Weird Sandwich Girl

Yes. That is TOTALLY me. I am known by Justin – by my co-workers.. by my friends.. as the Weird Sandwich Girl!

It is not the sandwich itself that is weird.. but rather the way that I eat my sandwiches that is rather odd.. and probably may gross some people out.  Fortunately .. I eat my lunch at my desk while doing work almost daily .. not many people see my strange method daily.

But tonight.. I am opening up to you, blog world.. on yet another odd habit that I have.

But first… let me say that I am GLAD I am not the only one with some serious TV ADDICTION!  However, some of your comments really enlightened me.

Seriously. I did not know that there were people who did not have cable.  Call me a little naive.. but I kind of thought everyone had it. MAYJA PROPS to those of you who find better ways to occupy your time..

While I would not mind cutting back on the amount of time I spend sitting in front of the tube (which will inevitably happen since the weather is nicer)… I just don’t think I could ever part with my beloved television set!

Okay. So – onto the weirdness:


Step one: Take sandwich out of baggie. (I know, baggies are not eco friendly)

Step Two: Open 1/2 of Sandwich. Remove Meat and/or other fillings. Eat.

Step Three: Eat one part of the bread (with mustard).

Step Four: Eat other part of the bread.

Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 with other half of sandwich.

ALL GONE! (And in case you were wondering.. I totally use scrap paper as a placemat … daily.

This does not only apply to the sandwiches I make for my lunch. I also eat subway and panera sandwiches in this fashion as well.

The only sandwich that I eat like the average person.. is one of these babies..

I mean.. I heat them up.. so they are all ooey gooey.. and the combo of the flavors are TO.DIE. FOR.

I don’t mind doing this in public places either (Subway, Panera.. Barbeques with sandwiches…) I never look around to take note, but I am sure a lot of peanut galleries are laughing.. possibly pointing.. It doesn’t bother me!

So.. obviously, I ate my sandwich like this at work today.. along side all of my other regular snacks:

I was planning on going for a run today.. and was SO excited when we went outside for recess.. because it was ABSOLUTEY GORGEOUS!! A little windy.. but the sun was shining and there was NO HUMIDITY. A perfect SPRING day!!

So – once I got home (and prepped my b-fast, lunch.. and marinated some chicken for dinner tonight).. I got ready to hit the road.

First though.. I must RAVE about one of my purchases from this weekend!

These Old Navy running shorts are the JAM!  Especially because they were only $8.50.  I love GREAT buys.. especially when they end up being something I like wearing!   I’ve never owned an actual pair of running shorts … like with RUNNING on the label .. with the built-in undies and all.  I usually just wore old soccer or basketball shorts.

I was a little bit uncomfortable at first – because running shorts are much shorter then your average pair of athletic shorts.. and with the built-in undies.. I couldn’t do my regular roll (yes, I still roll my shorts.. only once though!)

My run was fabulous today!

5 miles in 40:53; Average Pace: 8:11/mi

  • Mile 1: 8:27
  • Mile 2: 8:09
  • Mile 3: 8:21
  • Mile 4: 8:04
  • Mile 5: 7:49
Mile 3 – I was running DEAD against the wind. I legit had to hold my VISOR on my head.. or else it woulda been gone with the wind!  I definitely NOT a fan of running against the wind.. especially since all pieces of JUNK kept flying on up into my baby blues!

All in all.. a very successful run!


Three other things I’d like to share with you before I get on my merry way for the evening…

  1. I WON ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! I received a lovely little email today from Lisa @ Healthful Sense  letting me know that lil old me had won her giveaway of a $50 gift card to Renew Life!  I am so excited to use the gift card – and use some of Renew Life’s products. Do any of you use any Renew Life Products… any suggestions?! Oh — and you might want to head on over to Lisa’s site now.. because she is giving away 3lbs of PISTACHIOS! 
  2. I am probably beating  this dead horse one too many times.. but just a REMINDER.. that TOMORROW.. is the DEADLINE .. to provide me with DONATIONS for BAKING FOR BOOBIES!  Get me those goodies , please.. help save a pair or two! EMAIL ME YOUR DONATIONS!
  3. And lastly.. as you know, I am going to be going to San Francisco for 6 days .. and am looking for some GUEST POSTS!!! If you are interested in providing a guest post for my blog, please Email Me.. and also let me know what you would plan on blogging about!

