The Story of Us

Good morning my little love bunnies!  Hope you all had a wonderful Monday.  I am embarking on my Monday today..since I had a extra little day off this week!

Today – I wanted to share with you a little story.  A love story to be exact.  One about a boy and a girl.. who meet.. and fall in love.. under rather normal circumstances.

Why am I sharing this story if it a not so random love story.  Well.. because this boy’s name.. is Justin. And the girl.. her name is Cait.  And this story holds a special place in my heart.. because it is my story.

It all started one winter day in January of 2010.  The 17th of January to be exact.  I was in one of my funks.. where I wasn’t too keen on going out very often. Somehow, my former college roomate and one of my best friends convinced to travel 45 minutes from my apartment down to hers.. for a night out on the town :).

The girl responsible for it all..

I accepted her invitation with some hesitation – because I was in the middle of earning my graduate degree – and interning full time at an elemenrary school.  Long nights of drinking usually did not fit in the my schedule. But, I accepted, nonetheless.

The night started out pretty harmless.  My girl, Christine, her friend from home, Mare, and I headed out to have some drinks.. bar hopped a few times.

A ... few ... drinks under my belt

In walked a number of Christine’s coworkers.  One began chatting me up – buying me a few drinks.  We started dancing… really hitting it off.  This boy’s name.. happened to be Justin.

No. It wasn’t a coincidence.. it is actually the same Justin that I am now dating.

The night we met...

So – we danced the night away – and a group of us ended up crashing on the floor.. of Christine’s 500 sq. ft studio apartment. It was a tight squeeze. I think I ended up on the kitchen floor.

The next morning, I was kind enough to drive Justin home – a half hour drive.. through snowy conditions.. in the opposite direction of where I lived.

Quite honestly.. he must have really been appreciative of the fact that I drove him home in stormy weather.. because I haven’t been able to shake him since! 😉

Over the next 6 months – we spent most weekends at my apartment really getting to know each other.  When my lease was up – we were both living at home…. and we were separated by more than an hour car drive.

Yes.. I understand there are people who live much further away from their significant other – but this doesn’t make our situation any easier. There were tough times – with the distance.. and with the fact that we were both living with our parents.  We had been used to me having my own apartment…so it was an adjustment.

We made it work though – because we love each other. Even when times were hard.. (mostly because of my stubborness…) we pulled through each difficult situation.

Last year – we decided we were going to take a big step in our relationship.. and move in together. Not just move in togther.. like rent. Like.. BUY and move in together.

The process of buying a house (which you can read more about here) was the greatest hardship our relationship had encountered. Our weekends were no longer spent having date nights.. or lounging.. but instead were filled with number crunching, figuring out budgets..and going on endless house hunting adventures.

House-Hunting can be quite the rollercoaster!

When we finally closed on our condo – we pulled it together – and did a lot of work to make this house.. OUR home. And it couldn’t be any better. After living with Justin for 9 months.. there is one thing that I am postive of:

I love him more every day.  The reasons I love him… well, they are endless.. but I can name a few for ya:

  • His patience and understanding.  On my toughest of days.. the days when I come home.. and just want to be in my own little bubble.. Justin understands. He knows that I can be stubborn.. I can snap.. and he let’s it roll of his shoulders..and waits for me to return to earth.
  • His devotion. Justin puts his heart and soul into everything that he does.  Whether it be work.. play.. or a relationship.. you can count on Justin to pull through with whatever it is that is needed.  He has an incredible drive to do the best that he possible can.. and his efforts do not go unnoticed.. at work .. or at home.
  • His sense of humor.  Justin has no shame.. he will gallop around the house.. break out in a dance/or song just about anywhere… and recognize the right times where a joke is needed to lighten the mood.  He always knows what to say to get me to crack a smile
  • And of course.. his love for me. I know that Justin loves me with every ounce of his heart.. and would do anything and everything to ensure my happiness.  He shows me his love in both little ways.. and big ways. I can count on him for anything – and know he would be by my side in any time of need.

I hope that he knows.. that the love he has for me.. is returned.. in an even larger quantity.  He has showed me the true meaning of  love.. and helped me to understand that a real relationship has a solid foundation built on TRUST not jealousy and insecurities. I am forever grateful for having him in my life – and have found true happiness with him by my side.  He is not solely responsible for my happiness.. but he has guided me to a happy place. 
So .. thank you Christine – for introducing us 28 months ago. And thank you Justin – for being the most amazing and supportive man that I could possibly dream  of. I love you!


29 responses to “The Story of Us

  1. Aw, what a sweet post Cait! It sounds to me like you’ve found your soulmate.

  2. Awwwww…. so glad you found each other! You two are adorable!

  3. Such a sweet post! I used to gag at love stories but now that I’ve found the right person I love to hear about how other people have too. So glad you’re happy! 🙂

  4. You are so cute! I love reading your blog… and you are inspiring me to start my own! I am also 25 and a teacher! Aaaaand I was born in CT!

  5. Awwww, how cute! I LOVED reading your love story 🙂

    Justin sounds like a catch and a true man. I bet you are glad you went out with your friend 45 minutes away 🙂

    I totally understand the long distance relationship.. ugh. My bf and I like an hour away but we make it work haha

    • It is hard.. but if you love each other.. then it will work. I know it is a corny saying. but distance truly DOES make the heart grow fonder… makes every encounter you DO have that much more special!!!!

  6. Aww so sweet Cait! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I teach 5th grade… love it and hate it. Worrying about having a job for next year because there are so many budget cuts in Philly. We’ll see! Also, when you use your Sun Warrior, what do you use to measure a scoop? I just got my first bag and I am so excited to use it, but I don’t know what to measure it out with! Is there a scoop inside that I am missing?

    • There should be a scoop inside. It may be buried somewhere.. but mine does have a scoop. I would rummage a little bit!

      Will keep my fingers crossed for your budget! It is such a shame that the quality of education received depends on these budget votes!

  8. Love this story! so cute and warm and fuzzy!!

  9. The rummaging will begin asap. THANKS!

  10. Awww 🙂 I love stories of how couples got together!

  11. AWWWW. This is so cute (: That’s so awesome that you guys were able to successfully buy a place together! I bet it’s a lot of work (;

    I love how you say you met under “ordinary circumstances”. Love is never ordinary. I mean, you just randomly decided to get dragged out, and somehow you guys kept talking… I’m a big ‘if it’s meant to happen it will’ kind of girl and I think you guys were meant to be (;

    A super cute story, thanks for sharing (:

  12. that’s a really sweet story – reminds us all to live life in a state of “yes” because you never know what may happen (or who you might meet)

  13. You two are too cute together. I love how you took the plunge to move in together. He seems like a wonderful man. You got yourself a keeper 😉

  14. This is a sweet post! I love reading about happy relationships. They give me hope.

  15. I love reading about how couples meet!!!! This is soooo flippin cute!

  16. oh my goodness what a beautiful love story! 🙂 It is so clear what a simply loving and perfect couple you two are, brings tears to my eyes!

    I think getting through the house buying process together is a HUGE deal. We’re married and we haven’t done it yet, I can imagine that it is pretty stressful! Congrats to you two! 🙂

  17. Aw so cute 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  18. i love this! it’s so sweet. and you are right, every love story is unique and it never gets old! (hence the never ending romatic comedy movie genre). I especially love your top 4 reasons of why you love him. If i had to think of the top reasons for my bf they would probably be the same!! and all those reasons make me want to be a better more patient person, and work harder to be the best i can be at work or at home because of my bf’s amazing influence on my life. thank you for making me remember that 😉

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