Wordless Wednesday

A day in the life of Cait… through photos…

Some CHOCOLATE overnight oats for Breakfast…

Choclate Oats1

Seriously.. no better way to start off the day then with a nice, cold, bowl of chocolate overnight oats with berries. MMMM. Yes, it looks like poop. I am okay with eating something that looks like poop.. (Ithink)

Too many of these lately...

Not enough of this

In DESPRATE need of some organization. So that is what I did during LUNCH!


Trip to San Fran is less than a month away! Any tips for our 5 night get away would be greatly appreciated! I am super excited and want to do some amazing things. I am a tourist. So I will act accordingly!

Dinner: Ezekiel with tuna, mustard, green onions & tomatoes

With broccoli slaw, strawberries, & apple slices on the side 🙂

A dessert favorite of mine.. popcorn, cinnamon.. and wait for it..

Ahh. yes, a melted square of Ghiardelli 72% dark chocolate

To be enjoyed any way you like 😉


Hope you all had a GREAT Wednesday. We are on the down down til the weekend! Woo-hoooooo!!!



38 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I love that great feeling you get after you clean a messy desk! I always feel so proud of myself!

    Your popcorn dessert looks delicious! I would have never thought of that. And I never thought about sprinkling cinnamon on it!

    • It is SO simple.. totally worth trying> i love my chocolate totally melted..so I put it in the bowl by itself and microwave it for like 15 seconds before popping the popcorn.

  2. yum! good eats 🙂
    I visited San Fran when I was younger and I distinctly remember visiting the Red Woods so I would consider checking that out!

  3. I am so jealous, I love San Fran! If you don’t mind spending the money I highly recommend the Max Napa Tours. It was a great time and a semi-personalized wine tour. It was probably my favorite part of the city! Take me with you!

    • I will totally check it out. My dad also said going to Napa is something that NEEDS to happen when we are there!
      I’ll put ya in my suitcase..but I guess youll have to come to CT for that to be arranged! 😉

  4. I love popcorn made with cinnamon and chocolate 🙂

  5. I’ve been all over some popcorn lately. Such a great snack!

  6. Chocolate and popcorn are a match made in heaven! I want to go to San Fran so bad, I hope you have a great time!

  7. I’m loving the oats (regardless of what they look like 😉 and definitely your popcorn! Am I seeing things or do your nails match your bowl??

  8. Never tried cinnamon on popcorn before, but my mom taught me to always eat snow caps with popcorn at the movies to get that chocolate/salty combo! 😉

  9. Cleaning my desk makes me feel SO good. Maybe for me its just because it allows me to procrastinate from actually doing my work…

  10. Yay for spring cleaning!

    I’ve been reorganizing my entire room since I just moved back home for the summer. It feels so good to be in a clean space!

  11. mmm chocolate…. snap out of it Jenny! 😛

    Your trip sounds wonderful! 🙂 What I would recommend is hopping on over to Callie and Hags Blog http://asianskinny.com/ because they live in San Fran and know and write about awesome restaurants 🙂

    Your desk looks lovely. I still can’t get myself to make overnight oats because I like the warmth of the cooked version. Maybe when it’s finally stays warm here… 😛

    • Awesome! I will totally check out their site..thanks for the suggestion!

      I thought that I wouldn’t like overnights because I loved warm oats..but then I tried it once..don’t even remember why. But they have changed my life. It is like pudding oats. Yum.

  12. i have the same water bottle!! mm that tuna reminds me i need to make that for lunch tomorrow!

  13. Happy Wednesday!! I need to try your pop corn creation 🙂

  14. indecisiveathlete

    I see over night oats everywhere and still need to try them! Love your lunch box!

  15. pawsitivelife

    I have to try these overnight oats!…but I must admit I am a little intimidated by the,.

  16. I love that your nails match the bowel!

  17. Lol those oats don’t look like poop!! Well to me at least since I know how amazing they are 🙂 Overnight oats are a staple breakfast, love them. And hooray for getting some spring cleaning done 🙂

  18. When in San Fran rent a bicycle and bike across the Golden Gate Bridge and around Marin County. We also took the Alcatraz tour and enjoyed it. Also have an Irish coffee at Buena Vista and a chocolate sundae at Ghiardelli. Have fun! P.S. I teach in Columbia, MO and our last day is June 3:)

    • Thanks so much for the tips. Biking across the Golden Gate is something I REALLY want to do! Need to find a good place to rent bikes!

      June 3??!! You are SO lucky. OMG.. that is like 2 weeks away! Totally jealous. I am out June 17..which is early around here because schools had upwards of 7 snow days (SNOWY winter). We don’t make up snow days because we have mandatory summer school. Some places are until like June 27!

  19. Those chocolate overnight oats look delicious! What did you put into them? Love your blog by the way!

  20. Love that melted chocolate and popcorn!!

  21. Born and raised in San Francisco. Tell me what types of things you like to do and I will suggest accordingly.

  22. Hey, girl! Looks like you have a lot of San Francisco suggestions, but I thought I’d add my two cents. Check out the Ferry Building (there’s an indoor farmer’s market, lots of restaurant/coffee/dessert options, a Sur La Table, and it’s a foodie’s dream!), Napa and/or Sonoma…especially if the weather is nice, and the Muir Woods for sure. Some of my favorite restaurants around here include Tataki on California for Sushi (it’s amazing); Gott’s for fast casual burger/fries/shakes at the Ferry Building or in Napa, Dosa on Fillmore across from Kabuki theatre. SO MANY PLACES! I know everyone has their own preferences and I’m from Texas and just live in SF, so this is just my two cents! Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂 Oh, and the city will probably be pretty chilly (summer in SF is cold to this Texan!), but it can also get very warm inland, so just bring clothes you can layer with. XO

    • Ahhh, Thanks so much, Kristen – you are awesome. I will let you know of any questions I have. I haven’t had too much time to think about the trip.(. besides day dreaming) and I need to get on that. It will be here before I know it!!!

  23. Great post!

    You will love San Fran! Burma Superstar is a must-try, amazing restaurant on Clement St, and if you are into hiking/exploring outside, you should give Muir Woods a try! I could give you a million suggestions….

    Love the blog! 🙂

    • Yes! Jenny told me I should check out your blog for some expert advice! This weekend my boyfriend and I were goingto try and put together some lists.. so I may come back to you for some suggestions! 🙂

      Glad you like my blog 🙂

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