When sitting in the sun.. and this many bead of sweat develop on your back.. after only 10 minutes..

I highly suggest you

Take a dip in the pool!

Clearly the rain clouds have cleared up and it has turned into QUITE a sunny day!

After reading in the sun and actually entering our pool for the first time ever.. Justin and I enjoyed some yummy turkey sloppy joes.. with steamed broccoli!

These are SO quick and easy to make.. and they taste yummy too. I will post the recipe later in the week!

Little side note:  Last time I cooked with a jalepeno.. I got the juices.. like engrained in my fingers. Honestly.. could not put my hands anywhere NEAR my face.. or else I would be on fire.  I itched my eye. OW. I itched my nose.. omg. It felt like my nasal passages were on fire.  Mom told me to wear gloves next time.

Shit. No gloves.  Ah-HA!… I knew I got my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree for something… I present you with.. my make shift gloves!

Plastic Bags are good for SO many things 🙂

Tomorrow.. it is back to work. SERIOUSLY.. that weekend went by WAY too fast..

But I am sure that the next 15 school days will fly by too!

Good luck to you all getting back into the swing of things tomorrow morning. I know that I am probably going to need it! 🙂


21 responses to “Sweaty

  1. It was our first day of humidity here, so I can relate to the heat!
    I agree–the weekend went way too fast! Enjoy the last few hours of it!

  2. lifeisbeachykeen

    Yum, turkey sloppy joes sound delish! Nice glove 😉

  3. I feel ya on the heat, I went for a leisurely walk with my mom earlier and we were both dripping in sweat after 20 minutes! Cute I know ha
    Good idea with the bags! You’re so smaaart 😀

  4. It was HOT out today! I went for a 10 minute walk down the road and my back was drenched too. Unfortunately, no pool to jump in though 😦

  5. Hahaha oh yeah, way to go with the gloves! Your pool looks so refreshing and dinner looks yumster 🙂

    Hope work goes well for you tomorrow.. only 15 more days-you can do it!

  6. that’s me in the sun, i swear i think i have overactive sweat glands. me running in the sun is just one (pardon the pun) hot mess!

    din din looks delicious, and hope tomorrow isn’t too much of a slap of reality getting back to the grind. 😉

  7. The humidity is SO high here! At least we can go swimming too like you! 😀

  8. i’ve gone “in the bedroom” after cooking spicy foods. i do not recommend this.

  9. I want a sloppy joe so bad right now! I absolutely LOVE them. We went to our pool today too. It was blazing hot out and the pool felt incredible.

  10. Brilliant gloves!!! I’m notorious of cutting jalapenos and then not being able to put my contact in because the heat is soaked into my hands.

  11. Thank god it’s not humid here! I don’t know if I could handle it. It gets really hot here in the summer, but it never feels too bad because it’s a dry heat.

  12. Haha, love the make shift gloves! Next time I dice a jalepeno, I’ll heed your advice and cover my hands!

    Love your neon green bathing suit!

  13. Make-shift gloves, I love it. What I love more is the laptop right there in the action…that’s so my style, too! And don’t worry, there’s plenty of times when I’ll have a moment where I’m like, “wow, and I went to university…” hahaha!

    Ahh jealous of the pool…could so use it today!

  14. I touched my eye once after chopping jalapenos….I wanted to die, it hurt for what felt like FOREVER.

    • I KNOW, RIGHT! That burn doesn’t go away! When I started feeling it in my nose.. I actually filled a bowl with milk and tried putting my nose in it. SO didn’t work.

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