Midnight Snacker

Happy, happy Friday to all of you readers out there in Blogger Land!

Today is a very special  Friday (I feel like I say this on a lot of days.. but just roll with it.. kapeesh?)

Today – is indeed.. the last REAL, FULL, Friday of the school years. Yes, Sir-ree-bob! You see- next Friday, we will celebrate “Picnic in the Park”, which is my school’s version of field day.  The following Friday – is the last day.. and half day.. so yeah.

I  have some teetering feelings on Picnic in the Park  – I think it will be barrels of fun for the kids.. maybe 1 barrel of fun for the adults.. but I am also kind of stressed and a tiny bit worried about keeping all of my kids on track.. and safe.

From what I heard.. this is kind of like a mini carnival.. if you may.  There will be a DUNK TANK (which apparently ALL first year teachers must be a victim of.. uhm seriously?), cotton candy machines, bouncy houses.. you know the REAL DEAL.

I’ve got a few kids that are known to just up and leave when things aren’t going their way.. and this makes my heart flutter a little. I want to enjoy myself and not worry about making sure no one decides to venture out into the city! (This is not at the school.. we walk to a park a couple of blocks away!)

Anywho – that is a whole week away.. there is no need to stress about it NOW!

Last night.. I had a horrible night’s sleep. I kept waking up with muscle spasms in my calves.  I have been hydrating plenty … so I am not sure what the deal is.  It doesn’t quite get to a Charlie Horse.. but it is still annoying none the less.

After my third or forth one.. at about 2:30 in the morning.. I had enough so I got up to walk around for a bit and down a glass of water.  While I was not hungry.. I still decded I would take a peak in the fridge to see what was in there…

You know.. in case Justin went food shopping after I went away.

And still, while I was not hungry, I decided to have a couple of spoonfuls of cottage cheese and a spoonful of Love Grown Cocoa Goodness.

Midnight Snacking .. has always been a vice of mine.  Now – hear me out midnight snackers (aka my nickname when I was living with a group of gals after I graduated..)

I don’t think there is ANYTHING wrong with eating in the middle of the night.. when it is actually HUNGER that is calling you to the food.. and there is an ability to recognize when  you are full.. and stop eating.

You see.. midnight snacks.. used to be one of my mini binges.  In the middle of the night.. I would tip-toe to the kitchen.. (using my phone as a flashlight, of course) .. and chow down.. eating a couple of Fiber-One.. or other types .. of bars.. a handful of preztels.. some peanut butter..MINDLESS eating.

And then return to sleep.

So – midnight snacking.. does not resignate with me very well .. and I work my hardest to completely STEER AWAY from it.. avoiding any possible trigger for a binge.

Thankfully, while I did eat (mindlessly..without hunger), I did not binge. I think I was hoping that maybe I needed some calcium.. which I could get from the cottage cheese.

With so many interruptions to my sleep, I was SUPER tired when I awoke this morning.

I debated between getting an iced-tea.. or an iced-coffee from Dunkin. Fridays = Dunkin. When I went outside.. I IMMEDIATELY changed over to a HOT beverage. Yup. It was rather chilly for June.

I ran over some glass that I did not see as I was pulling into the parking lot..

And freaked out that it would damage my tires.. and I would be stuck at school on a Friday afternoon.  I was assured it would be okay. Soo, I settled down and started to prep for my day.

I chowed down on my morning bowl of oats at around 9:00 (tummy didn’t want food before then.. was feelin’ pretty blah this morning)

And then I snacked on a BANANA at around 11. Maybe I am needing more potassium to help with the spasms?!

Had my typical lunch.. eating my sandwich in the same WEIRD way…

Snacked on some yummy grapefruit during recess…

And then freed myself from school for the weekend.

I couldn’t make it to  yoga last week. (Couldn’t… read just didn’t want to.. I had a half day and wanted to be outside) and had every intention on going today. Until I got a text from Justin saying he was heading home early .. to beat traffic.

I opted out of yoga and met him at home.. and we went on a perfect 3 mile walk… in perfect weather. Some sights:

Roses are puuuuurty!

A few restaurants we’d like to try:

And.. this knock off Dairy Queen:

Seriously.. Dairy King?!

No worries.. I ended up getting my 99 cent large iced tea..

While Justin got a Frozen Hot Chocolate.. and was not impressed…

Am still in shock that this farmer’s market down the road from me has hours on WEDNESDAYS from 11 –  3.. so a LARGE majority of the population is likely at WORK! 😦

And came back to find our speed bumps bright yellow..

Except the fact that they MISSED A HUGE PART right in the MIDDLE of this one.

Guess 5:00 came and the work day was done?

No plans for tonight.. but we may go to a movie tomorrow maybe get our BOWL on .. and I am also in desparate need of purchasing window treatments.  I need new blindes.. and curtains.

I am a little intimadted by this. So… this is why it has been 10 months .. and we still  have made no changes. I need something to cover this:

New blindes for each of these:

And curtions for those as well.

So. Do I like..measure the window?  I suppose I do. What have your experiences been with buying window treatments. It kind of gives me anxiety.

SO WITH THAT BEING SAID…JUSTIN, I apologize for always blaming you for not  being more proactive about getting curtains, blindes, etc. I was doing it all out of love.. and avoidance of actually doing it. ❤

LAST CALL FOR DONATIONS FOR BAKING FOR BOOBIES.. A goodie bag, a baked good.. an ONLINE GIFT CARD.. anything 🙂

One more quick thing before I go – I’ve been made away that my posts are being used on another site.. like.. random changes of words that don’t make sense.. but all in all.. my post. my pictures.. in its entirety.. Lisa @ Healthful Sense told me.. and I also had some ping back spam from the site..

