Moldy Monday

Wait. What?  Moldy Monday?  Did you read that post title correctly?  Um.. yes you did.

Was it really a Moldy Monday?  Yes, it was.

With real mold?  To the best of my knowledge. YES.

EWW. I know right. I am sure that is what you are all thinking right now. Don’t worry. I felt (am still feeling) the SAME exact way.  And this is how I wanted to spend a majority of my day:

Hmm. I don’t think I could have pulled that off without having  lots of laughs, giggles, disruptions… and a really funny voice.

When I got in to work bright and early – I was greeted by the HORRENDOUS smell.  Are there any soccer players or atheletes at there?  What I can best compare this smell to … is the rancid smell of soccer cleats and sweaty shinguards.. after a game or practice in the rain.. and after I (ususally) forgot to stuff them with  newspaper to get the moisture out.

That is worth a DOUBLE eww.

Some said it smelled like cat piss, but I don’t have a cat – and truly smelled the moldy wetness.  There was a debate as to whether or not we were going to open the school or not before getting the stench checked out.. but kids started rolling into the building at 7:45 anyway.

I was sure to keep my classroom door closed at ALL times.  The aroma had permeated the entire building.. but had not gotten into individual classrooms yet.

It didn’t last long though before we started to smell it in class too.

There were lots of people in the building trying to figure out what the deal was. I don’t know if they got to the bottom of it. But let me tell you.. there were areas of the building that made me GAG.

In my (smell less) room, I enjoyed some early morning Overnight Oats 🙂

Are you tired of seeing my oats yet?!

Snacked on some juicy watermelon

And had my sandwich, yogurt, and carrots for lunch.

Obvi had a whole sandwich and like 50 more carrots..

But by the end of the day.. I realized that today was NOT a good day to wear pumps.. and this is where my shoes spend the last hour of the day.

I walked around barefoot. And plan to incessantly scrubbed my feet in the shower. But my tootsies just weren’t up for enduring the pain today :(.

I also chomped on an apple at the end of the day – so I could fuel myself for my workout!

I have been HOARDING magazines lately – and have found ZERO time to read any of them.  Women’s Health is my favorite.. so when this arrived Saturday – I knew what my Monday workout would look like…

Extended time on the elliptical. I LOVE reading magazines on the elliptical. In fact.. I don’t like using the elliptical.. cross trainer … or stair mill unless I have a mag.  If it wasn’t hard to run and read.. I’d probably have one on the treadmill, too.

(SIDE NOTE – At my old gym.. there was a girl who would legit run.. and read magazines.  I think I would get sick!)

So – I did a full 60 minutes on the elliptical.. at a pretty liesurely pace.

Now – I have lots to do tonight. I am going to be at a Professional Development Conference for the next two days – learning about the Implementation of SRBI on a school wide level. (AKA.. TEACHER JIBBERISH).  The conference is closer to my rents house then it is mine.. so I am going to crash there (mainly to see their beautiful faces.. but also to save some time & gas).

I am going for the early morning gym sesh tomorrow..(Hello 4:45 am) so I need to get everything all packed up.  I am MOST nervous about my kiddies though.  You remember what is was like in elementary school.. subsittute teacher.. = Party Time. And.. I will be gone 2 days.  I hope everyone gets along.. and takes advantage of earning coupons for the “Caught Ya” Jar…

Speaking of that jar.. a commenter brought something to my attention last week.. and I felt SOOOO silly and embarrassed.. I probably turned 10 shades of read as feelings of stupidity filled my body.



Wow. Look at the teacher make all of those errors.  “a win a lunch..”  “of Friday..” But I got to thinking about it.. after that burning feeling of embarassment passed. You know what. EVERYONE makes ERRORS.  NO one is perfect.. and this is a key example. I even pointed out my errors to my students.. to show them that we all make mistakes!

Don’t worry though.. we’ve got a new sign.. with PROPER grammar.

Do you ever make mistakes.. that with your background.. or your job.. you REALLY SHOULD NOT make?  Do you brush them off.. or dwell?


18 responses to “Moldy Monday

  1. Eew! The scent of mold is so gross! Are they going to do something about it soon?!

    I save all of my mags for the elliptical too–I alternate 5 min on heavy resistance while reading a mag, then 5 min on a low resistance but high speed while listening to the ipod…makes the workout fly by!
    The library is a great place to stock up on magazines, too!

