Thirsty Thursday

Ooooh yeah. It’s thirsty Thursday baby.  Just got outta work.. hit up the gym for a nice sweat sesh.. and it is time to quench the thirst.



Yes, I am quite spontanuous and adventurous these days.  Drinks.. on a work night. Yeah. I am going to have give a big old PASS to that one. Unfortunately, a Friday morning headache and an extra fatigued body and mind.. certainly does not mix well with a classroom full of 8 year olds… who talk.. constantly..

So, I am going to kick back.. and crack open a can.. er.. bottle.. Um.. sip water out of a straw, thank you very much!

But WAIT.. I have some super excitng news. CHECK THIS OUT!

Mmmmhmmm. Those are tons of little coupons in my “Caught Ya!” jar. Perhaps students are trying to be nice to win a coupon.. but who cares?! They are STILL being nice. Hopefully.. they will realize that it isn’t so bad to be a good friend! 🙂

Anywho – Thursday, Thursday.. what a lovely day you are. Just one day away from Friday.. an even better day. Just two days way from the weekend.. the two BEST days of the week.

I must take you back to Wednesday though – because I attended a PHENOMINAL Body Works class. There was a sub.. so it was new. And I L O V E D it… (with a capital L-O-V-E-D!!!)

It was different then any of the other body works classes I have attened.. and more my style. Not a lot of breaks.. constant on the go.  The best part was the way in which the instructor planned the exercises. They were done to the songs. During the verses, there would be slow counts on lifting (up 2 , down 2, or 3.. or 4, super slow).. then during the chourses, there single counts. FAST.

Same move. WHOLE song. SORE Cait today 🙂

Today.. has been a mix mash of events.. some things.. well, just not quite right…

I can’t find my stickers, so I have been handing out THESE babies..

What? Halloween is COOl year round.  Haven’t you heard? It is the cool thing to do!

No one is complaining. I’ve got kids sportin’ pumpkins and candy corn with PRIDE! Thumbs up to Halloween!

Another big old thumbs up to the finals countdown:

16 full days of school. 4 half days. (Let’s pretend I haven’t been coutning down since 50.. okay? COOL BEANS.)

I am really counting down to my trip.. because I leave on the same day we get out of school. San Francisco lovin’! I am thankful for all of your suggetions.. and will probably have tons more questions as trip nears.

After my muscle rockin work out yesterday, I was TOTALLY all about cardio today at the gym.. and had an itch to run.  It has been POURING for what seems like years here in CT. But this afternoon, something miraculous and unscheduled happened.

Um. Yes.

It stopped raining. And the sun came out. I checked the weather.. no rain insight until 7pm. You know what that meant.. I was hittin’ the pavement! Wahoo!

It felt great to be outdoors. And since my garmin was dead..(had no plans on running outside, so I didn’t charge it…) I was running without pace attached to my left wrist (though I did wear my polar hrm).  Now – it wasn’t sunny during my run, infact it got kind of dark and scary towards the end.. but I ran for 50 minutes and walked for another 10..without getting wet at all!

Of course, I wanted to know my final distance, so I plugged it in to Mapmyrun when I got home..and this is what I got:

Total Miles: 5.91

Total Time: 50:00

Average Pace: 8:24

Not to shabby. I enjoyed rockin my run without the Garmin too!

How do you feel about running Garmin free (if you have one)?

Had any fantastic new work outs lately? If so, please share 🙂


16 responses to “Thirsty Thursday

  1. I’m just beginning to start running but right now I totally rely on my polar hrm. It doesn’t give me the miles I’ve ran, but I like to keep track of the time and my heart rate.

  2. I’m so glad that you had lovely weather for your run! I wish I had gotten out for one today in the beautiful sunshine but at least I had a walk along the lake 🙂

    I am totally with you on not drinking on weeknights! I can barely do it on the weekend 😛

    I don’t blame you for counting the days even though you love your students 🙂

    I do love my Garmin. I’m actually so used to running without a watch that I only check it from time to time mainly to check the distance. Have a wonderful Friday !:)

    • Seriously! I had feeling hungover – I am not a fan of feeling “drunk” and would never want to waste a weekend day feeling less then par because of lots of drinks!

  3. Cute stickers! I’m a sucker for Halloween! 🙂

  4. New to your blog… I know how you feel about student yapping 🙂 I used to teach elementary and now I’ve moved to high school- they talk just as much and are even louder!

    I can’t get myself to go-Garminless. I’m an addict an I find I do much better with pacing if I use mine!

    • It definitely wasn’t my preference to go Garmin-less..but it was dead..and I could not let the opportunity to get outside in the middle of DAYS of rain.. slip away! 🙂

  5. You are rockin’ your new haircut girl! It looks great! We had some sunshine today too, although my muscles couldn’t take a run this afternoon – I too am SORE from a Tuesday circuit class and a spin class this a.m. It hurts but it feels darn good!

    • Don’t you just LOVE being sore from a great workout thought! Ahh I love circuits! I Used to do group circuit classes before I moved out of my parents’ house. Now I just do them on my own. (Classes ar TOTALLY bettter)

  6. i hate running garmin free now that i’m used to it. i feel like i should be able to just intuitively run and push myself without it, but it still feels weird to not look down & see my watch blinking back a reassuring number at me.
    nice hair, btw!

    • I was actually kind of shocked that I ended up running a very similar pace to my regular runs.. about 8:30 / mi. In fact.. a lot of my runs recently have been slower then that. Must have been the rest day on Tuesday!!! 🙂

  7. woo hoo almost done! countdown has begun. And garmin free is always nice for a change. ENjoy the run, not the pace. Right?

  8. Love the pumpkin stickers haha! Way to improvise 🙂

    sometimes it is soo refreshing not to run with a running watch 🙂

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