What can I do to stop/prevent this from happening?


21 responses to “Midnight Snacker

  1. that sucks about the copy-cat site! i’m having issues of my own with technology so no help from me – but good luck!
    night time snacking is my vice, too, btw. even though it’s usually healthy foods – it’s still not hunger & therefore not necessarily behavior i want to indulge in!
    how do you battle it?

    • Well.. at first I took baby steps.. and once I went one night without eating.. I stopped heading to the kitchen every time I got up. I think it just kind of became a habit. Wake up. pee.. kitchen. When I get the urge to eat.. I try not to leave the bedroom .. and use the master bathroom to eat.. rather then going to the half bath.. which is conveniently located right near the kitchen.

      As long as I don’t take a bit… I fall right back to sleep.. proving there was NEVER any hunger..

  2. Field trips (even close ones) are super stressful- the worst part of teaching (but so important to the kids). I always felt that I was counting them the whole time! Just tell them that if they wander off they automatically stay in the same grade next year 😉

  3. Oh my ! dunk tank!! I do not like those! ha!

    Yay for summer vacation almost for you!

    Oh midnight snacking can be me too, but I usually make sure to eat a snack before bed to prevent from that happening!

    Love you! happy weekend!

    • I am super pumped about summer vacay!

      Now I try to eat a little more before bed too.. When I was having the ultimate mid night binges.. I was also i the mindset that I had to stop eating before 8pm. GUess it adds up!

  4. I used to sneak downstairs to binge, so if I’m hungry in the middle of the night, I wait it out. I just don’t trust myself, because I know it will lead to a binge!

  5. I’ve been having that same problem with other sites! Let me know if you learn anything about it. I haven’t had any luck so far. 😦

    Have a great weekend!!

  6. I’m not a midnight snacker… For me, the temptation to mindless-munch comes around 8pm. I invested in some yummy popsicles so that I can munch… without the guilt! 🙂

  7. Those oats look sooooo good – where they hot or cold? I’m still deciding what to do for breaky! I would say measure the inside of the window if you’re going to get blinds to fit in, but if you’re getting curtains, maybe measure the outside for how far you want them to go? And the length that they need to be.

    Sorry to hear about the copycat…that’s so weird for starters and annoying. Have you visited that page at all? I hope everything works out!

    • Those babies were nice and cooooold!
      It was 1/2 c. rolled oats.. then I added 2 and 1/4 water and half of a very thinly sliced banana. I cook it until it begins to boil.. then remove it from the hot burned and let it sit, covered for about 15 minutes. I transfer the oats into another container..added about a tabplespoon of dark cocoa.. and put it in the firdge for the night. In the morning, I added some frozen berries.

  8. good for you in resisting the temptation to binge in the middle of the night…and it’s really big of you to recognize and acknowledge what your past triggers were. like you said, it’s sometimes tough to distinguish between real hunger, the munchies, and just mindless eating. great job giving your body what it needs and treating it right. 🙂

    as for leg spasms, potassium is one electrolyte to def make sure u’re getting enough of but also think about your sodium levels. especially now that the heat of summer is upon us you’ll be sweating out more of that one too.

    and oh my gosh, i’ve seen a dairy king once too! it was in the middle of nowheresville while i was roadtripping in colorado…seriously, is there a more ridiculous knock-off?!?! haha…on that note, congrats on finishing that last day of school and hopefully now you can start sleeping in!! 🙂

  9. Yey for field day! I remember loving that when I was little. Sorry that the kids just up and walk away, that is scary 😦

    Good for you for just having a little snack realzing it’s no big deal and not letting it turn into something else 🙂

    Re having someone use the post, I wish that I knew, it definitely happens to me a lot and I don’t know how to stop it! 😦

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

    • It is super scary.. it is one thing went the kids just dart out of the classroom when they don’t like what is happening.. but something totoally different when we are at a public park in the middle of the city.

  10. I used to LOVE my end-of-the-year school carnival! We never had a teacher dunk tank, but I’m sure it would have been the most popular attraction!

    I’ve had *very* similar issues with nighttime eating…I often visit the kitchen several times in the middle of the night, and wake up feeling sluggish (and full) the next morning. I’m working on journaling–instead of eating–when I wake up, but it’s much easier said than done! The key is not taking that first bite.

    Good luck with the blind/curtain hunt! I would be intimidated too! Have a lovely weekend, Cait!

    • I think journaling is an awesome creative outlet to try and keep out of the kitchen. When it was really bad.. like lots of food.. every night.. the biggest thing for me was taking it one night at a time. I think my body became accustomed to eating in the middle of the night – so then it woke up.. expecting to be fed. Getting over the hump of a week.. was monumental. Then .. I knew I could top it. Even though I had a midnight snack 2 nights ago.. I didn’t last night. So. I feel like I am n control! Good feeling!

  11. Hey Cait! I’m so sorry that’s happening to you about the crazy person stealing your content; so weird! You should contact an attorney friend who can give you advice about the specifics of your situation. Our blog content is protected under US Copyright law, so if you know the identity of the person stealing your content, you could send a cease and desist letter to the owner of the site!

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