A day in the life…

Ahhhh. Friday. YES!  Half day.  Three-day weekend.. (well, three and a half day weekend I guess).  Really gettin’ down to the nitty gritty now! 🙂

I always love seeing what the life of a blogger is life.  Since in reality.. we are all just normal people.. who love to eat.. exercise.. and often carry WAY too much stuff on our plates. (No.. not our food plates.. our life plates.. but we may carry too much on our food plates too – hence the “love the eat” notion..)

Here is a typical banana (work-day)

5:19 am – Alarm Sounds.

I quietly roll out of bed, grab my phone, glasses and water bottle.. and sneak out of the bedroom. I change into my outfit for the day – which is hung on the backside of my bathroom door.  Apply make-up, brush teeth.

5:45 am – Plop on couch – turn on channel 3 news… read some blogs.

6:02 am – Grab lunch and breakfast from refridgerator.  Put in school bag. Grab school bag, gym bag, and rush to car (this is usually a little late..because I spend too much time checkin out blogs)

6:30 am – Arrive at school.  Put breakfast & lunch in fridge.  Make coffee. Prepare for day.

7:30 – Grab breakfast out of fridge – and enjoy.. in silence.. at desk.

7:45 am – report to morning duty. Check students in for breakfast.

8:00 am. Day begins. Continue sipping coffee.


9:30am: Snackage in the form of fruit. Usually an apple or a pear taken from school breakfast. (it is allowed! 🙂 )When finished, I usually pop a piece of gum to get the taste out of my mouth.

10:00 am – Cooperative play for students. Get some fresh air!

11:10 am – Student lunch. I do not eat my lunch now – it is too early. I will usually munch on my daily dose of carrots/veggies though..


12:30 – Students go to special.  I eat my lunch while preparing for the rest of the day.

Plus a piece of fruit or some pretzels/almonds (and more then 2 carrots..and a whole sandwich)


2:30 – Recess time. I usually have a Fiberful Bar from TJs … or some sort of fruit.. to fuel me for my after school workout.

3:45 – School day over.

4:15 – Ready for workout!

5:30 – Arrive home.  Immediately make breakfast for tomorrow.  Pack lunch for tomorrow (I make all of my sandwiches on Sunday…).    Pick out clothing for next day – hang them behind the bathroom door.  Sit down, watch news, write blog.

6:15ish – Jump in shower

6:30 – Make dinner – while blogging.. reading blogs, commenting.

7:00 – Eat dinner while watching Jeopardy with Justin. From here on out, I am in total relax mode. Watching the tube – doing work, correcting papers, blogs, etc.

8:00 (ish) – DESSERT .. always including some sort of chocolate 🙂

9:30 – get in bed, read for 1/2 hour.

Current Read: Bitter is the New Black

By new.. I mean I am only abot 10 pages in. This weekend..this books is MINE though.. poolside reading babyyy!  I actually got this book from Leah at Why Deprive.. she was giving away books she has already read. What an awesome idea!

10:00 pm – Lights out. At the latest 🙂 –

And repeat.

This is my routine. Every single day. It is usually pretty consistent. After reviewing this post.. it seems that a lot of the day revolves around food. Interesting.

Does your day play out in a similar fashion every day?


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17 responses to “A day in the life…

  1. Thanks so much for the link love! 🙂 It is wonderful jewelry isn’t it! I still can’t choose what piece I’m going to get!

    Your day does seem packed, I truly admire teachers because there simply isn’t that flexibility to have a bad day, you really have to be on all the time. I hope you have a wonderful half day and a very restful and fun weekend! 🙂

  2. That is really smart to put your lunch/breakfast/outfit together before you relax for the night!

  3. As someone who runs their day by the seat of their pants…I can really learn a lot from how wonderfully disciplined you are in getting in all aspects of life on a consistent basis…I think that you are really doing an awesome job…

    Take Care…

  4. I love how you’re so set up for your day, have a great weekend! 😀

  5. My days do play out very similarly from one to the next, except on the weekends. I’ve been seeing this type of post a lot around the blog world, and I love it!

  6. My day is pretty similar! I wake up early and I’m in bed by 9:30! I also totally just zone out after 7 and pack my lunch right when i get home!

  7. Holla to the 3 day weekend!!

    I get up, eat breakfast, read blogs, digest, go to the gym , and whatever else I have to do that day I do, I make my breakfast for the next day after dinner! I love reading at night too! It helps me fall alseep and wind down!!!

    Love ya girl!! Hope you have a great day!!! xoxo

  8. What a busy day! All my girlfriends and mom are teachers so I know you are super busy round the clock. I read “Bitter is the new Black” when I got laid off a couple years ago, I have to admit she annoyed me, but it is a cute read! Very good break from the kid books you read at work;)

  9. I love that you posted this- my schedule is just as rigid as yours! I hate straying from my routine! Have an awesome 3 day weekend and then the HOME STRETCH is on until the end of school!!!!

  10. Hooray for 3 day weekends!!!

    I am super impressed that you get into bed by 10p… I guess that’s how you can get started so early. I fail every time.

  11. Enjoy Bitter is the New Black! I love that book, her following books are also amazing. Bitter is my favorite, prepare to literally laugh out loud at the pool. 😀

  12. I loved this post so much! I agree, it is so fun looking into people’s daily routines. I actually have a post like this saved in my drafts and will be posting it soon!

    Have an awesome holiday weekend!

  13. During the school year I def. get into the same routine but I like it haha. Now that I have a summer break I also like the flexibility of having a different work schedule and waking up at different times!

  14. i’m such a creature of habit! i follow the same schedule & even wake up super early (4:15) even when i don’t have anything to do that day!
    i’m like you, in that i make my meals ahead of time, too. i make big batches of salads and prepack them so i can just grab & go!
    oh jeopardy – i miss that show! 🙂

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