Happy Monday kiddos!!  For those of you – like me – who live in the US and are fortunate enough to have the day off from work.. Happy, HAPPY MONDAY!

This morning, I woke up to this:

Ugh..  Pouring, pouring rain.  The hourly forecast said rain was not due until closer to I thought I would be able to get my run in.  So far.. it looks like I am going to have to take my work out to the gym.

The thunder and lightning is unbelievable too!  Justin slept through it for almost 45 minutes.. I was super surprised because the thunder was legit making me jump out of my seat!

Right now – I will play the waiting game.. and I thought.. DUH you can do your blog entry!

So – yesterday started off like every other day with a nice lil bowl of oat bran topped with raspberries and peanut butter!

I headed to the gym for another lovely boot camp work out – and did a 3.5 mile warm up on the treadmill.

One of my favorite areas to work is my glutes, hammys, and quads.. and there was NO shortage of that yesterday.  We did lunge after lunge, after lunge! There were other moves thrown in between..but it seemed like we broke everything up by doing MORE lunges :).  I am feeling it today … and baby it feels goooood.

Ready to get my picnic on!

Later on in the day, we headed down to Justin’s parents house for a Memorial Day Picnic.

Hostess & Host

There were lots of appetizers/finger foods – chips, dips, fritos, veggies.. I munched on carrots and celery.

Justin’ dug into the taco dip that his mom had prepared!

It was fairly hot, but I was sure to keep hyrdated!

3.5 of these…
Large Unsw. Iced Tea.. ALL SIZES… 99 cents.. GET SOME!









Justin and his dad fired up the grill to cook some ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken.

We played a little horseshoe…

Let me tell you a story about horseshoes.

Last summer, Katie, that gal in purple and I dominated in horseshoes. We played our boyfriends and whooped their butts!  I don’t know how or why because  I had never picked up a horse shoe in my life and had no idea on how to properly toss one.  But – apparently this was a good thing – last year – and we beat them in 3 out of 3 games.

Yesterday – there must have been something wrong with the world. Because both Katie and I were horrible. We were okay the first game -losing only by 1 (and I got a ringer.. HOLLA) …. but in the second game, we lost.. and we lost BAD.  We scored 3 points in the first two rounds. And NEVERSCOREDAGAIN!  Yep. Final score was 15-3.

I am blaming it on the wind. Since I was more concerned on trying to keep my dress from flying over my head rather then concentrating on having pro-horsehoe form! 😉

*Note – it was really hard for me to take pictures of food. I felt really awkward, so I only capture photos of the spreads:


I had chicken and salad.


Okay, I captured a picture of this… and someone caught me!

Fruit & a Brownie

Justin’s mother’s friend was like.umm you are taking a picture of your dessert?  I kind of tried to ignore her and got really flustered.  She was 3 sheets to the wind though.. so I think she was more confused then anything else!

I took the keys since I had not drank anything – and we headed home after Justin set off the dinky fire works with his cousins.

Upon arriving home, I had WAY too many of these dark chocolate snow caps…

And now.. I think I am headed to the gym because the radar says it is going to rain for a while long. BOO 😦


Did you go to any picnics this weekend?!  If you blog – how do you capture pictures.. of the things you would not normally take pictures of!?  Ever have an awkward experience like I did?


17 responses to “Horseshoes

  1. Looks like a fun time @ your picnic! I’ve never played horse shoes. Some friends of our have tournaments ever Sunday. They are SERIOUS about some horse shoes.

    I don’t take to many pictures of food, but when I do no one says anything. Chris laughs at me. Almost all my fam know I blog so no one says anything.

    • The most embarassing part was Justin yelling.. YOU JUST GOT CAUGHT! hahahah. Justin and his parents.. my parents.. know about the blog.. but I don’t really know the other people there.. I don’t mind telling them..but don’t feel like going in depth.. ya know?

      Hope you catch some good fish today! 🙂

  2. Awwww you will win horseshoe next year!!! Ha!

    U look sos pretty!

    I took food pics yesterday at Mike’s moms, but they all know about my food blog, but I know what you mean about it being being awkward!

    Love ya girl! Have a great day!! xoxo

  3. Cute dress!

    I always feel super awkward taking pictures for my blog too. If it is around family, I’m okay with it–but new people make me really intimidated haha

    • Exactly.. its the newbies.. and most people aren’t at all familiar with this little world..and I don’t feel like explaining everything.. soo my preference it to avoid it! 🙂

  4. I’m horrible at horseshoes!
    It is awkward taking pictures when people don’t know you blog. Sometimes I feel even more awkward telling them about the blog to justify the pics so I just don’t take any.
    Looks like a fun day!

    • Yes.. it is totally the explanation that intimidates me… I just don’t feel like getting into it. I guess I am also nervous about some people poking into my history with eating.. I know it is nothing ot be ashamed of.. but it doesn’t make it any easier!

  5. Yes! I’ve had a few odd looks from people when I am taking pictures of my food 🙂 I just tell them I do it for my blog.
    We spent Memorial Day BBQing with the family! But my camera broke so I wasn’t able to take pictures 😦

  6. This made me literally laugh out loud: “She was 3 sheets to the wind though.. so I think she was more confused then anything else!” 🙂

    Sorry about your horseshoes, but it looks like you guys still had a blast. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

  7. Ah yes it’s really awkward. My boyfriend knows about my blog but my mom doesn’t yet so I’ve been sneakily taking pictures of my dinner before everyone sits down. And at restaurants it’s even harder! One day I’ll come clean but right now I’m definitely not ready for everyone in my life to know I have a blog. When my dad saw what I was doing I told him I was practicing food photography he just sort of laughed it off.

  8. What a wonderful way to spend the day! you two are such a cute couple 🙂

    Sorry about the comment re the pic taking, I have to say even though my in laws know that I write a blog I am NOT looking forward to hanging out with them and trying to take any pics. They’re not the most supportive bunch…

    Anywho sorry to hear you got the rainy weather that was here in Chicago. It’s sunny today so hopefully that nice weather will move on east soon enough! 🙂

    PS I’m going to shoot you my baking for boobies email right now so I don’t forget!

  9. i haven’t “come-out” as a blogger to my friends or family yet, so i usually try to take pics on the down low. usually, i’m the only one eating the food i make (if you’ve seen my meals then you’ll understand) so it’s not a biggie to just sneak away & take a pic.
    i don’t think people would judge me for having a blog, but for me my blog is a space to be totally open and honest about my struggles. i don’t want to censor myself if i know my family or friends are reading it!

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