Baking For Boobies

Official Annoucement of the Baking For Boobies bake sale!

On Monday, June 6, 2011, Beyond Bananas will be hosting it’s first ever BLOGGER BAKE SALE!

All proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  To read more about this wonderful foundation, please click here.

More specifically, funds raised from this bake sale will be sponsering my team of 5 wonderful ladies who have committed themselves to walking 60 miles over 3 days in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for a Cure.  Team Name: TROTTING FOR TATAS!  Check out our team.. here!

Breast Cancer is a terrible disease. It is alarming how many women (men.. too!) and their families are affected by this malicious disease!

So, now BB readers.. I am ASKING YOU for your help!  Here is how it is going to work:

If you are interested in provding something for the bake sale.. here is what you need to know!

  • You can donate ANYTHING! A baked good, a goodie basket with some of your favorite foodie (or non-foodie things..) ANYTHING that you can think of…
  • You DO NOT have to have a BLOG to donate!
  • Once you have decided that you DO indeed want to SUPPORT this FABULOUS CAUSE.. please submit the following information to my via email to by Friday, June 3, 2011:
    • The item you would like to donate with a brief description
    • A photo of your goods if possible (please, please, please try and make this possible!)
    • If it is something you have baked.. and you have a blogged recipe for it.. some linkage would be great
    • Where you would be willing to ship it to (US only.. Canada, international..)
    • Feel free to donate more then one item if you would like.. I would NEVER deny bake sale entries!
  • The bake sale will end on Wednesday, June 8 – and as soon as I receive confirmation of donation and a shipping address, I will provide you with the winning bidder’s information.
  • Ship goodies within 72 hours of receiving shipping information

For those of you who are looking to donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation … and then receive some FREE baked (or otherwise) GOODNESS … here are the Rules and Logistics for Baking for Boobies! 🙂

  • Bidding will begin on Monday, June 6, 2011 at 7:00am EST. Items will be made available to you through a blog entry that will be posted at that time.  All items will have a MINIMUM starting bid of $15.00.
  • To make a bid, simply send me an email to and include the item you are bidding on AND the amount you wish to bid.
  • You can bid on as many items as you would like!
  • I will provide updates at the bottom of the bake sale post as often as possible to make you aware of the current high bidder. This way – you can raise your bid if you you would like.
  • The bake sale will end on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 11:59pm EST. Winning bidders will be notified on Thursday, June 9, 2011. 
  • The winning bidder will have 24 hours to make a donation to a specified member of Trotting for Tatas in the agreed upon amount.  A link to the donation page will be provided via email.
    • If the donation is not received within the 24 hour time period, the next highest bidder will automatically become the winner.
  • After the donation is confirmed and you have provided your shipping address, I will contact the provider of your item & they will ship your goods within 72 hours

Okay.. so I THINK I have covered all of the basics.. but I am a rookie in the whole.. bloggie bake sale ordeal.. So.. if you have ANY lingering questions.. PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I am sure I have an answer..but for some reason failed to include it here…

Now.. some of you may be thinking.. that you can bake cookies.. or other goodies.. make a basket of things… for less then $15.00.  But.. you are NOT buying these items.  You are making a donation.. help find a cure for breast cancer.. and as a perk… you get some amazing goodies!

So.. all of your bakers out there.. what are you waiting for?  Start churning those creative minds.. going through your recipes.. and bake for boobies!

I cannot wait to see all of the exciting things you have to offer!  I honestly do not know ANYONE who has no relation to some sort of cancer.. so let’s all work together to kick cancer out of here!  Please.. share this sale with your friends.. feel free to post it on your blog, too. Let’s do some serious bloggie baking damage!

Thanks again for any consideration you give to participating in this event in any possible way!


34 responses to “Baking For Boobies

  1. I think this is awesome you are putting this together and I love the name of it! ha!

    U rock girl! love u!

  2. This is fantastic!… Great name!…Let’s make some money!!!!

    Take Care…

  3. You are so awesome for putting this together. Good luck & I love the name!

  4. Brilliant idea – and I love the name!
    I’d take part but I’m thousands of miles away; if you do a UK branch, I’ll do it 🙂

  5. Completely forgot what I meant to put! I replied to your comment on my blog about the coleslaw then realised you might have been asking what was in it! If so, it’s literally just grated carrot and red cabbage, with mayonnaise and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast – perfect 🙂

  6. Cait,

    Such a great idea! We’re heading out to do our Grocery Shopping today and as so many people are without TJ’s I think I’ll get a bunch of fun foodie TJ’s stuff 🙂

    I will email you a photo and description when I get back, thanks again for hosting such a wonderful giveaway for a great cause! 🙂

  7. Awesome!!! Can’t wait!!! Im so glad your doing this for such a great cause:)

  8. Great idea! I love the title.

  9. Hi Cait,

    I’m so glad that you commented on my blog so that I could find out about YOURS! This is such a fantastic idea and I am DEFINITELY interested in participating. I’ll e-mail you soon!


  10. this is soooo amazing and if I wasnt traveling, I could donate. I think your cause is AWESOME and i love the graphics you put together (that 1st pic is sooo cool!)

    did you do that in picnick? or how? details please b/c i want to learn!! 🙂

    • I used photobucket! Uploaded some photos.. and then you edit the photos and it has an option to make a collage! There are a bunch of different formations you can use.. and lots of tools to play with.. including putting text! 🙂
      It is really fun to play around with..and I only stumbled upon it by accident because I knew I needed somewhere OTHER then wordpress to store my photos.. I remember I used to use photobucket when I was younger!

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  13. So awesome that you’re doing this, Cait! Way to go, girl!

  14. Cait, this is such an admirable thing to do! This foundation really is an amazing one and it’s so important to continue drawing attention and raising money for this cause. I will get my bake on later this week 🙂

  15. Baking for boobies.. what a good idea!!! 🙂
    You. Are. Awesome.
    I’m thinking I need to bid on some baked goods 😉 YUM

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