I NEVER turn down a SURVEY!

HOLY MOLY! Is it seriously June 1st?  Did y’all remember to say “Rabbit, Rabbit” when you woke up this morning… if so.. you’ll have good luck this month!

Jam packed for the rest of the month!!


I am a little obbsessed with surveys so when I Char tagged me in a survey, you better believe I am ALL OVER IT!!!

Name 3 things sitting next to you right now

  • This BOOK! Sorry.. Bitter is the New Black, but it is time to move over. I may come back to you sometime soon – but I just cannot get into you.

Buut.. Mr. Patterson can always give me a good read.  Intellectual value of the Patterson Cross series.. none. Entertainment.. OH YES! Love Alex Cross 🙂

  • WATER… YUM. Summer definitely means better hydration for me.. because I actually FEEL thirsty!

  • The CD and manual to my Garmin that Justin bought me – that I have yet to install on my computer.  This is something I really need to do.. ASAP. Espcially since I love me some numbas and stats 😉

Name 2 foods you can’t live without

  • Bananas. DUH! I mean.. if you read my blog.. you know I have it .. in some form.. every single day. Either by it lonesome.. with some PB, in a dessert, or most commonly.. in my daily bowl of OATS!!!

  • Dark Chocolate. FOR SURE.  So – you know how I ate too many of these on Sunday after the cookout…

Well, I seriously thought I ate so much.. and it made my stomach hurt a little beyond my comfort level.. that I would be dark chocolated out for a while. UM! NO SUCH LUCK. I was back on the chocolate train yesterday. Oh, well.

Name 2 things you can’t live without

  •  I can’t live without LISTS.  I love making lists.. Grocery Store Lists are my favorite!  I also make To-Do lists.. Blog Post Lists.. Workout Lists.. If it can be made into a list.. I probably do it.

  • Wow – looks like I have a lot i common with Char! I totally agree with her on the computer thing! Just like she said.. I don’t NEED it to survive.. but I rely on it for so many things.  I mean.. if I had nothing but the computer.. I could still communicate with all of my family in friend, blog, lesson plan.. you know 😉

Name 2 people you can’t live without

  • JUSTIN.We have grown so close after moving in with each other.. and despite all of my quirks.. and demands.. Justin gets me. And I get him too!

  • And I am going to have to kinda piggy back off of Char’s repsonse.. naming the other person.. as PEOPLE.. aka my family.. Mom, Dad, and Michael. Wouldn’t be who I am today without them.. and truly treasure my relationship with them!

Name 1 thing you did today

Well, this is quite a great story actually.  Today.. I lost my mind for a little bit during math while making place value holders.  I needed to get a staple on the middle black lines…

And I I took a really stupid approach to doing it.  Long story short.. I ended up puttin each end of ONE staple.. into both oy my pointer fingers.

All I wanted to do was swear up a storm.  But with a bunch of kids watching me.. this clearly wasn’t possible.  To prevent anything from slipping.. I held my breath. I guess holding my breath made me cry (that is what I am blaming the tears on anyway)…

My kids looked quite confused.. since I went from a happy go lucky teacher.. to a breath holding.. tear falling face.  All I had to do was turn my fingers around to show them the blood oozing out.. and then they got the picture.

Excuse my old wrinkly hands...

If you have NOT yet put a staple in your fingers.. I highly reccomend AVOIDING it..

Name 2 things you learned from the healthy blogging community

  • I have learned that it is okay to be myself. That there is NO shame in the blogging world.. and that every reader is accepting for who I am.. what I do.. .what I have been through.. and the silly mistakes I make.. be it stapling my fingers.. or silly grammar mistake.
  • I am finally able to LISTEN to my body. And I have the blogging community to thank for helping me to reach that point. Reading your posts.. your comments.. help me to identify the needs of my body.. give it rest.. proper nutrion.. water.. variety. Everything.

So – there is my little survey.  Once again.. a big old shout out to CHAR for tagging me in the survey.  Hope you learned a little something about me here.. and I am hoping the two lovely ladies that I tag.. will also complete the survey so I can learn more about them as well 🙂

1) Alexis @ Pumped for Pumpkin

2) Jenny @ Food, Fitness & Health



I was looking back through my posts.. and realized that I never posted some PHENOMINAL news… AKA that fact that I won another giveaway.. from one of the bloggers that I really admire and inspired me to start my own blog…

Julie @ PB Fingers!!