  2. ah i cannot read and run at the same time. I would get so nauseous. I love love love my magazines. I actually have a serious magazine addiction. It’s like what do you do after you’ve finished reading them and ripping out the pages you may want to look at again!?
    as for the errors I try not to dwell on it but I usually do!

  3. I’m with you on magazines on the elliptical- there’s no other way!

    I’m an English teacher (and yearbook adviser) and between 6 periods and 200 kids my mind is in a billion directions- mistakes are inevitable. And maybe it sounds apathetic, but I really don’t dwell- as long we’re still alive and few people are crying it’s all good.

  4. Aw, we all make little mistakes – they just tend to be in the most obvious/embarassing places in my case! I just shake it off b/c it happens to everyone and move on 🙂 Have a great time at your conference.

  5. Okay, I love the new header. You are gorgeous girl!!!

    After a big cross country meet that was SUPER muddy, I left my shoes in a bag on Friday… and I had to RACE in them on Monday because I forgot to take care of them! It was sooo awful!

    I love Glee and the girl on the cover of Women’s Health has a BANGIN bod. Nothing inspires like that 😛

    I make little mistakes like that all the time. I’m also very clumsy. I’m supposed to get my yoga certification next summer and I still fall out of poses like crazy!

  6. I seriously can’t believe someone rudely commented on your blog about a LITTLE grammar error. I am like fuming right now. I know who ever made that comment isn’t perfect so they can just suck it!

    Okay. Sorry for the rant 🙂

    I love to read magazine on ellipticals too! It makes life so fun LOL. Sorry about the mold smell.. I hope they get it figured out!

  7. Before I started training outside for a half marathon, I ran on the treadmill and read magazines. I must not move up and down a lot when I run! It helped the time fly by, but now I can’t imagine running indoors now that it is nice out.

  8. oh brush it off fo’ sho’ – you are too busy being a TEACHER to worry about a silly little mistake like that! the commentor was missing the forrest for the trees.

  9. Omg that smell must of been horrid!!! Yikes! Glad u shut your class door and kept the stink out!!! Yuck!!!!!

    Oh I make grammar mistakes, it happens! I’m not perfect, I can’t stand it when people get mad over peeps making a grammar mistake, geez, we are human ! Lol!

    Love ya!!

  10. I make grammar mistakes all the time lol That’s why I don’t correct other people since I would probably be embarrassed haha
    And still not getting bored of those oats! 🙂

  11. Maybe I’m weird…but when I have a good mag, I read and run! I’m jealous you have the new Women’s Health. I got a subscription last summer, but it ran out a few months ago, and judging by that cover, I WANT it right now!! I should renew the ol’ subscription, that’s for sure!!

  12. indecisiveathlete

    Grammar mistakes happen its whatever. My brain and hands have poor communication skills so I make a lot of mistakes often and I’m not english major so frankly I know enough to get by in life otherwise its whatever.

    Love new magazines but I suck at multitasking (reading and exercising at the same time) unless I’m going really slow haha. Obvi I’m not a very coordinated person 🙂

  13. Ohh sorry about the odor, that definitely is no fun. Hopefully the school can get that taken care of asap!

    I do love magazines and reality tv when I’m on the treadmill or elliptical. I agree that when running there is no reading going on!

    Best wishes for your conference, I know your students will miss you!

  14. I am a psycho about grammatical errors and I get so worked up before I publish my posts! Just like you, I know mistakes happen, but it doesn’t make them any easier to deal with! Ahhhhh!!! 😀

  15. i totally have the same exact pumps from Nine West!! and they are a bit painful after a while, but cute so i deal with it 🙂

  16. everyone makes errors and honestly, the older i get and the more busy i get the more that grammatical errors are just not a biggie to me 🙂

    and when i comment on ppl’s blogs, it’s all about shorthand and timesavers. some may balk, but honestly, let them. we all just do the best we can…as you are!

    love the pic of you in your header. you look awesome!

  17. I wouldn’t have even noticed the mistake if you didn’t point it out. I am slightly dyslexic so I make mistakes like that all the time. We are only human.

    Sorry your school smells like mold, that pretty nasty. If it really is mold, is that even safe?

    I need good reading material for thee elliptical and step mill too.

  18. I saw your tweet about the smelly mold. Not cool at all!!

    Sounds like a good day regardless. And I am a total mag junkie on cardio equipment that isn’t the treadmill.

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