Throwback Thursday – High School Edition

Morning banana heads! I am SO excited that I have a full day today.. and a half day tomorrow standing between my .. and a gloriously long weekend. Oh hell yes!

Thanks so much for all the lovin’ on my eats. For those of you who are considering giving WIAW a try.. DO IT! 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to a series, Throwback Thursday – where I brought you through my senior year of college … primarily through pictures, with some words scattered here and there.  I am going to bring you back even further – to the latter years in high school – through pictures.. words.. all that good stuff.

First – let me give you a little background info – I went to a catholic high school that was about 20 minutes away from my house.  I had the choice of going to the public high school in my town -but opted to go the HC for many reasons.

  • First off – while I loved the group of friends I had made in middle school – there were some people who were just downright mean – and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go through high school with them
  • Holy Cross was kind of a family thing.  My father graduated with the first ever class  – and all of my cousins and my brother also went there.  Additionally – my uncle was the principal.  So it was definitely a school that was/still is close the my family’s heart
  • At the ripe age of 14 – I somehow found reason to have a fresh start.  I think a lot of this related to my size – I matured way earlier then my classmates – was always a bigger kid.. and kind of made a name for myself as a tom-boy. That was not really who I was turning into though. I actually liked girly stuff – and I felt I needed a new environment to accomplish this (I am not sure why I felt this way – but hey.. it is what it is and I am glad I went to HC)

There were about 200 kids in my class – we had a dress code – all the normal deals of a catholic or private high school.. (it was not an all girls school though). 

So – now that you have a little bit a background.. let us take a trip down memory lane:

Junior Year (2002-2003)

Ahh!  Upperclassman. Felt like I had some control in the school (wait seriously.. did I just say that.. umm yes I did – but hey.. it was how I felt).

You know what they say about junior year – how important it is to really get your shit in order for college – so you can go somewhere you want to go. Of course.. this held true for me too. As a perfectionist, I hankered down in my courses and excelled.  I think junior year was my FAVORITE year of high school.

Always make time for fun.. and milk(shake) mustaches

The hair..what was I thinking??!

I loved my role on both the soccer and basketball team.  We would do lots of extra stuff outside of playing games and practicing.  We were really team oriented.. and it was a lot of fun.  I was feeling more fit then ever.. and still wasn’t really concerned with my body… just the normal stuff that any teenage girl experiences.. but nothing crazy (like in the years to come)

Scavenger Hunts with the Soccer Team

Parties with the Basketball Team

I also became REALLY close with my three best friends.  We would spend a lot of time together since we were all driving. I guess I was really.. growing up.

The best friends a girl could ask for!

Senior Year (2003-2004) a senior in high school.. I thought I knew everthing.. but in the whole schema of things.. I knew nothing… well okay..not nothing.. but not nearly as much as I thought I did.

It makes me laugh when I talk with now-seniors in high school.. because they don’t realize how much there is beyond the walls of their school (I am not speaking for every single senior.. just from my experiences.. so don’t be offended if you are a senior in HS).

The start of my senior year.. was awesome. I was checking out colleges..with opportunities to play soccer.. having a blast with my friends.. celebrating my 18th birthday… senior day in soccer…really just enjoying the final year of being together with my high school class.

Birthday Cake to the Face!

Never too old to go Trick-Or Treating!

It didn’t stay this way though.  My body problems spiked during my senior year.. and everything was a rollercoaster.. emotionally and physically.  I was involved in a very damaging relationship.. where my confidence went from high.. to lower then low.  I had little respect for my body…for my actions.. my family and friends.. basically for my life as a whole.

I hate to place blame anywhere.. but I truly believe that all of these issues stemmed from this one demeaning and controlling relationship.  I had such negative views at everything that was going on in my life – was made to believe I had psychological problems.. and truly damaged the relationship with both my friends and family (thank GOODNESS those were repaired).  My grades slipped in many of my courses (SO not like me) because I was missing school from being so depressed and anxious.. and had little ability to concentrate.

Thank goodness these girls stayed by my side!

I was so stressed throughout the second half of my senior year – that there are honestly things I have ZERO recollection of (i.e. – winning MVP for my basketball team.. I seriously saw the trophy when I was in college..and asked my mom if she had it made for me or something since I had such a tough year.. nope.. apparently I won it).

You may notice that my weight in these pictures varies drastically.. and that is because.. it is what was happening.. I was on a binge/starvation cycle.. with some purging thrown into the loop as well.

It may not have been the best of times.. but you know what.. I got through it.  I am a stronger person for going through it. I learned SO many valuable lessons from these experiences as well.