What did I win.. well none other then..

LOVE GROWN FOODS GRANOLA!  I have been wanting to try this granola so badly.. as it has been ALL over the blog world.

I got  full size bag of  Sweet Cranberry Pecan, Raisin Almond Crunch, and Cocoa Goodness.  ALL THREE are Gluten free.. and completely natural.  And completely amazing. Of course I had to taste each one.. and they are all so unique and so delicious.  My favorite.. I believe is the Raisin Almond Crunch! YUM!  Like I am fighting the urge to get up off the couch to eat some RIGHT now!

So .. a BIG OLE THANKS to JULIE for hosting this fantabulous giveaway (and randomly picking my comment…) and LOVE GROWN FOODS  for making such a delicious and natural product… (and including a cute lil note)

And.. WEEEEE we are on the downslide of our week. Only 2 more days til the weekend. HOLLA! 🙂

Enjoy your evening, friends!




33 responses to “I NEVER turn down a SURVEY!

  1. Thank you for the tag! 🙂 I am so behind on passing on blog awards and questionnaires – hopefully I can do one tomorrow!

    Sorry about your fingers that it definitely something I would have done as well! 😛

    I can tell how much you have improved in listening to your body. It is so impressive and inspirational! 🙂

  2. You really do write the most wonderful posts!… I enjoyed reading each one!

    Take care…

  3. The Garmin software is quite addicting!

  4. Whatever is next to those bananas in that bowl looks good! I want some!

  5. Lucky you on the giveaway win! I’ve been dying to get my hands on some of that granola.

  6. i always am a sucker for surveys too…hehe! but i love reading what other people say even more, fun stuff. but i really liked what you had to say about what you’ve learned from healthy blogging. 🙂

    congrats on scoring all that granola….woot woot! chow down baby. 😉

  7. Oh – your poor fingers!! Ouch! You controlled yourself very well – I probably would have said a very awful word. 🙂 Lucky girl! What a great giveaway to win! Love Grown granola is super tasty. I’ve had two flavors and they were both delicious. I eat it with yogurt because I believe their serving size does NOT equal overflowing extra large cereal bowl. So eating it with yogurt is the only way I can control myself 🙂

  8. I have a banana in some form everyday too! I haven’t always though! Just these past few months and I’m not tired of them yet!

    Sorry about your fingers and that I laughed at you while reading what you did! 😉 you’re too funny!!

  9. That’s a fun survey! And don’t feel too bad about stapling your fingers. I’ve done that SO many times. The first time in 3rd grade when I was helping put up a bulletin board and then a few times after that either stapling papers or simply playing with a stapler (yeah..)

  10. Love the answers – especially about the blogging community! Ok, I seriously need to enter more giveaways…I haven’t won one yet 😦 Like you, I love Julie’s blog as well…so awesome that you won her giveaway. Congrats!!!

  11. That is seriously the best granola I’ve ever tasted- you will love it!

  12. Life without bananas? I can’t even imagine!!!

  13. I could never live with out dark chocolate either 🙂 and I have been wanting to try love grown granola forever 🙂 soo tempting!

  14. uhm ouch 😦 that sounds awful. I’ve luckily never stapled myself and I’ll be sure to avoid it at all costs.
    and no apologizes about the wrinkly old lady hands. that’s what mine look like after a few days in the hospital. Constantly washing hands/using antibacterial soap dries my hands out so much!
    I’ll definitely be doing that survey today! I love surveys!!!

  15. Ack! Sorry about your fingers. That’s not fun. And I’m totally with you on the bananas and dark chocolate. Could not live without those!

  16. OUCH to the staples in the finger girl! Ughhhh!

    LOVE the survey! I can not live without my cell phone or laptop!

    Person, Michael and my son and family! Guess thats more than one ; )

    LOVE that granola, you will too!!

    Have a great day! xoxo ❤

  17. Ouch–sorry to hear about your fingers! That must have hurt!

  18. I love making lists, too!! However, I’ve never heard of saying rabbit rabbit- what is that?! 🙂

  19. Oh my goodness! So sorry about the staples!!!

    I can’t wait to hear about your trip to San Fran 😀

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