Manual Labor

Hey, hey, hey! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!! I have been a busy busy  bee today! First off, I slept until 7am today! That is really late for me!

Not to mention.. I was in bed last night at like 10!  I was exhausted from yesterday’s event.. Which reminds me..

THANK YOU for all of your kind words!  You are making the event feel even more successful then it already was (if that is even possible!)

Justin was pretty pooped last night too – so we decided to finish watching “The Switch” after grubbin on some Chinese food.  Is say FINISH watching.. because I could not make it through the whole movie on Friday night. I was too tired.

DAMN! I am just the SOCIAL BUTTERFLY lately.. huh?  Well.. I really enjoyed this movie. It says a lot for me to enjoy a movie at home.  I totally have trouble focusing on movies.. when I have so many other things that can grab my attention at home.. i.e., THIS COMPUTER… and YOUR BLOGS. But I vowed to let the computer BE last night.. and watched the movie.

I was really pulling for Bateman to tell Aniston about “the switch” … which is really saying something.. I was emotionally involved in a movie I was viewing from my own home!

After waking up, I decided to give Carrie’s oats a go.. and was very satisfied:

  • 1/2 cup oat bran
  • 2.5 cups water
  • scoop sunwarrior
  • dash of vanilla (didn’t have almond extract)
  • topped with cinnamon, PB and fresh strawberries

It was GOOD!  The texture was so different then my regular oats – and it was definitely a nice change.  I will most certainly be throwing this in the mix!  Has anyone ever tried overnight oats using oat bran?  Overnights are really all my schedule allows for during the week!

Justin and I set off on our weekly shopping excursion.. again saving 25$ on our 125$ bill.  $100 bucks for the week.. not to shabby! I totally forgot to picture my goods before putting them away.. and while I LOVE you all dearly.. I was not about the remove everything from their homes.  Instead, here is a look inside my fridge:

Most stocked it has EVER been. Justin just said so! 🙂

I hit up the gym for an easy 2.6 mile run and an hour of BOOT CAMP!  We had a hard core class today.  Everything focused on the core.. which was fabulous.  I have totally been slacking in the core workout area.. so I loved every second of the BURN!

Almost bathing suit season!

All of this.. my friends.. was done before noon!  How about that for productivity!

Then.. came the frustrations of the afternoon!  Remember how I said I would be at Walmart looking for a bistro set when the world ended yesterday?!

Well.. 1 – I was at Walmart at 6pm yesterday. The world did not end.

And 2 – We got a Bistro set. For $98. YES, PLEASE.

Well, today as a different story.. no more yes, pleases.  A whole lot of &*#@^!#(*$%^#&.  I am the assembler of our duo.  I like to take control of these scenarios.. and refuse any help.

I wish I had seen this first…

Now – I DID look at the instructions. Well.. the pictures anyway.  I mean.. in my defense, I am used to putting together IKEA furniture.. where there ARE no words.. so I really didn’t think words would be that important.

Anyway… who tells you to assemble something by NOT screwing in the bolts all the way. Well, once Justin finally pointed out that piece of info to me.. after I declared we would need to take it back because there was NO possible way it would go together..and after a lot of tightening, then loosening, then retightening.. reloosening.. and the final tightening of screws… we finally had our bistro set:

Justin already spent some time reading a magazine out there.. but it is too chilly for me today.  I am totally looking forward to sitting out there.. and eating, reading… blogging… as it warms up! 🙂

Alright.. let’s get down to this week’s workouts….

Weekly Work-Out Wrap-Up!

  • Monday: 2.5 miles walk/run, 60 minute step class
  • Tuesday: REST.. COMPLETE REST!
  • Wednesday: 15 min elliptical; 60 minute strength training class
  • Thursday: 5.91 mile run – 50 minutes
  • Friday: YOGA! 60 min.
  • Saturday: 2mile run at event, 4 mile walk
  • Sunday: 2.5 mi jog; 60 min boot camp conditioning camp

Update for  Amanda’s 100 Miles in May –

Since May 1st – I have walked/ran a total of: 106 miles..(Remember this also includes an approximation of my daily mileage at work.. and I have a job that keeps my on my feet and moving for most of the day) So – I have made my 100 miles in May goal.. but still plan on hoofin’ it for the rest of the month.. year… my life 😉

How I felt this week:

I gave my body rest. I tried to keep going strong.. and went to step class on Monday – and I was utterly exhausted physically.  I knew a rest day was really needed. Taking rest days is the hardest thing for me.  I mean.. in reality.. I KNOW that taking rest days is the BEST thing for my body -and that not working out for ONE day .. or TWO days.. will do nothing to take away from my healthy lifestyle. In fact.. it is more likely to benefit it!  Still, corresponding those thoughts with my actions.. is definitely difficult!

I’ve definitely been having some body image/confidence issues this week as well. I am not quite sure where they are coming from – but I am working to get past the negative thoughts and surround myself with positivity.

How do you deal with issues of body confidence and self-image?  If you are one of the lucky woman who never has to face these issues – I look up to you.. and hope to someday find that place.

Tell me something fun you did this weekend!