What was high school like for you? Did you learn from your experiences?

Don’t worry.. I’ll let you in on the rest of HS. Another day.. 🙂


18 responses to “Throwback Thursday – High School Edition

  1. Highschool was pretty great for me! I had great friends and that is where I met my best friend who still holds that status to this day. We lived in a rural community and were pretty naive, so we coasted through and had lots of happy times 🙂

  2. High school wasn’t terrible for me! I had great friends and I met my current boyfriend when I was in high school. I went to a huge school though where we had about 1600 kids. But it gave me a chance to mingle with a bunch of different groups!

  3. You were so cute! (Not that you are still!)

    High school for me wasn’t be best time… I was so awkward. You couldn’t pay me to go back… yet I’m going to my reunion in a months. Yikes!

  4. woohoo another bball player! 🙂 i played bball my entire life until my sophomore year of college. i got SO burnt out (and injured haha).

    high school was nice for me, but nothing to brag about. i wasn’t spoiled and i went a school where people bought their kids porsches, bmw’s, etc when they turned 16. i found my outlet in sports and other activities. i played tennis, basketball. i also was very into fashion and music (listening, not playing haha)! so, i got through it, but honestly, id NEVER wanna go back 🙂

    cool to see all of your photos and memories though!! have a great day!

    • There were a lot of kids that were pretty spoiled at my school too. Not me though.. some people got the wrong impression of me and thought I was too.. but definitley not.

      I can TOTALLY relate to burn out.. but my burn out was in soccer. I spent years and year playing. dishing out so much money on teams that are similar to AAU teams for basketball… hoping to get the payoff for college.

      I did get offers. But my burn out came.. right before college and I just said eff it. In reality.. I like basketball more.. for some was myy #1 during my adolescent years. Maybe I just say that now because of the way soccer controlled my life.. and basketball was more of an outlet

  5. I love the message…you pulled through. And that’s probably the part that matters most to you because you made it and you are the beautiful individual you are today because of that. I’m glad you’re the awesome person you are today 🙂 (well I can sense that through your blog at least lol)

  6. runningonapples

    High school was a really hard time for me- thank you for being so honest about your experience. I’m finding that college is also difficult- how did you pull out of your downward spiral?

    • Well – my downward spiral kind of continued into college. The biggest componenet of my spiral.. was the guy I was dating.. through frosh year and right up to the beginning of soph year. Once I got that negative influence out of my life. and I was living for me.. not some @-hole… things slowly began to move forward. It was bumpy, but it moved forward. Check out this post and this post to see more about my college life…

  7. high school sucked ass! i was “that” girl that got straight a’s and won all the awards. my car was egged every weekend & my house got paintballed! it was miserable & i never fought back. one thing i learned: sometimes it’s advisable to stick up for yourself!

  8. I learned a lot 8th grade – freshman year of high school. I switched schools and had problems at home… Life was really hard, and I was forced to grow up way too fast. I didn’t know I would ever be able make it through it all. It’s made me stronger.

  9. Fun throwback post!

    Well my senior year I was pregnant, so high school was challenging at the end, but I graduated! I was so proud of myself!

    Hope your day is great!
    xoxo ❤

    • You should be SO proud of that accomplishment.. YOU GO GIRL! I would love to know more about your experience as a senior.. especially with all the hype around shows liek Teen Mom. Have you ever posted about it?

  10. I remember being SO excited to be a senior and I felt so important and now I look back and just laugh because life outside of high school is so different and actually a lot less stressful LOL

  11. Caitlin,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story about such a tough time. It really is a lesson about how much unhealthy relationships can really eat away at your self-esteem, happiness, and entire life. When my eating problems happened I was in an okay relationship but it was so all over the place that my anxiety about it fueled the start of my eating disorder. Thank goodness for these wonderful men we’ve now found! 🙂

    Your story of overcoming so much to become the wonderful woman, daughter, girlfriend, teacher, and friend you are today is inspirational! 🙂

    • Aww Jenny..
      Your words mean SO much to me.. you have no idea. It truly is amazing how anxiety and other people can wreak havoc on our self esteem and totally overhaul our self concepts. Sometimes, it still tears me up inside that I continued to be a part of such a damaging relationship for such a long period of my life. But I know there is nothing I can do about it now..and being angry with myself or bitter with the situation will totally just hold me back and bring me down.
      You are so amazing! Your comments bring SUCH motivation and happiness to me every day. I am SO glad that you are a reader of my blog so I get to hear all of the wonderful things you have to say!

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