From AM to PM

…. Somebody hit the lights, so we can rock it day and night.. people gettin’ down that right.. from AM to PM…

Can I get a little Christina Milian up in here?  Sadly, I will not be rockin’ it day and night… (well.. at least not tonight…) but I am noticing a difference between AM and PM … particularly with regrards to my workouts.

This morning, as planned, I got up at 4:40am  and headed to the gym.  Once again , I had a phenomenal early morning workout… even though it was only 5am.  I started off with some intervals on the treadmill – and ended up doing a total of 4.0 miles in 31 minutes. (7:45/mi avergage)

I headed into the group fitness room and did 30 minutes of lunges, squats, jump squats… pretty much every lunge and squat combo that I’ve ever done.

In 60 minutes time – Ihad burned over 600 calories. and felt absolutely amazing.

I was probably THIS sweaty..AGAIN 🙂

Now -lets fast forward to times when I go to the gym after work.  Can I get in a pretty good workout.. YES.. But I definitely don’t get as hardcore a workout as I do in the morning.  WHAT GIVES?

I’ve been trying to figure this out – and I am thinking it might be because I have not used any of my energy for the day yet? Or maybe it is because I know I am on a strict time schedule.. so I don’t lally daddle.

Either way – I want to have the heart pumping morning work out in every workout! I know I cannot get upt at 4:40 every day and then teach for 8 hours – so I am going to have to come up with some strategies to get the same sweat out of my PM workouts.

From AM …. To PM 🙂

Honestly – That is all I have for you today besides a few pictures…and an update on the Bake Sale.. that I have decided I am DEFINITELY going to do.

Today at my conference.. it was pretty much information over load.. and my lil brain needs a break.. because right now, it feels like…

it is going to explode!

A few pictures:


Mmm.. Had this again

Told my brother how much better Synergy tasted when flavored. He bought them.. hated them.. and I have now acquired them…

Blogger Bake Sale Update!

Okay so I am totally 100% for my bake sale now. I think we have an opportunity to make it really successful. I clearly have never hosted one of these before.. so please bare with me.. as there may be a few bumps in the road. (i.e… trying to decide how long to give people to submit.. and when to have it)

My schedule is busy next week, and I know that I will have to devote a fair amount of time to the sale. SO. here is the timeline:


BAKE SALE: Monday, June 6 – Wednesday, June 8, 2011

If you are donating a good, expect to be able to mail it by the the following weekend (June 11/June 12) .. somewhere around there.

As the sale nears, I will give clear guidelines and regulations as to how the sale will actually work.

I wanted to get the dates out there though  –  because it seems that is what people are most interested in!

PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE! . and I will give you as much info as possible.

Remember.. proceeds will help FIGHT BREAST CANCER!  Please spread the word.. ask your blogger friends if they would be willing to participate. Help put an end to this heartless disease!

Okay.. now I need to relax. Hope ya’ll had a good night.. almost halfway to the weekend 🙂

Question for ya.. What do you do when you have had a day of information overload? How do you get your brain to unwind.. and get ready to do it again the next day???!


15 responses to “From AM to PM

  1. Yep, my a.m. workout are almost always better than the p.m…..but for me it is prob b/c I hardly ever workout at night (unless I am teaching). But our bodies are better rested and ready to ‘go for it’ in the a.m., so that is prob why you have more energy then. Just a guess! 😉

  2. Thank you for reminding me that that song exists!! 🙂

  3. lifeisbeachykeen

    I am an afternoon worker-outer (ha, hows that for grammar!) I can’t make myself get up in the morning to work out. Physical therapy is the closest thing to a morning work out i’ve had in….well, forever. I just love to sleep more than I love getting up to do a work out. Plus, I don’t have access to a gym, and bouncing around in my living room at the butt-crack of dawn isn’t do-able. My dad has an apartment in our garage, and it’s right underneath the living room. He would not appreciate all the jumping, or running on the treadmill that early in the morning… I’m still crossing my fingers for a gym membership sometime in the future.

  4. I work out way better in the morning than I do in the evening! I hate working out at night. I’ll avoid it however possible!

  5. I usually work out in the morning and then sometimes in the afternoon if I have time… But I feel that morning workouts are really great, because they fill me with energy instead of draining me out 🙂 Working out is the perfect way how to clear my mind and feel good 🙂

  6. I am SUCH a morning workout person, the end of the day I do not have as much energy to get a good workout in, Im just a morning person in general!

    Hope your day is great love!

    If I dint have my wedding coming up so fast, I would of baked something for your bake sale, its just madness right now! lol

    ❤ xoxo

  7. I have been loving AM workouts the last few weeks. But I thought waking up at 5:30 was tough – I can’t imagine waking up in the 4’s! I’m sure after a few weeks your body will adjust to the PM workouts and you will kick just as much *ss in those.

    • Ahh I hope so.. I think I need to do something to challenge myself ot put in that extra effort. I think a big thing is.. the group exereicse room is being used in the PM so .. I kind of don’t have access to that room..and am in the main part of the gym.

      • Hmm.. you could try almond flour or spelt.. I know those or available everywhere.. or even mix it up with some protein powder. I might add some more PB then.. if you wanted to the PB taste to come through

  8. I have found that I enjoy morning workouts because I have the rest of the day to do w/e I want .. but it is fun to mix it up!

  9. I mainly workout in the early morning, but when I do workout after work i notice a huge difference. It’s hard for me to get in a good workout after i’ve worked an entire day. I get more done at the gym when i have a nights rest behind me!

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