TV Confessions

So … I have a confession to me.. well A LOT of confessions to make.. but we will start with this.

I am kind of.. sort of… defintely addicted to a myriad of televison shows.  It is a little embarassing.  I preach about being active and healthy.. but most nights.. after my day is done.. my booty is planted on the couch and I am watching DVRed episodes of a very LARGE number of shows.

(Yes. DVR. Almost always.  Why waste time in commericals?  In 2 hours.. I can fit in 3 shows. If I was watching live TV .. it would only be 2 shows…)

Here is a sampling of the shows.. that I watch on a regular basis:

Kitchen Nightmares

This show has truly changed the way I view going out the eat.  You see, Chef Gordon Ramsey has had quite an impression on me with this series.. showing the entire world just how unsanitary and unclean restaurants can be.  Watching him spit out dish after dish… at restaurant after restaurant.. has  made me view my eats from restaurants more critically as well.  Justin and I both seem more aware of what we are eating.. how it tastes.. whether we think it is fresh or not.  So thank you.. Gordon Ramsey.  

Property Virgins

Oooh Property Virgins.  My love for this show began roughly one year ago when Justin and I first set out on our hunt for our first place.  I liked watching other first time buyers.. and their experiences and struggles.. and ultimate successes in their search for a home.  While we are no longer on the hunt, I still enjoy this show very much 🙂


Um.. I am just posting Chopped.. but just so we are clear.. this is encompassing any sort of competition on the Food Network.  There is just something about people cooking.. with yummy (and strange) ingredients.. that appeals to me.  Although.. a year ago.. you could not have paid me to watch this show!

The Biggest Loser

I have been watching the Biggest Loser since season 1.  Now – I am not saying that I 100% agree with the rapid weight loss and the means used of achieving this goal (because in all honesty – no one can dedicate their entire day to working out in the gym.. every single day.. for an extending period of time… without being in the exact BL environment).  But something about the show inspires me and I love seeing the transformations from week to week.  Individuals must overcome SUCH difficult obstacles.. and I love seeing them come out on top!

Big Brother (New Season.. July 7th)

My love for Big Brother started the summer before my senior year in college.  I was doing a research project for one of my profressors.. living on campus.. with very few people around.. and was bored at night.  You see.. Big Brother is on 3 nights a week.. Yup .3 nights.  A perfect solution to my boredom at home.  And the rest is history. I have watched it every summer since ’07!

Why is this show SO appealing to me?  I guess I would have to say the DRAMA… scheming, lies.. game play.  I don’t like drama in my life.. but will gladly watch it in someone elses…

The Amazing Race

Momma got me into this show. I love compeitition.. and have big dreams of traveling lots of places around the world.. someday.  I love being able to see different parts of the world as teams compete in activities that are very traditional to the country that they are in.  I honestly learn a lot about culture when I watch this show, too.

Justin and I always fool around about putting in an application to be on the show!  However – I tend to be very stubborn.. which may not work as an advantage when trying to race around the world.  I can see both of us losing our patience on little sleep..and long days.  But it would be a TOTALLY AMAZING experience.. and we would definitely grow from it!

Jersey Shore

I totally blame Justin for this one. I actually hated the show before we moved in together.  He would always talk about it and I would never have any idea of what he was talking about.  But.. when you move in with someone.. you kind of merge your lives.  He watches a lot of my shows now.. and I also watch his.  This is one of the ones that got picked.  I think it is a very funny show.  Quite ridiculous.

After writing this post, I have come to realize that I am not any old TV addict.  I am a REALITY TV ADDICT.  Yikes.  Honestly – I am not sure if I feel bad about this though.  I work hard all day long molding the minds of mini geniuses (HA!.. on my part… not theirs) .. always get in my work outs.. eat healthy.. then what do I do at night time?  Sit and stare at a wall?  Read…? I do read.. right before bed..

I feel like night time options are slim.

Please don’t judge me.  I don’t watch EVERY episode of EVERY show.. and they all aren’t on during the same season.

How much time do you spend watching TV?  DVR.. Live? What is your preference?  If you are not a TV watcher.. what do you like to do?!  (Honestly.. looking for ideas so maybe I can cut down a little.. hahah)


Tomorrow is the last day to submit goodies for Baking for Boobies! Don’t forget to send a lil somethin’ somethin’!


30 responses to “TV Confessions

  1. Andy and I love Property Virgins, too! And House Hunters!
    I’m not a huge TV fan…I just canceled my cable this past winter. I watch most of my shows online.

  2. I do watch the occasional TV show, I definitely have my must watch ones. The Biggest Loser, Modern Family, and The Real Housewives: NYC. Quite an ecletic range of shows. I do DVR some of them, just to watch on a delay (so I can fast forward the commercials). I do dig Property Virgins, especially the hosts Canadian accent :-). Oh, and Income Property, love it!