19 responses to “Manual Labor

  1. You did so great with all of your work on the race! If you schedule even just 1 rest day every week, your brain gets accustomed to it and you learn to expect and ENJOY the rest 🙂

    Glad you could let the comp. be and watch a movie!! Have a GREAT Sunday!! 🙂

    • I love your way of thinking.. I am definitely going to start scheduling rest days in..and then you are so right.. my body will get used to it.. and depend on it.. AND LOOK FORWARD TO IT! 🙂

  2. i’d like to meet the woman that doesn’t have body issues. and then i’d like to meet the unicorn she rode in on.
    we all have our own issues and demons. i’ve learned to just accept it like i accept the fact that i’ll never be 5’9. on good days: i breathe in, deal with it, and move on. on bad days: i stay on the elliptical too long and stress about what i eat. i’m having more good days than bad and that, for me, is success!

    i recently had a 34 year old friend die of a sudden heart attack. life’s too short to waste minutes worrying about things that we can’t control. eventually, we all run out of minutes! (this is what i keep reminding myself)

    • Hahahah I love it… “and then I’d like to meet the unicorn she rode in on.” Omg.. I laughed SO loud. Thanks for slappin a smile on my face. And for the rest of your comment. My bad days are decreasing in number.. so I guess I can take that positive point..and work form there.

      I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It really brings things into perspective!

  3. Cute bistro set! Geez, I get frustrated even putting together IKEA furniture. I definitely do not have any mechanical genes in my body.

    Something fun this weekend…had a date night on Friday night! Rented a movie and popped popcorn since it was rainy and wet…a perfect night to stay in and relax!

    • I LOVE staying in on rainy nights. Seriously.. getting wet.. just doesn’t roll with me. If I have somewhere to be and it is raining.. it makes it so much more difficult!
      IKEA furniture.. is SO hard to put together!. 🙂

  4. Rest days are so hard for me too! I actually don’t like to plan them but I always aim for 1 day a week and usually 1 “easy” workout day. I love your new banner by the way it’s awesome!

  5. We are definitely on the same page this week! Unfortunately, we are our own hardest critics & we are hard to please darn it! I took 2 rest days this week because I’ve been pooped too! The constant rainy weather and late nights/early mornings are starting to get to me. One thing I am not good at is getting adequate sleep! Sleep is so important!! You are a gorgeous gal and you rock a seriously awesome workout schedule! You should be proud 🙂

  6. Hey Cait!

    First things first, kudos on your grocery bill, we’re still working on it! Hopefully next week we can get back on track!

    Love the patio set, it looks lovely! It will be so nice to sit out there in warmth and sunshine 🙂

    Your workouts look great and I can totally relate to having a hard time resting although I’ve gotten much better about it over this past two years. Tessa had also written some about body image issues a few days ago, and as it’s something I am doing better on (or at least much better than my professional and in-law confidence) I am going to write about how I over came my body issues in my monday motivation post. I hope that it will be helpful to you.

    This weekend I had some delicious sushi and a lovely run in the sun 🙂

  7. oh I almost forgot, I tried overnight oats with oat bran this morning and it was a little chalky. I’m a big fan of them cooked so perhaps I just prepared them wrong!

    Hope you have a great start to your week! 🙂

  8. indecisiveathlete

    I’m really jealous your gym opens so early on Sundays (sorry random haha).

    I really like that bistro set tho it is very cute! Out door furniture stuff is so fun 🙂

  9. I am a total freak when it comes to putting things together! My bf just sits back and watches me because I want to prove I can do it. However, everytime I put soemthing together, I miss an important step and usually have to take something apart and do it correctly! I’m glad someone else out there is like me! 🙂

    • Hahaah girlfriend.. I am SO with you. In fact.. we got out entertainment center for oour TV from IKEA.. I put it together.. witha piece in backwards.. on step 2. Um.. yeah..that piece is still backwards. No way I was going to undo. like 70 steps@ hahaha

  10. That’s awesome about the 100 mile thing!!! About a month ago (before I actually did anything that included working lol), my goal was to run 20 miles a week, and I did that for a few weeks, so I definitely need to set a new running goal! You are VERY productive…meaning I should get off my butt and do something RIGHT now! haha

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  12. Dang lady, 100 miles this month! Great job!! (I’m incredibly jealous!) I haven’t reached 100 miles ever, yet.

    I think rest days are a necessity. I know they are hard to take, but I think our body needs that day of recovery. I love rest days, probably more than I should. 😉

    I struggle w/ body image daily. As you saw on twitter a few days ago I admitted to Chris that “i’m okay with my weight.” I am, but there are still things about my body I would like to change. The shape, my little love handles, flatter stomach. I don’t have any great advice. I just take it day by day, and try and accept the things I can not change. I can not change the shape of my body. I can change my love handles (Eventually) and I can work towards a flatter stomach, but i’ll never have that hourglass shape. It’s definitely a day at a time kind of thing (for me).

    • So true! I think I often have distorted images of how I look too – which I feel is the same for a lto of women. Deep down .. I can recognize this, but it is hard for me not to judge. As another commenter put it.. we are our own worst critics.. and notice things that probably NO ONE else in the world does!

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