhear 😉

  13. I like to try to convince myself that working at my local coffee shop is distraction free, but the reality is, anywhere there is internet, I’m screwed 🙂 I do feel more productive when I work outside of my house though.

    Glad you had a good day off 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

  14. I really have got to get me some vanilla protein powder!!!!!!

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