  3. I used to always watch property virgins….I really like her! One time she was filming in my hometown (just from the episode where she said where she was) and I was trying to figure out where it was she was walking around in that episode. That definitely made me like the show even more!

    Here’s some of the ones I enjoy, but haven’t watched a lot of them in a long time: how I met your mother (still watch that one though lol), grey’s, hawaii five-0, anything on the food network, lie to me, castle..and honestly, I love Gordon Ramsey too…he’s so intense!

  4. My husband & I LOVE chopped! Anytime we catch it on tv we HAVE to watch it. I used to watch Jersey Shore, but have stopped. My husband hates them. We’re Italian (he lived in italy for 20 years) and he gets so mad because he thinks they give Italians such a bad name because they are no where near Italian, lol!

    We don’t really watch much tv. Yesterday I didn’t watch any. I’d say on average between 1-2 hours a night.

  5. I just saw Kitchen Nightmares for the first time recently and it was crazy gross! I do watch biggest loser, but otherwise I tend to stick to half hour sitcoms (how i met your mother is my fav!). Oh and real housewives…thats my DVR favorite!

  6. We just cancelled our cable a few months ago so now I only do the netflix thing but Sandra from Property Virgins used to annoy the HECK out of me. I would watch the show too, but her voice and way she would talk to the people buying would just put me over the edge!

    • I hear ya! I’ve only seen the show once, but she talked a couple into buying a home waaayyyy over their budget. Uhhh, rude! haha – At least the couple was sweet & quite entertaining!

  7. Are you going to watch Paris’ new reality show?

    I haven’t had cable for 1.5 years now… and I honestly don’t miss it. Anything I HAVE to watch I can get online. I probably use the time working out, cooking… and reading blogs more than anything else. 🙂

  8. After the close of college football season last year, I cancelled my cable (had to watch my Tigers), so I must admit that I haven’t seen hardly any of these. However, I kept my Netflix account, and the Mr. and I are currently working our way through MadMen season 1. I hope it’s good!

  9. Hi Cait! Just sent you an email ;-D I used to watch alot of TV but not anymore. My secret — having kids. With 3 kids I crash at 8 or 9 PM.

  10. omg I’m a legit TV addict. I have so many tv shows that I watch I have to dvr a lot of them. It’s really bad!. Right now I’m loving CHOPPED AS ALWAYS<3, i'm excited for the next food network star!
    i watched the biggest loser, bones, house, grey's anatomy, modern family, big bang theory. I pretty much watch way too much tv.

  11. Great lineup! My fav is definitely Amazing Race! I want to be on that show so bad!

  12. Girl, don’t even worry about how much TV you watch! I sit in front of the boob tube the same amount as you do, if not more… and proud of it 🙂
    I pretty much like any Food Network show, or any food/restaurant related show too… Top Chef, Man vs. Food, Travel Channel’s Food Heavens, and so many other reality shows. I am so psyched for Next Food Network Star 😀 Premiers this Sunday!

  13. I dont have cable, but 100% admit that I LOVE my tv shows. I rent DVDs from my local store and get obsessed. I know when I’m back home I will be having amaznig race and biggest loser dates with my mom!

    I figure I work my butt off training and dieting, do my job, I deserve to relax a little!

    • I have never met more people that don’t have.. or cancelled their cable until this post. Seriously.. it is a bit shocking to me. Silly old me thought everyone had cable. haha!

  14. I spend wayyyyy too much time watching TV too! I think its nice to unwind after a long day, but I’m trying to do that more with reading and less with TV. We’ll see how that goes!

  15. I’m totally addicted to JS, so much drama, how can anyone not like it!? And Chopped is a great show too. I love watching Top Chef 🙂

  16. I am obsessed with you… weird?! I do the SAME thing!!! And I’m trying to get on the Amazing Race, care to join?!

    • TOTALLY.. we can be the team that met through BLOGOSPHERE! and never met in real life til the race. We would TOTALLY get on ! hahahah

      • Hahaha, YES. And we can wear our matching Old Navy salmon colored running shorts because I bought the same ones this weekend, too!

  17. Chopped and Jersey Shore!? I will totally be over for a TV night!! 🙂

  18. Love your new header!

    I love Biggest Loser but I kinda stopped watching when they got the two new trainers and I hear Jillian is leaving! 😦 I’ve kinda lost interest now, haha, but i do LOVE the show, so inspiring!

  19. I should probably watch less TV but I feel at the end of the day I’ve earned it! I love Jersey Shore too 🙂

  20. I spend less than 10 hours a week watching TV and don’t have a DVR (I know, shocking, but we never updated our satellite… can’t miss what you’ve never had). I read a lot, work out, walk my dogs, blog, stalk blogs, cook, bake, go out with friends, grade papers, etc…

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