What are some weird habit that you have?! I have plenty more than the ONE I shared with you today.. but I”ll save those for another day! 🙂


35 responses to “Weird Sandwich Girl

  1. I love your running shorts! I have a pretty serious set of thighs, so I can’t wear cute shorts like that- they ride up when I run :/

    I love the way you eat your sandwich! I eat the crust first and then the good part- same with pizza 🙂

  2. I find it hilarious how you eat your sandwich, but don’ t worry because I’ve heard of more weird things! 😉

    You have a great pace when you run. I just started running this year and I’m trying to get faster so you inspire me! Keep it up!

    • Aww.. glad I canbe an inspiration. You are makin’ me blush! 🙂

      When I started to incorporate interval training into my workouts, I definitely noticed a difference!

  3. Ahhh. Thanks for the shout out Cait! I have some pretty weird eating habits too!
    When do you need the guest post?

  4. I’m loving your new shorts – super cute & the price is right!! Too funny about your sandwich eating habits — I’m a crust first too for the pizza because I love the yummy stuff to be the last thing to taste 🙂 We’re all a little weird & I love it!!

  5. Your sandwich habbit is cute 🙂 my family didn’t have cable for YEARS and I have never gotten ‘into’ a show.. Strange!

    A weird habbit I have is not sitting on the toilet seat-in public & at home hahaha tmi?!

  6. I have those same shorts!! Haha love it. I have them in pink and blue. Perfect for the gym or cardio and way comfy 😀 Don’t worry about the weird sammie habit, people think all my food creations are weird…

  7. Ok, I have to say that is super weird! haha but also hysterical. I can’t believe how much great stuff Old Navy has in their sports section. I’ve found quite a few jems in there 🙂

  8. oh i love it. Not weird to me at all. But I love weird combos. And ya, I almost bought those shorts!

  9. Don’t worry about your sandwich habit we all have our quirks, especially me! 😛

    I need to get some of those shorts! I’ve been on the look out for a couple pairs because I only have one good (non-chaffing) pair that’s good for the hot weather.

    I wish that I could guest post! We may be heading out of town for Nick’s interviews (eeek) so everything’s a bit up in the air. If that changes I will let you know in case you still another post 🙂

    Have a great friday! Your vacay is almost here! 🙂

  10. too funny! i always eat my foods in stages! i eat my protein bars in layers (outside coating, then inside). i also eat my salad first and then eat the protein. i do this even though i top the salad w/ the protein – don’t know why!

    • AHH! I have definitely been known to eat the outside layer of things first too. I honestly think I way to do a post of all of the things I eat in an odd way. You are all reminding of of so many thigns 🙂

  11. 8.11 pace! That’s awesome! I’m currently working on increasing my speed.. Running my first 5k this weekend!

  12. That’s hilarious!! I’ve definitely never seen anybody eat a sandwich like props to you for being unique. 🙂

  13. That is a whole new way to eat a sandwich. What’s also weird is that I read this and the commentary in my head went something like: “I have to try that – it sounds like a great idea. And I love mustard.”

  14. oh my gosh, i LOVE your little sandwich quirk! oh, and like you, i have plenty of my own…haha. but one i that i have about sandwiches also is that when i cut them i have to cut one markedly smaller than the other ‘half.’ i then eat the smaller half first and then i eat the bigger side. i have no explanation other than i think of it like ‘saving’ the really good half for second sort of like saving dessert as the fun part of a meal. haha.

    and way to rock that run…looking super cute in those new shorts too. 😉 and way to score on all that loot!!

  15. My friends/husband always laugh at me cuz I eat my sandwich weird as well. Although I scalp my bread. There is nothing like eating the top layer of sub sandwich bread. lol.

  16. Sweet new shorts. I went to Old Navy last weekend too, and bought some new CHEAP shorts too (spandex style)! Love em.

    And by the way, I made your egg white souffle:

    Thanks for the great recipe. I loved it.

  17. Haha, that is definitely a unique way to eat a sandwich 🙂

    My oddest eating habit may be licking the bowl clean… I do this after pasta and marinara, yogurt bowls, ice cream or anything delicious that I just can’t get enough of!

  18. I love your running shorts! it took me awhile to get used to them as well but now I’m in love. and i totally still roll my shorts too 🙂
    I like to eat around the outside of my sandwiches first and then get to the inside where all the deliciousness is

  19. Your sandwich method is hilarious! The only thing I eat kind of weird is KitKats (from when I was little) – I eat all the chocolate off and then eat the wafers.

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  21. Here’s a weird sandwich idea: cream cheese, bacon, tomato, and red onions. (In that order.) Eat it however you like.

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