Local Spotlight: Stew Leonard’s

Happy Monday!  Wait.. seriously. Those two words together.. ummm that is like an oxymoron.. don’t ya think.  Did you do anything fun this weekend?  Mine was pretty low key.. well ..except for the fact that we had our school’s RACE this weekend (huge success and lots of fun btw…) and then I was stubborn and had lots of frustration putting together a silly bistro set yesterday.

Today – I am trying something new – putting a spotlight on one of the local jewels of my area.. (or at least I would call it a jewel.. maybe a mad house mid Saturday afternoon.. but a jewel none the less 😉 )

Stew Leonard’s is a family owned grocery store that began in my current town, Norwalk, CT in 1969.  It has grown from a small, 7 employee store to a multi-million dollar franchise – with the title of the World’s Largest Dairy Store.

Currently, there are 4 locations – including 3 in CT and one in Yonkers, NY.  The atmosphere of Stew Leonard’s in and of itself is something else!  I remember as a child – how much I would love taking trips to Stew’s .. because it is honestly like an amusement park…

Clover Moos on Command..

The "Fresh Five" Band is ALWAYS jammin' out!

Now, my favorite reason of going there as an adult is to get some of this:

Their frozen yogurt is TO DIE FOR!  Now – they sell it in the store in 1/2 gallon containers.. but NOTHING can compare to FRESH fro-yo.. right from the machine!

Other amazing aspects of this store.. that really draw me in.. is how they make a lot of their products right in the store!

Rice Cakes & Kettle Corn Potato Chips



They also have great deals on Salmon – and other fish.  Salmon is one of my favorites.. but it is always so expensive.  Justin doesn’t eat fish. I always get WEIRD looks.. and comments.. when I go to the fish counter and ask for a single serving of a fish. I am not going to lie.. it gets kind of annoying when they judge how much I am eating.

Stew’s has a pretty awesome produce section as well.  As far as produce goes.. you really need to pay attention to the sales.. because you can truly get a better price at other local stores for the same thing!

Once it is seasonably warm… there is also a petting zoo outside. I am not really in favor of petting zoos – but I think it is a feature that many families enjoy – as it is a place that occupies the kids after a LONG shopping trip.  Stew’s is ALWAYS packed. Justin and I actually have a plan of attack that we use whenever we shop there..

2 baskets.. 0 carts.. easier to pass the browsers.  Go directly to the items we buy there (Rice cakes, cookies & popcorn for Justin, Pizza Dough, Frozen Yogurt, Fish, and a brief scan of the produce) … then zip to the express check-out line.

I think Stew’s is an awesome little piece of Norwalk – and of CT.  It is always listed as one of the tourist attractions for the city (although I don’t think we get too many vacationers here!)  HOWEVER.. if you do happen to be in CT and near a Stew Leonard’s… I highly suggest that you check it out! 🙂

Do you have any cool grocery stores in your area… that can’t really be found anywhere else in the country??!


19 responses to “Local Spotlight: Stew Leonard’s

  1. AHH Stew Leonards!!! I miss that place. I used to love the chiquita banana and the twinkie who sing… also, totally loved their strawberry soup. It was SO good!

  2. How cute! I think I would LOVE Stew Laonards 🙂 it sounds like a foodie paradise!

  3. I like your new layout. (I think it’s new, right?) I know your header is new, love it!!

    That grocery store looks pretty cool! We don’t have anything like that here. We have a little market that sells produce & meat for way cheaper than the big grocery stores. I mostly go there for meat/produce. It makes me so mad to pay $1.99 for one pepper @ publix, and they sell them for .99 @ this farmers market. what gives publix?

    It’s great to support local places as much as possible! 🙂

    • Yes, it is new.. well I just made it 3 columns instead of 2 columns. Not sure which I like better.. but I got bored this weekend and made the new header. So THANKS! 🙂

      I SO feel you on the prices. I know you don’t have any near you.. but TJ’s is a lot cheaper then the regular stores around here.. which is even more odd.. because the foods are fresher and more unqiue. Bananas are 19 cents eachthere.. no matter how big or small. I got 5 massive bananas for a dollar. It probably would have cost me double at the regular store.

  4. Ah that place looks super fun! How unique!

  5. I might enjoy grocery shopping more if I could go there! I used to enjoy Harry’s in Atlanta, but since I don’t live there anymore, the highlight of my grocery trip is a quick visit to TJ’s.

  6. What a neat store!

    We have a Giant Eagle Market District close to home but it’s not worth the hype – overpriced and they always seem to be out of stock on basic things I need. I’d rather go out of my way to TJ’s or Whole Foods.

    • I hate it when places jack up their prices. it makes no sense..s eriously.. how come other store can sell it for less?! That happens a lot in my parent’s hometown.. there is a large elderly community who are not likely to travel out of town.. so they will pay whatever for things.

  7. Sushi and peanut butter frozen yogurt is one of my all-time favorite summer dinners/desserts – yumm!

  8. Um fresh froyo??? right there? I am ALL over that! 😉

    Looks super unique. We have …..hhmmm not too much exciting stuff here, sadly.

  9. That looks like such a cool store! I think I’d love shopping there. We don’t have really anything exciting in WV.. the closest Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods is 1.5 hours away. 😦

  10. That’s awesome!! I’d love to have a grocery store like that in my area. I’d go every day just to be there! haha

  11. The grocery store I go to most often is HEB, which can’t be found out of the State of Texas. 🙂 Texas is the Lone Star State that has them! 😉

    I love your new header!!! 🙂

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