Wednesday EATS :) WIAW

So – let me just say.. that I loved participating in Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday SOO much last week.. that I am totally going to be doing it on a regular basis. Well.. as regular as I can!So allow me to provide you with some recent eats. Yum!


I don’t deviate from the normal very much. Norm = Oats.  This is about as varied as you will get.  Instead of 100% oats.. we’ve got 1/4 c. oats and 1/4. c. oat bran.. With Peanut Flour Paste & Raspberries on top!




While I try my best to always have a lunch made at home.. it doesn’t ALWAYS happen.. but I do try to incorporate some home-things in every meal.  Here we have a turkey sandwich from Subway.. on wheat bread.. with all the veggies except olives and tomatoes and spicy mustard.  Apples.. always necessary. And also a cottage cheese dessert mixture.  I mix 1/2 c. LF cottage cheese with dark cocoa powder, cinnamon and a drop of vanilla.  Gets that sweet tooth every time! 🙂


Let me (re) introduce you to the varying serving sizes in our house.  Can you guess which pizza I made.. and which pizza Justin made?!

Um.. I swear there is cheese on mine too.. obvi not nearly as much as Justin’s.. but it is there. Also note.. we ran out of Mozzarella Cheese and had already made an extra run to the store. SO.. Justin used Mexican Cheese.Accompanied by un ENSALADA! Topped with yummy strawberries! 🙂


Some of my yummy Choco-Nana Cookies! 🙂

My drink of choice lately:

Unsweetened Ice-Tea.

However, since we no longer have the.. any size 99 cent sale going on, I think I am going to have to start doing this myself.  I can’t afford my (tea) drinkin’ habit!

What is something that has been quenching your thirst as the temperatures continue to rise?! Seriously.. summer is the best remedy for proper hydration! Always thirsty!!!


Don’t forget .. DEADLINE for submissions for Baking for Boobies is FRIDAY! Email those entries! (And click picture for more info!)


33 responses to “Wednesday EATS :) WIAW

  1. Yummy eats Cait!! I’m loving iced coffee, water flavoured with fruit and fruit smoothies. Your pizza pic pretty much sums up my household too 🙂 Happy Wednesday girl!

  2. Looks like a delicious day of eats! When the weather heats up, I tend to crave Gatorade like nobody’s business.

    • My favorite gatorade flavor is Glacier Freeze.. I think. the blue one. I ususally get G2 .. but have been away from sweetness for so long.. that I usually mix 1/2 a glass of water with 1/2 a glass of gatorade.

  3. Baking for boobies and trotting for tatas! haha love those! 🙂 I really hope your walk and bake sale go well! Good luck Cait!

  4. great eats!! that’s exactly what our portion sizes look like! I call him the cow with six stomachs. My drinks as of lately have been iced coffee (black) I’ve really been loving them!

  5. I feel ya on wanting Oats all of the time! There are days when I try to having something different but then I always wish I had oatmeal instead.
    My drink of choice is Crystal Light but I am trying to branch away from artificial sweeteners…or at least cut back a bit! So now I am drinking water much more, and sometimes with a squeeze of lemon, ice cold of course 🙂

    • They actually have a Crystal Light PURE now.. and there are no artificial sweeteners in it. There is some sugar.. and truvia.. but both are natural. It has a much lighter taste then your standard crystal light.. but t may totally help you in acheiving your goal!

  6. Yummy eats! I want to try that cottage cheese mixture it looks good!

    My boyfriend and I are the opposite of you and Justin LOL I eat way more than my boy and it’s kinda funny 😉

    what has been quenching my thirst? Lemondae 😀

  7. Looks good! The pizza comparison is too funny. Same thing goes on over here.

  8. hahaha I love how different your pizza looks!!

  9. I just started using peanut flour and love it. I also found out they just discontinued it at Trader Joe’s 😦

  10. Love the idea of adding cocoa powder to your cottage cheese! I’m definitely trying that next time.

  11. I totally have an iced tea obsession too! I think I get it from my dad! He could drink gallons!! 🙂

  12. Mmmm, your eats look good, but where the heck are you finding peanut flour these days?? Did you stock up before TJs discontinued it?

    My favorite thing to drink in the summer is either water with lemon or sparkling water with lemon.

  13. Your eats look good! I try to stay away from Subway just because I think their meat is pretty lame! That cottage cheese mixture you created looks good! I don’t really like the taste of cottage cheese but have been looking for ways to eat it! Thanks 🙂

  14. I love eating cottage cheese for a dessert too 🙂 I mix it with yogurt, cinnamon, and peanut butter. Amazing

  15. Looks like a delicious day of eats!

    I just switched to iced coffee this morning and it was SO good. It definitely cools me down and makes me feel like summer!

  16. I’m pretty sure I”m going to have to switch to iced coffee soon… plus I want to pick up some of the fun summer teas at a local tea shop to make iced! YUM!

  17. ooh I love the looks of those oats. the berries look great and fresh.
    what a good idea with the cottage cheese, I haven’t had the stuff in awhile and I need to keep doing that. I used to LOVE it- still do probably. and I still need to try peanut flour. Looks like a great thing to have.
    today is pretty hot so I’ve been downing iced coffee with a bit of soy milk like nobodies business!

  18. I feel so left out when I see my friends doing WIAW! I need to, I just have been lucky to blog, lol! My eats have been so crazy!

    Love iced tea! I love iced coffee too for a summer drink!

    Have a great day love!!! xoxo ❤

  19. AWESOME eats!! umm summer= SO THIRSTY! like right now! ive been chuggin watta!

  20. I’m an un-sweet tea fiend! =) Though the caff gives me crazy headaches so I have to make it myself and limit the amount oooor if I go on a binge I have to slowly decrease the caff a little by little each day or i’m in migraine city! Does that ever happen to you? i’m so sensitive! haha

    Your WIAW eats are goooorge! love the portion size difference between you two! my husband and I wind up with the same varying sizes…. though my cheese always rivals his! haha

    So glad your WIAWs are here to stay! hooray! ❤

    • Yikes..(knock on wood) caffeine really doesn’t affect me.. i can drink it.. or not drink it.. and see no difference. It doesn’t even really give me a surge of energy!

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